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_Josh26Indy_ Dec 9 2011, 6:53am says:

DHD is property of Luke Nadewalker & has been removed & replaced... however a newer pic is still needed.

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_Josh26Indy_ Dec 9 2011, 6:50am says:

Railings & triangle lights have been replaced & reskinned... these are early versions... see other pics for a newer updated photo...

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_Josh26Indy_ Dec 9 2011, 6:48am says:

Thor is the property of Luke Nadewalker & has been removed & replaced with a 3d rigged animated version... however its not shown here...

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_Josh26Indy_ Aug 22 2011, 3:49am says:

Does anyone know how to extract animation files from AVP2? I think they are built right in to the model files but i cannot find a way to extract them. Idealy im looking for the Predator and Alien Drone animations.... If anyone knows how to do this or could point me toward someone who does or a website maybe, id be very grateful.

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_Josh26Indy_ Aug 21 2011, 9:30pm says:

Hey whats up.... I hope this reaches

I am building a Stargate mod for Joint operations Typhoon Rising. Ive been building this mod for about 2 years. As an extra enemy I wanted to have the Predator & the Alien Drone from AVP2. I have been able to get these models back into 3dsMax. However I cant seem to find the animations that go with these models.... its my thought that they are in some way compiled into the model files themselves. I was wondering if you knew a way to extract these animations? I tried your link to the AVP2 bible but I cant find it anywhere, keeps saying "error 404 not found" Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Josh26Indy of the BORG Collective

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_Josh26Indy_ Jul 17 2011, 7:54pm says:

Everything looks Really great. I'm building my own Stargate mod & I have a Wraith Queen... 2342 polys. First character Ive made. I think shes Excellent. if you guys would like Ill send you a copy. I also have a Todd the Wraith... He isn't quite done yet, Hes about 6000 poly right now.... looking to reduce that number. Still though I think hes pretty good.If you guys would like give me an E-Mail address & Ill send em to ya.

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_Josh26Indy_ Jul 17 2011, 7:33am says:

whats the poly count?

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_Josh26Indy_ Apr 20 2011, 6:54am replied:

How can you put Eli on the same level as Rodney McKay he isnt even a Felger... and how is Eli arguing with McKay true to Stargate? Do you have a reason... or was it just something to say because you didn't like my comment?

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_Josh26Indy_ Apr 20 2011, 3:57am says:

Whats up everyone... Watched SGU the other day... all in all its getting better... Still not my favorite Stargate... but its a shame to see Stargate as a whole come to an end... And I have to say that I didnt like Eli arguing with the Great Dr. Rodney McKay on the one i saw a couple weeks ago. It would be like Bill Nye arguing with Einstein himself... But on to other things... Ive been working on my Stargate mod and I have posted some pics on my photobucket page... If anyone would like to have a look at it... Please keep in mind its an engine from 2004 so dont expect half-life quality... Comments & feedback always appriciated. So here is the link...

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_Josh26Indy_ Mar 6 2011, 7:50pm says:

I do have to say... I think Teylas boobs arent as large as on the show... & ya might wanna make her butt a lil thicker... Just cuz I like it that way...lmao

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_Josh26Indy_ Feb 17 2011, 1:24am says:

I think they look great... If i can ask... whats the average poly count?

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_Josh26Indy_ Jan 9 2011, 5:03am replied:

A little effort is what I expect. use a little adobe after effects... make the sky a different color show a moon or 3 in the sky... a couple fake alien trees or purple grass or something... It don't have to be a lot... just a little effort. A planet can still be habitable by humans & not look just like earth.

And as far as the relationship thing goes... yes your right it would happen.... but its not what I wanna see & its not why i watch stargate... & it definitely shouldn't be the major focus of the show. I think its pretty obvious that its cheap filler.

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_Josh26Indy_ Jan 5 2011, 2:45am replied:

I haven't set up a page or anything. Its just something I work on in my spare time. At best it will be a completed mod, at worst it will be a **** ton of addons you can use with the existing mod. But if so then you'd have to download the Files (from me direct or by torrent)& add them in developer mode (very easy to do) but still they would have to be downloaded & added separately.

However I did ask once why the SGMod that was released was never added here & I was told the they leave advertising to their fans.

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_Josh26Indy_ Dec 28 2010, 9:38pm replied:

SGmod is based on SG1. Im building one based on Atlantis, nowhere near completed Yet, but were tackling the hard stuff first. I already have atlantis ingame the control room is done I have Pegasus gates & my event horizon actually looks like real water. I have hatak ships jumpers & various objects completed such as the weather device (basically works like a gyroscope [if ya remember that episode] and you change the weather with code) I have mechanical iris for my sgc & a force-field type iris for Atlantis. I also have wraith darts & a wraith hive ship. Plus a ton of other stuff too much to log it all here. Now the Joint ops game came out in 2004... so the graphics aren't as good as say half life or anything but it definitely makes up for with the fact that anyone can write missions for it. In my opinion that's a major thing in a mod. If coding can only be done by a few highly skilled people then those people will be babysitting it as it were, creating new missions n such, However if the mod is done & nearly anyone can code up new missions then the mod could go on forever only the sky is the limit.

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_Josh26Indy_ Dec 28 2010, 9:36pm replied:

Yes it is if your into the flying around kinda games.... thats pretty much all i saw though. Unless i just happened to watch the wrong videos or somethin. I like first person shooter games though... so not really my thing. Great models & effects though.... just dont care for the type of game play.

However there is an SGMOD for Joint operations typhoon rising. Not sure why it dont show up on this site though. But Its first person shooter. You can dial the gate & go threw the wormhole to a new world. It supports Lan & online play. New missions (DM TDM KOTH TKOTH & COOP) can be easily created by extremely novice users with just a little free time. Since i discovered the SGMod (Created by Luke Nadewalker by the way) Ive even been able to Network the gate system. And Ive done it with no gate crossover. I did this so you can dial out to several places in the same mission to give more of a genuine effect.

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_Josh26Indy_ Dec 28 2010, 8:20pm replied:

no I dont xpect all the planets to be like earth.... thats the problem.... they

Lets see we had a desert...
we had a rain-forest jungle world....
we had an ice world ....
there was the one where Rush was left on the planet with the ship in a big rock...
the only half way cool one i can think of off hand is the one that looked like earth... but with the huge And it was the Obelisk that made it cool.

And as far as the 30 people stranded in the middle of nowhere...
Im sure they would act like normal people.... but i don't watch stargate to see inner personal relationships and that's the majority of what it is. In my opinion it has way more of a soap opera feel than a sci-fi feel. Thats the main reason i don't like it. The Idea of destiny & its mission is a good one. I just think they need to stick to that more and a stay away from the soap operaishness (yup made that word up).

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_Josh26Indy_ Dec 28 2010, 9:20am replied:

I tried the stargate mod for men of war. didnt like the game itself the style of play. wasn't first person shooter like i had hoped it would be.

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_Josh26Indy_ Dec 28 2010, 9:17am replied:

No I did not like the acting... I dont think the actors are very good. the personalities are very dry. Moreover the show is based less on stargate & more on the relationships between the actors. Everything about this show screams cheap. The non heard of actors, the bland scenes, like the desert world and such.... I understand they did it because they didn't want to sink a bunch of money in something that they didn't know if it was gonna take off or not.... that's why the second half of season one had more aliens n stuff like that better effects n such. And as far as the being happy... no not really. SGU will now forever (unfortunately) be linked with two great shows. not so happy about that.

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_Josh26Indy_ Dec 26 2010, 12:24pm says:

Quote "Anyone caught making fun of Stargate (outside of certain boundaries) will be removed from the group!" End Quote.

I love Stargate, I wanna get that out in the open right off the bat.
Ive been building my own mod for over a year non stop all night almost every single night.

I like the idea of this group, but what about these "Boundaries". If you censor all the comments you dont like then its just a page of people who agree with you. a bunch of "Yes Men" and thats just lame.
Not everyone is gonna like everyone on the show... & im sorry but even though i love ronan as a charactor unwashed dredlocks are disgusting. and maybe a little constructive criticism is whats needed in the stargate franchise.

And you can ban me if you like, but i got a few things to say,

Stargate SG-1 Loved it !!!

Stargate Atlantis Loved it !!!

Stargate Universe HATE IT !!!!

SGU ruined the stargate franchise as far as I'm concerned. The actors all are really bad, Eli is probably the best & that's sad. Dr rush looks like an old drunk that i wouldn't let near my kids. And he is Definitely no Rodney McKay but aside from all that. It just sucks. I don't care bout their inner personal relations (75% of the show).
and the very first scene in the first episode is a sex scene. C'mon now, they never would have done that in the other two series. this series is just riding on the coattails of GOOD shows & dragging down the franchise as a whole.

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_Josh26Indy_ Dec 26 2010, 12:23pm says:

And speaking of the franchise, I'm about fed up with them too.
If ya want it done right ya just gotta do it your self. So that's what I'm doing. I'm so tired of no good stargate game. they've had like what 10 yrs to make a good 1 & still fail. I realize everyone has their own opinion & that mine isn't necessarily the correct one all the time. but what is the fun of a stargate mod if you don't have an actual mission... running around shooting each other with no real point & a stargate in the back ground in my opinion does not constitute a stargate mod. That's what resistance is. Its waste of money, stargate worlds, what a laugh, I'm not paying a monthly subscription to play a game. No way no how. The best game they ever made was the one they trashed. Alliance i think it was called. it had missions & supported LAN play, don't know how easy it was to script a mission but if I'm not mistaken, & i could be, it was done on the unreal engine. So it would have been doable.

I also have not tried the stargate mod for men of war. Just got done downloading it now gonna check it out.... I'm praying its good & hopefully with a mission editor

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