Hello battlefield fellows! For everyone who dont know me, i am around the battlefield scene since it began. Everything started with the legendary battlefield 1942 tobruk singleplayer demo, after i got the game and the battlecraft 42 editor was released i started to like doing maps for this game. Years passed and while i have not been realy impressed by the second installment of the battlefield franchise called battlefield vietnam i came back to the moddingscene with battlefield 2 where i propably did the most maps and skins so far. At this time i am hoping to see a true successor to the old battlefield franchise that keep me continue my affectation to please you all with maps and skins! If you have any question regarding mapping overall, texture creation, skinning or anything else graphic related just let me know and i do the best to help you out! Best regards JONES

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Alpha Project V0.1
Battlefield 2

Alpha Project V0.1

Jul 31, 2011 Alpha Project Full Version (318.22mb) 103 comments

Finaly the wait is over, the much anticipated rebirth of the bf2 alpha footage is ready for its first release!

Alpha Project V0.21 Patch
Battlefield 2

Alpha Project V0.21 Patch

Aug 22, 2013 Alpha Project Patch (312.34mb) 78 comments

After all the waiting, its finaly here, this patch should fix the most problems and add some more new content for you guys to enjoy!

Alpha Project V0.1 Serverfiles
Battlefield 2

Alpha Project V0.1 Serverfiles

Aug 1, 2011 Alpha Project Server (35.03mb) 17 comments

Wana setup a server running Alpha Project V0.1? Then you might download the serverfiles to save you uploading the whole mod to your gamingserver!

Alpha Project V0.2 Serverfiles
Battlefield 2

Alpha Project V0.2 Serverfiles

Apr 1, 2013 Alpha Project Server (80.98mb) 6 comments

Linux/Windows Serverfiles for Dedicated Server Administrators

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