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Here's to blogging, the great unknown....

Now that's done, I need to talk to you. I started recording my playthrough of CoF now and I was just wondering, Do you guys want to see it?

Another thing: About the CC2 thing... I got kicked out and it was renamed CoF: Memories and a couple of people also left as well but I don't want to get into it too much.

Promotion: I would like to promote two mods which are awesome in it's own way
1. Cry of Fear (HL1 mod), easily one of the best mods of all time and I highly recommend you check out their page and track it.

2. Grey (HL2:EP2 mod),It looks really good and scary but it won't be good as Cry of fear but I still highly recommend you check out their page and track it as well (BTW, the release date for this mod is the 30th of August or earlier).

That's all the time I have left, I hope you enjoy your day!
PS. I've been thinking of doing a mod but I'll talk about it next time!

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