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Jrayner Sep 20 2009 says:

Is this a completely new oblivion? Or is it just a small addon you can do?

+1 vote   mod: Vector
Jrayner Sep 19 2009 says:

wow this looks awesome man!
Only one map though? It would be wicked to have afew to play with as it looks so fun and professional!

+1 vote   mod: Firefight - Portent
Jrayner Aug 28 2009 replied:

Woah, thanks for the tip! I will definetly check it out!

In regards to story... go to this thread and let loose!

This is the thread for the community to post thier ideas and concepts for the mods story. (As this mod does aim to cater to the Shenmue fanbase) If you show huge potential you could be asked to join the mod team work as a script writer for the mod.

Hope to see you there! - JR

+1 vote   mod: Shenmue III
Jrayner Aug 27 2009 replied:

I am 100% serious.. You will be able to see when I actually start the world building stage. As of yet, the story or plot is unknown and this is the first hurdle. (Also the use of Shenmue III could be in doubt as this may be a SEGA trademark they are willing to protect - even from a Mod bearing its name.) So we have afew configuring pains before we can truly show you some ingame glory and start the model and script building. Be prepared for the long haul guys it could be months before ingame shots...

+1 vote   mod: Shenmue III
Jrayner Aug 26 2009 says:

The clock will be alot harder to actually get to work. But im trying to find solutions and thoughts on how we can make it happen. Any thoughts guys?

Also, when fighting we will obviously have to somehow add another hud element (and camera angle.) How that will work is still in doubt. So if you have any advice or can help me out let me know! Thanks - JR

+1 vote   media: Shenmue HUD
Jrayner Aug 26 2009 says:

Any problems or suggestions guys I'm more than willing to try and help with so leave a comment! - JR

+1 vote   tutorial: How to: Play Shenmue I & II (1 + 2) on your PC!
Jrayner Aug 25 2009 says:

Loving the grease gun model
this mod is a must on my list!

+1 vote   mod: Vietnam Mod
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