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Jozor Jun 12 2009, 3:08pm says:

PC, we just need a PCmote for it to go from God to UberGod, then the Wii would have as much point as a Xbox360 or PS3.

In the end having a console costs more than a pc because they charge more for games.. and you can't get free mods, its a economy of idiocy =D
So your paying less on a PC to have better controllers, free extra content aka mods, "new games" aka Total Conversions and the list goes on.

PC is freedom, Console is confinment.

Also what console game is developed on its own system? XD

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Jozor Jun 3 2009, 3:08pm replied:

DOMINIK, why would you even use FPSC other than for very basic learning as a child to play about with(I've only used it once and relised how horrific it was firsthand), the engine itself is a horribly unoptomized, it is limited in the way its purpose is, which is to use the tools given to you, rather than trying to edit the engine or add to it. (which if you have the skills to do, you should be using a proper engine)
FPSC was made for the soul purpose of making money imo, like thegamemakers 3D GameMaker, their games that pretend to make you think your actualy making a game, when in reality your modding their own game on such a horribly basic level, its a game thats only purpose is to be modded and it costs way too much for the honour of doing that when you get such a bad "game" for a base.
Also if that dosn't prove it, FPSCX10 proves it, instead of using optomizations on FPSC, they brought out a newer more optomized but still slow product because of the newer graphics only for Vista because of DX10 for you to waste your cash on.

If you have the skills, then FPSC is worthless, its more practical to buy one of the more exensive but better game engines or even the free open source engines.

I realy am glad I didn't buy it as a kid lol, GameMaker is much better for learning =) and on that point, skyreaper, you should move to GameMaker, it may not be 3D, but you can make anything with that and it truely be your own work.

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Jozor Jun 3 2009, 2:59pm says:

Is moddb's front news random or are Moddb just trying to be totaly cruel on this poor kid. lol?

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Jozor Jun 2 2009, 11:56am replied:

"The FPSC map editor has a limited space and it wont let me make bigger maps...and will lag"

What I ment was to shortern the maps and then merge them(well probaly not litraly merge them, but the idea's in to less maps), as they were too big for what they were doing (atleast the first map which was a waste of space), so you have 2 or 3 maps rather than 4.

"The problem is that i can't do this thing...i don't have the option"

I would have thought a door that did this would be a trival thing, so you can only have one door to the next level then?

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Jozor Jun 1 2009, 10:55pm says:

You do know this went out of service in 1994.
Tho a nice model.

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Jozor Jun 1 2009, 10:47pm says:

It's just a bunch of tutorial levels, no actual fighting.

+1 vote   download: Prototype 5364 Demo(OLD)
Jozor Jun 1 2009, 10:46pm says:

Alright just played.. some feedback now.. constructive critisim.
The demo.. was a joke...

-You should of put in the demo atleast 1 level where you fight enemies, tutorials only is not a good demo.
-The levels were too big, too long corridors to get to other places, 90% of the first level you were just walking to get to the exit.
-There was too many levels for the "tutorial", these could have been merged and taken up the same space, yet done the same thing, as loading independant levels takes time because even 5seconds or more, you start to loose intrest.
-The men on the firing range were pointed left and doing nothing, yet there was firing sounds.
-You should have a door at the start that you can use to skip the tutorials and get to the first action mission with, but have it with a texture saying "Skip tutorial" or something on the wall texture next to it or above the door and a <- pointer.

But fix these and continue with it.

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Jozor Jun 1 2009, 10:32pm says:

I must say I think FPS Creator is a horrible thing, they could of atleast made it more optomized to run smoother.
But it is allways intresting to see what people are making.
Hope you do better with this game than your last one.

+1 vote   game: Prototype 5364
Jozor Jun 1 2009, 7:52pm says:

It's a customizable World of Warcraft.. without the fighting..
What a horrible thing..

Genre: Realistic Sim
LOL?...... no.. just.. no...
Unless you belive furries, flying and what not is realistic -_- then you are one sad sad person who needs help..

-3 votes   game: Second Life
Jozor Jun 1 2009, 10:25am says:

Huzzar! Still will probaly donate or buy extra copy if this is good game. =P

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Jozor May 28 2009, 11:09pm says:

Don't worry, it will speed up alot once you put up pictures, untill then people will mainly be unsure if this is going to be another project that never gets started even.
(I know you have already have an engine done(based on what you say), but most people don't, as they won't read threw the comments, because they give up checking it out when seeing no picture)

So yeah, once you get pictures out, your watcher army shall grow from 4 fireteams and one extra man now to a Battalion! HUA! (or HOOOOAH, if you prefer it in it's pronounced manner)

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Jozor May 26 2009, 12:31am replied:

I'm greatly looking forward to the suprise. =D

+1 vote   game: Call to Vietnam
Jozor May 26 2009, 12:28am replied:

Edit: removed load of stuff that was only relative befor I saw the new reply, should refresh befor commenting again..

+1 vote   game: Call to Vietnam
Jozor May 26 2009, 12:02am says:

You should put your game as being Indie. (unless you have a publisher?)

I do highly doubt that you will meet a December 2009 deadline when your going to make an engine from scratch and probaly have a team less than 10. (or even less than 5 I would assume)

I'm quiet sceptic of a team with over-optomistic deadlines, a lack of anything done to show and no past history of games.
Your paint made display picture and Company image proves even more my fears of the future of this game.

If this is your first game, then keep the hell away from RTS's I'd say, start with a FPS or something small.

Also I personaly think you should post your game on here after you have something finished (even if it is just a basic early alpha ingame screenshot) to show.

But goodluck if you do have past experience, know what your doing, etc etc as it sounds good from the text.

+1 vote   game: Call to Vietnam
Jozor May 22 2009, 11:38am says:

Kool stuff, especialy like the power plant.
Didn't see much wrong with the undetailedness of the barrel, textures could of fixed that, tho looks nice plain imo, sometimes things can just get over filled with stuff.
But, either that barrel on the Flak Cannon needs to be narrower(wouldn't fit to RA2) or the ammo needs to be made bigger(possibly look silly, but thats RA2)..
The ammo holder looks like its just come of a 40mm bofors.
Tho, on the sprite there is no ammo holder. (kinda manual loading like a recoiless rifle?)

+1 vote   article: Blogs 124-127
Jozor May 18 2009, 3:29pm says:

Wow, praise for porting things from AVP2.
If only more people just ported things! Then there would be no need for original hard working modders who make all their own content..
(dunno if you made those last maps in the sceens since May)

+1 vote   mod: DOOM Aliens: Colonial marines
Jozor May 18 2009, 3:15pm says:

Thats a RPG-7, a 60's weapon.
The RPG-2 is of the period but still why would they have Russian weapons?
So imo, you should realy have a M1/M9 Bazooka or better yet a M20 Super Bazooka.
But very nice anyway.

+1 vote   media: New weapon models ....
Jozor Apr 11 2009, 9:52am says:

Thats way too highpoly for a land mine..

+1 vote   media: landmines
Jozor Feb 12 2009, 8:39am says:

Naruto_Uzamaki, you don't ask things like that here.. unless your saying about demo.. but.. use google.. or get it from EBay for quiet litraly as cheap as chips

+3 votes   game: Breed
Jozor Feb 12 2009, 8:37am says:

Just dug this game out, I don't see what the halo***'s have against it..
Loved it then, love it now. =D
DarkEngine, your pretty optimistic lol, hope you have the money to back it up. =P It'd be a pain for the guys to work on the old tech let alone the cost.

+3 votes   game: Breed
Jozor Jan 14 2009, 10:46am says:

Makes more sense for you to make it on Quake 4 first imo, allways thought it was silly to make it on HL2..
(lets make HL1 remake on Q4! makes sense?! no...)

Best to make it on Quake 4 then port it to Doom 4(Id Tech 5) when that comes out.. rather than messing about with making it on HL2 then porting it to Quake 4 and then when thats all done Doom 4 has been long out.
Also HL2 lacks Q2 weapons like Q4 lacks HL1 weapons..

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Jozor May 25 2008, 5:08pm says:

That picture is updated or something, it is the same model, tho they've edited, like the handle and other bits, the skin is exsactly the same.
The point was that they wern't giving credit, they said that they made everything, but they haddn't made everything.
There is concerete evidence if you bother to compare the actual skin files and models.
Anyway there making new models for the next version afaik so it dont matter.

+2 votes   media: Handheld weapons Devupdate #1
Jozor May 12 2008, 9:55am says:

Very good improvement on the old sprite!
Keep up the great work! :D
M.I. Armour maybe? Or is that just too much work for small rewards? >.<

+2 votes   media: "Say hello to Mr. Morita"
Jozor May 3 2008, 7:47pm says:

Pfft I'm not a poor soul..
I know I did my own mod that is no good.
But you used free models and then miss credited them. -_-'

-1 votes   download: Eye for an Eye v. 0.9
Jozor May 3 2008, 5:11pm says: correct link.

-1 votes   download: Eye for an Eye v. 0.9
Jozor May 3 2008, 5:10pm says: correct link.

+1 vote   media: Handheld weapons Devupdate #1
Jozor May 3 2008, 5:09pm says: correct link for one of the stolen models..

-3 votes   mod: Eye for an Eye
Jozor May 3 2008, 5:07pm says:

You guys do know this mod uses stolen models? ... fle/300132 look familiar? Look in the mod..

Maybe there is some more at ... index2.php because thats where most of the stuff that HrcAk47 and C0ntrol showed me befor the topic on DMS came and even then they said it was by Ali.

-3 votes   mod: Eye for an Eye
Jozor May 3 2008, 5:05pm says:

Stolen ... fle/300132 look familiar?

0 votes   media: Handheld weapons Devupdate #1
Jozor May 3 2008, 5:05pm says:

You guys do know this mod uses stolen models? ... fle/300132 look familiar? Look in the mod..

Maybe there is some more at ... index2.php because thats where most of the stuff that HrcAk47 and C0ntrol showed me befor the topic on DMS came from and even then you said it was by Ali.

-3 votes   download: Eye for an Eye v. 0.9
Jozor Jan 29 2008, 7:53pm says:

Its been a year. Any news? Rivival? Anything?! :( This mod look'd great, seems like a big waste. :(

Maybe scrap together what work is done, give it abit of a touch up and release an alpha of what you have got? Instead of it all just being a waste of your time and the hopes of everyone who watched?

Then again checking ur profile, last on over a year ago. -_-'

Such a waste T_T

+2 votes   mod: HL: Original War
Jozor Apr 27 2006, 10:03am says:

there thinking
1: "lets make it so if they make it on wc3 its FINE, but if its not we will sue them.. if they make it on a blizzard game we will make more money..."
2: "lets spend most time on WOW and not SC Ghost.. WOW will make more money out of them zombies ^^"
3: "WHERE IS MY DAM COFFEE >.<" lol, i have no evidence that is true..

+1 vote   media: Special Force - Hunting Blizzards Anti-Piracy-Team
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