Welcome to my little slice of MODDB here you will find images of some of the projects I have created over my time as a level designer and also of my experimentation into environment art. Some of the images are not the best but they are old shots and the thought is in for a penny in for a pound.

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JustFilth Jun 7 2011, 10:15am says:

Hi all, I am currently using the UDK and just starting to take a peak at unity. This means I will most likey be picking your brains at some point.

Cheers Justyn.

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JustFilth Jun 7 2011, 9:31am replied:

Thanks jj just keeping myself busy and trying to pick up a few tips and tricks along the way.

Cheers buddy.

+1 vote   member: JustFilth
JustFilth Mar 1 2011, 5:56am replied:

Depthgame.com if you take a peek at the images on the locations tab of this link you will find your answer ;)

Hope this helps..

+3 votes   media: Captain of the Salty Rose.
JustFilth Feb 27 2011, 11:30am replied:

Hi rabidnemesis, we will be creating a series of different maps to accompany depth. This will allow us to provide unique environments and themes to emerge the players in from dark, stormy environments to slices of paradise.

Hope this helps.

+2 votes   game: Depth
JustFilth Feb 27 2011, 8:16am replied:

At present and for the beta release Depth will be focused purely on competitive Multiplayer only. This said there are plans to allow for some Single player interaction in the future but nothing is confirmed just as yet.

Hope this helps.

+4 votes   news: There's blood in the water!
JustFilth Feb 5 2011, 3:23pm says:

yep does sound cool, some nice features there, only thing that is missing is a pic of gregs gyrating his stuff to the beat, mind you that would up the age restriction to 18 no doudt....and i suppose this aint a horror game after all.

Peace out Mr.Filth


+1 vote   news: Break Blocks Difficulty System
JustFilth Jan 9 2011, 1:30pm says:

Looking good, time to get your freak on troopers.

+1 vote   media: Break Blocks Gameplay Teaser
JustFilth Jan 5 2011, 2:48pm says:

Looks fun and funky fella's, time for me to dust off my lino, pop Breakin and Electric Boogaloo on the box and try to remember how to do a windmill. HAHA

Good luck


+3 votes   game: Break Blocks
JustFilth Aug 10 2010, 9:46am says:

Looks great guys, gj


+3 votes   mod: Killing Floor Vehicle Mod
JustFilth Jul 10 2010, 3:58pm says:

yes i would 8)

+3 votes   media: Marisa Reyes
JustFilth Jul 10 2010, 12:56pm says:

Loved this , and as usual I failed miserably. K of to the cleaners....

peace filthy.

+2 votes   download: Toilet Action
JustFilth Jul 5 2010, 3:32pm replied:

Hi LOK, I understand fully what you are saying and anything we can get for free is nice and well received. The point i was trying to clarify was the statement about the speedtree included with UDK not being a complete version unless Ashton is stating that they are using a newer version in a round about way. When you call something a lighter version this implies along the lines of either a demo or reduced function toolset which v5 is not albeit not the most recent version. My comment was not a slate against, Ashton, his team members or his game concept but rather aimed to inform people that they have this power at there finger tips too. Anyhow I do not want to be seen as spamming this thread as I was just trying to help in my own round about way . once again good luck and Cheers filthy.

+1 vote   news: Speedtree now being used for Primal Carnage!
JustFilth Jul 5 2010, 1:07pm replied:

Hi there, now I am not here to troll or be disruptive, but as far as I am aware the speedtree that is bundled with the UDK is complete at least this is what it states on the speedtree homepage and within the press release concerning this. The difference between the version you are currently using and the version used in UDK is basically .1 , yours being 5.1 and UDK's being 5.0. Anyway I can understand the excitement you guys must feel at having this tool to work with as I was just as excited when the UDK along with v5 of Speedtree was released and made public for hobbyist and professionals alike. If i am wrong over this I put my hand up fully, I just thought there a was some sight misinformation with your reply. Cheers and all the best filthy.

+2 votes   news: Speedtree now being used for Primal Carnage!
JustFilth Jan 9 2010, 4:56am says:

This is my "Happy Place" I go to when I get stressed, hahaha which padded cell is yours.... welcome to the asylum *)


+2 votes   media: My dream home...
JustFilth Jan 8 2010, 4:00pm says:

Aye up trooper and cheers Filthy

+3 votes   member: jjawinte
JustFilth Jan 8 2010, 3:57pm replied:

You barge away trooper 8)

I would not say enthusiastic, more like I got THE problem, and just cant stop lol.

Seriously though, I do love fiddling with things ( no pun intended ) and the UDK seems to have so much to offer as you've stated. I have messed a few editors over the years but for myself unreal seems to fit like a glove. Would recommend to all.

Thanks jjawinte for your kind comment, feel free to pop in any time as your more than welcome here.

peace out


+2 votes   blog: Next step
JustFilth Jan 3 2010, 3:25pm replied:

I'd go more along the lines of leetcabbage at the moment but trying 8)

+2 votes   member: JustFilth
JustFilth Dec 30 2009, 7:16am replied:

Just Updated this addon to latest version

enjoy all


+1 vote   download: KF-Hospital-V3
JustFilth Dec 30 2009, 7:15am replied:

Just Updated this addon to latest version

enjoy all


+1 vote   download: KF-Hospitalhorrors
JustFilth Oct 14 2009, 9:13am says:

Ok I have fixed and updated the map file, The name has been changed to allow for whitelisting

Please be sure you are running KF-TheLongDarkRoad ( attached above ) as older versions will be removed from the current whitelist.

Sorry for the delay with this update but in all honesty I have been stretched so thin of late i just have not had the time until now.

Cheers all Filthy.

+1 vote   download: KF-TheLongDarkRoad (fixed)
JustFilth Oct 3 2009, 2:54pm says:

no its not a biggie arramus, think it popped up in the last one or so builds. Just gutted that I missed it after the hour spent bringing the map up to scratch.

But oh well looking on the bright side its an excuse to keep on working on it. 8)

Cheers trooper


+1 vote   download: KF-TheLongDarkRoad (fixed)
JustFilth Oct 3 2009, 7:12am says:

OK all just had a report of a graphical anomaly


This is caused by a dodgy portal i beleive. Gutted! but there we go.

Will update the map later and release again.


Cheers filthy.

+1 vote   download: KF-TheLongDarkRoad (fixed)
JustFilth Jul 31 2009, 7:12pm says:

Had fun with 25 beta testing this level, on hard it seemed more like suicidal. For a first map this is a good project to put your name too.

Well done trooper.

+1 vote   download: KF-HiddenFacility
JustFilth Jul 31 2009, 6:06pm says:

Great map, tight and intense.

+1 vote   download: KF-Outpost13_beta1
JustFilth Jul 31 2009, 4:01pm says:

Simply outstanding KF-MountainPass FTW

+4 votes   download: KF-MountainPass_Beta1
JustFilth Jul 31 2009, 1:13pm says:

Truly original concept, can almost smell the ale 10/10

+2 votes   download: KF-Brewery
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