"The Dark Side of the Force is strong in her. Yet, still her potential does not reach it's full focus. And to do so, she left the Sith and turned to the Jedi, would they help her understand the force a bit more, or will she be on her own? This is the story of a young woman, by the name of Alena who's Destiny is uncertain. Will she be a Noble, Selfless and a hero? Or will she be a villain, consumed by darkness, bitterness and hate?"

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After, the New Chancellor is elected this month, I have decided to announce I will leave for the Unknown Regions for awhile. I will return when I see fit to. When I do return it won't be because of war, diplomatic or economic problems but because it will be my choice to return. However I would like to keep in touch with the rest of the galaxy. I will regularly update everyone on my journeys. Names of planets and my location will never be revealed.

All of these are True Events
This is a report of all those who have suffered here in Nevada-The Silver State, where I live (Reno) and where major tragidies have happened this year. I feel, the people deserve respect here due to the horrors we have experienced these last few months.

I-Hop Carson City Killings: 8 people were shot at an I-Hop on 10/6/11. The shooting took place at 9 AM. The gunman was carrying a semi-automatic weapon. Several died instantly. 2 were Nevadan National Guardsman. The Gunmen turned the weapon on himmself after the killings before police arrived. Afterwards 2 weeks of State mourning were issued by Governor Sandoval. One week for each National Guard member. This was the first major tragedy in Nevada this year. Here's from Reporters:

CARSON CITY, Nev. - A man with a rifle opened fire at an IHOP restaurant in Nevada's capital on Tuesday, killing two National Guard members, another person and himself in a hail of gunfire during the morning breakfast hour, authorities and witnesses said.Six people were wounded in the attack. The suspect, who hasn't been identified, apparently acted alone and died at a hospital in Reno, officials said. Authorities weren't saying whether the attack targeted the Guard members, who were meeting at the restaurant in a strip mall on Carson City's main street. One of the Guard members killed was a man; the other was a woman, authorities said.Witnesses said the gunman pulled up in a blue minivan around 9 a.m. and shot a man on a motorcycle, then walked inside the restaurant and started shooting. He then walked outside and fires shots at a barbecue restaurant and an H&R Block in the strip mall, and a casino across the street."I don't know what's happening to my city," Fran Hunter, who works at a Sierra Le Bone, a pet shop just north of the IHOP, told the Reno Gazette-Journal. "This happens in L.A. or Las Vegas but not here."The state Capitol and Supreme Court buildings were locked down for about 40 minutes, and extra security measures were put in place at state and military buildings in northern Nevada, but the shooting appeared to be an isolated incident, said Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong."There were concerns at the onset, so we took certain steps to ensure we had the capability to embrace an even larger circumstance," Furlong said. "At this point in time it appears to be isolated to this parking lot."Local and state police and FBI agents descended on the scene, and yellow police tape surrounded the parking lot at the restaurant, which is near a Kohl's department store."As you know when you have people in uniform who are randomly targeted for whatever reason this may have been, it is a safety precaution we take very seriously," said Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Chuck Allen.Renown Regional Medicare Center spokesman Dan Davis told The Associated Press four victims of the shooting were being treated at the hospital in Reno, but he said he could not discuss their condition or provide any other information.Kurt Althof, public relations manager for Care Flight, told the Gazette-Journal three victims had been taken to the hospital by helicopter and that two were in critical condition.Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., released a statement expressing condolences to the victims' families."I'm deeply saddened by this senseless act and extend my sympathies to those afflicted this morning," Reid said. "I applaud the first responders for their professionalism, and my thoughts are with the victims and their families during this difficult time."Rep. Joe Heck, R-Nev., posted on Twitter that his heart and prayers go out to the victims' friends and families. And state Sen. Ben Kieckhefer tweeted: "My God be with the families of those hurt and killed in the senseless violence today in Carson City."Associated Press writers Michelle Rindels and Ken Ritter in Las Vegas and Scott Sonner in Reno contributed to this report.

Reno Air Races Crash: On September 16, 2011, at the Reno Air Races, a North American P-51D Mustang flown by James K. "Jimmy" Leeward crashed into spectators, killing 11 people including the pilot, and injuring at least 69.[3] It was the third-deadliest airshow disaster in U.S. history, following accidents in 1972 and 1951, as well as the deadliest aviation-related disaster in the U.S. since the crash of a Pilatus PC-12 airplane in Montana on March 22, 2009, which killed 14 people.[4][5]Leeward, 74, and his Mustang, The Galloping Ghost, were in fourth place and had just rounded the last pylon when the airplane abruptly pitched up, rolled inverted, then pitched down.[6] The aircraft hit the tarmac in front of the grandstands in an area containing box seating.Seven people, including the pilot, died at the crash site;[7] four died later in the hospital.[8][9][10] The weekend's remaining races at the Reno Air Races were cancelled.The day after the crash, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) began examining whether part of the tail had come off before the crash.[11] A photograph taken just before the crash showed the airplane inverted and the left elevator trim tab missing.[11][12]On October 21, 2011, Federal crash investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board said that they found no readable onboard video amid the debris of the racing plane. However, they are still attempting to extract information from an onboard data memory card found among damaged aircraft components and other debris scattered over more than 2 acres following the crash, as well as hundreds of photos and dozens of videos provided by spectators. This being the Second major disaster in Nevada. There were many body parts found around the area after the crash.

Reno Coughlin Fire: This has not yet been reported to the rest of the Nation mainly because it was recent. The Coughlin Fire started at 12:10 AM on 11/18/11, the cause of the fire is currently under investigation. The Fire became wide spread due to heavy winds, upwards of 60 Miles Per Hour (MPH). The Fire was so severe that Washoe County School District closed down nearly every school except the ones in Lake Tahoe and Incline. Firemen battled the Fire throughout the day, which eventually split in two at 7:30 AM causing far worse damage. It would later burn down 20 homes and damage five others. One man, 74 years old died from Cardiac Arest; the only person to die in this major tragedy. 3 High Schools were converted to Retreat Centers; Reno, Galena, and Domantie. Governor Sandoval issued a state of emergency at Reno High at 8:00 AM. Firemen from across the State of Nevada, even from Las Vegas came to help quell the fire. Many Firemen came also from California. Together there were upwards of 500 firemen battling the fire. One Fireman recieved 2nd and 3rd degree burns. He is now in the hospital being treated. Heres from a Reporter:

A wind-stoked fire thаt erupted early Friday chased thousands οf residents frοm thеіr homes οn thе outskirts οf Reno, аѕ orange flames licked thе sky аnԁ chewed through 2000 acres іn thе Sierra Nevada foothills. Reno fire: a fire thаt hаѕ forced 9500 people frοm thеіr homes аnԁ closed 90 schools hаѕ expanded frοm 400 acres tο over 2000 acres. Bу SCOTT SONNER, Associated Press / November 18, 2011 Reno fire: Burned houses smolder аftеr a wildfire іn Reno,Reno Fire Chief Mike Hernandez ѕаіԁ firefighters hаԁ largely contained thе blaze thаt sent nearly 10000 people frοm thеіr homes іn thе middle οf thе night.League officials hаνе postponed two high school football games іn thе Reno area, citing "ongoing аnԁ unpredictable circumstances" surrounding thе Coughlin (KOFF'-lin) fire. Thе Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association ѕаіԁ Friday night's games"Thе wind wаѕ јυѕt really blowing hard, blowing tο thе east," ѕаіԁ Jay Wolford, whο wаѕ іn Reno οn business. "I woke up thіѕ morning аbουt 3:00 аnԁ сουƖԁ smell thе smoke, ѕο I looked out thе hotel window аnԁ thе whole mountain wаѕ οn fire.

Firefighters battle the Pinehave Fire in southwest Reno the morning of Friday, Nov. 18, 2011. Photo by David B. Parker.

Firefighters battle the Pinehave Fire in southwest Reno the morning of Friday, Nov. 18, 2011. Photo by David B. Parker.

Firefighters battle the Pinehave Fire in southwest Reno the morning of Friday, Nov. 18, 2011. Photo by David B. Parker.

Emergency personnel respond to a wildfire  in Reno, Nev. Friday, Nov. 18, 2011.   Nevada firefighters  are battling a wind-whipped wildfire that has already burned several homes and caused several inj

Throughout these tragic months there have been many people who have helped others no matter what the situation. The News covered the Coughlin Fire, the entire day and as of right now Firemen are still batteling it. The weather would eventually cooeperate and the winds cooled down and we finally got a little bit of snow. There was not much wind today. More News Will be Reported as it Comes. To All People who live in the Reno-Sparks Area; Schools will most likely reopen monday unless the Fire goes back into a major blaze. If you have any more news please post a comment in this blog.

Update: 32 homes destroyed or damaged as of now. The fire is 80% contained.

The Unknown Regions is full of dangers beyond imagination. I was involved in many wars across the galaxy. Many I was forced to fight in, others I chose. After I left Corulag, I headed for the Unknown Regions as I said. With my starfighter I jumped from one system to another. Many planets I found turned out to be barren wastelands, others gas giants far larger then Bespin. Finally I stumbled onto a very strange world. It was full of trees and life. I felt darkness coming from the planet however. I decided to land to find its source. The source I would find out was the planet its self. There was alot of life most of it angry; filled with echoes of the force. You could feel the screams of countless people who had died. Fueling the power of the Dark Side.

I then decided to look into history. I knew there was a reference of the shield of light being used to block a Sith Lords escape. I finally found it which took a few hours. On Yavin 4 during the end of Exar Kuns War, the Jedi used the force to create a great barrier of light preventing the Dark Lords escape after he became one with the force. The light trapped his spirit into one of the temples. The Darkness tried to gain a hold of me but I resisted; finding no sentient life forms upon the planet I left.

My journey then took me across many star systems. Untill finally I came upon another unknown planet. During this time I had been gone just 2 months, Elom was being bombarded by the Old Republic. I could feel the screams of horror echoing across the galaxy from the tragedy. It made me shudder and made my spine grow cold. Blood had been spilled in an unorthodox fashion. I hated hearing those screams. I wished they would stop but they didn't it grew more intense soon afterwards. Thousands perished in the great bombardment that layed ruin to the capital city.

The unknown planet I had stumbled on fed off on some of those screams. The Dark Side ran strong on it. In order to understand those screams I landed upon the planet. Darkness gained ahold of me quickly. On this planet there was intelligent life though it was warrior like. I kept a very low profile, untill finally a few discovered me and tried to capture me. I killed them with my lightsaber when they threatened me in their own tongue. I had used the force to enter their minds and learn their language as Revan had done with the Rakata.

I was feeling the power of the dark side within me and it started to overwhelm me to a near point of no return.

I believe it is time to share a little something of my history; during the first Old Republic-Sith War, I left for the Unknown Regions to learn more about the force, where the sith came from, and out of curiousity of what lay out there. What I saw out there was a bit much. I did infact see a small portion of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet enter the galaxy. I didn't care much about it because it was only a few ships and it was really nothing to worry about I believed. Besides I was in the middle of another conflict. Of course thats a story for another time. Now where should I begin? Ah let me begin with the first time I entered into the Unknown Regions.

The Unknown Regions; Where mysterious creatures dwell, where distant echoes through the force can still be heard even after thousands of years. The Dark Side remains unchecked throughout the unknown regions. I saw and felt much pain and saw much war. I rarely chose to go to war with the side I was helping. Much of the Time I was forced to go to war.

At the beginning of my quest; I was indeed a young jedi. I was trained on Correlia, with a few other jedi. This is before many of the new Jedi Masters and Knights of the Order. I sought out curiousity and adventure much to the disnomer of other jedi. I felt like I never truly belonged to the Jedi Order. I was an outsider and with my eagerness to understand the force; I decided to leave the Order behind me and make to other worlds. I took a small fighter that was docked on Correlia's platforms. I of course paid for it with most of my credits. That small fighter came to be known as the Pihrana.

Dantooine was one of my first steps in my journey to the Unknown Regions. It was mainly a farming world. I went to Dantooine because I still felt the faint echoes of Dead Jedi in the old Academy. However the old academy was infested with Lagricks and I never got past them. I still however learned what transpired there from a local mechanic who was able to fix the oldest droid that was on dantooine. That droid used to walk in the halls of the Academy.

Once the droid was activated; I asked it a series of questions. While having to repair the droids memory core from time to time. I finally learned what had happened to the Jedi Academy. Bare with me, the old Jedi Masters never told anyone what happened to the academy on Dantooine. Now I had learned; Darth Malak bombarded the planet and destroyed the Jedi Academy. He walked through the destroyed academy looking for relics which would aid him in the Jedi Civil War. He did not find much, so he abondoned the planet and continued his campaigns across the galaxy. What he had left was a smoking crater filled with the echoes of Dead Jedi. What I also learned is that the Droid had met Revan and the Exile upon Dantooine.

After the long discussion with the droid, I decided that all the questions I had were to be answered deeper in the Outer Rim. However in able to do that, I needed to meditate where I should go next. Tython was the most likely location, where peace was available. I spent several weeks on Tython meditating and had decided to go to Corulag to pick up supplies. For I had made my decision to head to the Unknown Regions and discover what the force could really mean. What I didn't find out till later in my quest is that I would have to face near death situations. Even having to fight a long lost tribe of Sith on a unknown world.

The Cosair

The Cosair; my original flagship that was spawned from the horrors of the Great Hyperspace War. The Blueprints are still with me and I do have the ability to create a second when ever I wish. However I am now a chancellor and causing Super Novas are against my job description. It was built during the time of the first of the New Sith Wars (Took place several months ago, real life). When the Old Republic and Sith Empire first began to fight. I lead my flagship all across the Unknown Regions. Fighting wars and sometimes acting as a peace negotiator. I never unleashed my flagships super weapon. Due to the fact that it would cause strong ripples through the force. Comparing it to other SSD's; the Cosairs fire power was rarely ever matched. It's defences were weak in the hull however. When the Cosairs was destroyed during the battle of Fondor by Kamikaze. He planted bombs at a very weak hull point. When the bombs detonated it caused the Cosair to split in half. Before this happened; I was starting to think that I should use the Cosairs super weapon to destroy Fondor its self. Cause many worlds to lose faith in the GA that it has the inability to keep peace. Fortunately it didn't come to that.

The Vengeance or we may now call it the Gray Shadow

The Vengeance is a major Star Destroyer; the size of a Centarion class battleship. The Vengeance concept its self is rather revolutionary. It completely resembles the old battleship on the outside. On the inside however; much work has gone into the construction of the ship. Incase in the future The Vengeance was out fitted with the ability of a small Ion cannon. The Ion is very similar to the Malovelence. it is located in the ion turrets them selves. They emit a short burst of highly electronic particles against the enemy ship. Multiple shots of these can disable ships systems. Which allows them to be easily captured by the Tractor beam or be destroyed by the Vengeance's weapons. The Vengeance served a short time in The New Empire. It was created by Koros Major Designs. Until Tharnis decided to reveal his true self of being a major manipulator between factions. The Vengeance was then turned into a heavy duty Sith Ship. The hull and weapons systems were upgraded over Mon Calomari. Making the ship twice as strong as it was before. The Vengeance helped defeat the Jedi Order across the Outer Rim. After the major attack took place; it was witnessed in very few battles. Soon after ten's betrayal of the Sith Empire; I to left the Sith Empire but it wasnt out of betrayal. It was out of anger that most of the Sith Council did absolutely nothing for the war effort. I then came up with the idea of a new republic in a small patch of the outer rim territories. Of course my old sith fleet and The Vengeance came with me. The Vengeance under went another tune up by Belovias ship designs and construction. This time for transporting troops; it can now transport 500 Elite men anywhere in the galaxy without much trouble. It was then renamed the Gray Shadow. Representing the fact that I left the Sith Empire. The ship its self is one of the few flagships in the new republic fleet that has undergone major upgrades in a short amount of time.

I am helping develop two mods. One that will focus on a few days after the death of Emperor Palpatine. It is what you can call a sequeal to the Forces Of Corrupution Mod. It's called Star Wars-Novus Sith. There are 3 factions to play as The New Republic, Galactic Empire, and the New Sith.
Note this is a mini mod: After the mini mod we plan to create an epic what I am thinking of as a Strategy RPG Mod for FOC thats based during the Jedi Civil War. The Story line as most Kotor fans know will focus on Revan. Contact Wolfmann to find out how you can join!

The Other Mod is focused on The Great Hyperspace War. Little is known abvout this conflict making it one of the ambitious mod projects for FOC to date. We plan to bring what many people have been asking for a long time. A game focused on this very Conflict. There will be maybe 3 factions to play as. The Old Republic, Sith Empire led by Naga Sadow, and the Sith Rebellion(Maybe) led by Ludo kressh.
Contact Naga_Sadow to find out how to join!

So anyone reading this in order to bring these mods alive we need help, espicially on The Great Hyperspace War.

Here Are The Links
Novus Sith: Moddb.com

The Great Hyperspace War: Moddb.com

Characteristics EditA group of Kwa beneath a Star Temple Added by JMASThrough what the Kwa called the "power of the cosmos", the Infinity Gates were able to transport them across the galaxy or project devastating Infinity Waves. The Gates were accessed from a Star Chamber within massive pyramidal structures known as the Star Temples.[1] The Star Temples and its associated buildings contained traps which protected the Chambers from intruders. Inside the Star Chamber was a realm of infinity that housed a central control station which was used to control the power of infinity.[1] History EditDuring the Pre-Republic era, the Infinity Gates were constructed by the Kwa though its design was influenced by a Celestial principle. The development of the Infinity Gates enabled the Kwa to colonize other worlds within their region of space. However, their expansion brought them into conflict with the Gree Enclave which had developed similar devices known as hypergates.[2] As the Kwa began to wane in power across the galaxy, the Kwa sealed the Infinity Gates and the Star Temples and set guardians to protect the realm of infinity-whuffa worms with thick hides and impressive speed. Following their extermination by the Rakatan Infinite Empire and the conquest of Dathomir, the surviving Kwa devolved into the primitive and semi-sentient Kwi.[1] In 31 BBY, the Nightsisters succeeded in capturing a local Star Temple and slaughtered many Kwi. The Nightsisters had intended to access the secrets of the Infinity Gate and use it to destroy Coruscant. However, their plot was thwarted by the Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos, who, using his role as Temple Guardian, redirected the deadly wave aimed at Coruscant back at the Infinity Gate. Only the scattered ruins of the Star Temples were left. The Kwi also disappeared into the deserts.[1] In 12 ABY, Sigit Ranth investigated the Star Temple on Dathomir for the Imperial Remnant, but finding no remains of the Star Chamber, abandoned the project, while the Remnant instead concentrated on recruiting Nightsisters as part of Project Nightsaber.[3] Appearances Edit

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History Of The Sith and the Force

A Very long time ago in a galaxy far far away there was no such thing as the force. Or at least not yet. On Ossus a meeting took place which changed the fate of the galaxy forever. Priests from a number of different worlds gathered and talked about some strange ‘Magic' as they called it. No one knows what they officially said at the meeting. Though what happened next was more relevant, The new found power found by the priests was called the force. At first no one understood the force not even the priests themselves. It would not take very long to figure out how to use this new power. Officially the Force Users decided Tython would be the best place to train the people termed as force-sensitive.

They not only settled on Tython they built a temple to train in. Unofficially Darkness even before the Sith was brewing; a few hundred years after the settlement on Tython and the construction of the temple. There was something that stirred no one knows how it came to be. The Dark side of the force was being studied as well as the light side.There was conflict on what knowledge should be forbidden and which side of the force was more powerful. A conflict soon erupted called the Force Wars. It was bloody thousands died within 100 hundred years. Just at this time however the republic was forming and the constitution which would stand for 25 millennia was born. There are no records of how many battles were fought or the death count in total there was by the end of the war.It took a few years after the Force Wars to establish the Jedi order. Within a year the order joined the Republic. The Jedi order soon moved to Couracant and Tython was forgotten. The republic was at peace for the first millennia, However after the first millennia Wars were often and they always were bloody. Now the force wars will be considered by man as the First Great Schism. Thats not how the Republic and Jedi saw it. The First 'official' Great Schism occured in 24,500 BBY, a Jedi named Xendor learned the power of the Dark side and turned away from the Jedi order. Before Xendor left he gathered many followers, which soon called themselves the Legions of Lettow. It would not take long before they were defeated. Unfortunately during this time their is also no records of the battles that occured. Though I have a suspicion that a few Legions of Lettow after the war fled into the unknown regions.

Sith History

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In The BeginningTwenty five millennia before the time of Darth Vader, about the time the Galactic Republic formed, a group of Force-sensitive individuals came together to form the Jedi order. Over time they studied the Force, learned from it, and refined the order into what it is today. The Jedi order served the Republic as advisors and peacekeepers. They understood the dangers of the Dark Side and stayed primarily to the Light. But not all were content with the Light Side. Although forbidden to do so, a few individuals chose to secretly study the Dark Side of the Force; Studying the magics of anger and chaos. Their numbers grew until the inevitable confrontation between the Light and the Dark. This came to be known as the Great Schism; Jedi against Jedi, brother against brother. The Dark Jedi, finally defeated after a century of bloodshed, took their battered ships into exile, crossing the galaxy into the unknown. There the vanquished Dark Jedi found a primitive civilization, a new people to dominate, the Sith. With unlimited resources and willing slaves, the Jedi exiles forged the Sith civilization into a powerful Empire.The Golden Age of the Sith After many centuries the Sith Empire grew to a vast, rich realm spanning several star systems. This was the Golden Age of the Sith. The Empire was led by many Sith Lords and one supreme ruler, the Dark Lord of the Sith. This title was passed from one generation to the next, with only one Dark Lord at a time. Although little is known of the first several Dark Lords, 5,200 years ago Marka Ragnos defeated Simus for the title and ruled during the pinnacle of the Golden Age. The Sith Lords built huge stone temples to house the remains of their Dark Lords, and used their magic to create creatures of unspeakable horror to guard the tombs. The Sith Lords crafted many things on the backs of the Sith people, many architectural wonders. The Sith Lords also created many artifacts in this time, items infused with their malevolent Sith power. Some enhanced the wielders power in the Dark Side, others were made to focus Sith energy into a certain effect. The Sith people and the Sith Lords intermarried, and some of pure Sith blood gained the status of Sith Lord. The Great Hyperspace WarTwo hundred years later, at the funeral ceremony of Marka Ragnos, the title of Dark Lord was once again in dispute. This time it was between Naga Sadow and his arch rival Ludo Kressh. Sadow was part of the elite priesthood of pure Sith blood and said that the Sith had grown too complacent, and that they should expand their empire and conquer new territory. Content with the current glory of the Sith Empire, Kressh vehemently opposed Sadow and accused him of practicing forbidden magic. The confrontation escalated into a duel, but the ghost of Marka Ragnos intervened; the shade told the Sith Lords to choose their fights wisely and be weary of the coming times. Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh agreed on a temporary truce, but were interrupted by the arrival of Gav and Jori Daragon, hapless hyperspace explorers who showed up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mistaken as spies, Gav and Jori Daragon were taken prisoner by the Sith. The Sith Lords convened to discuss Gav and Jori's fate. Ludo Kressh argued that they were precursors to an invasion and should be killed immediately; Naga Sadow believed they could lead the Sith to the Republic, for their own invasion. Later, Sadow staged a jail-break to look like the Republic had arrived and attacked the prison. Outraged, the Sith Lords demanded swift action and elected Naga Sadow Dark Lord of the Sith. Ludo Kressh openly opposed this and refused to accept Sadow as the next Dark Lord. With Gav and Jori hidden away in his fortress, Sadow staged another attack to retrieve their impounded ship and again made it look like the Republic did it. But Ludo Kressh found the evidence that Sadow had intentionally left that implicated him. Fearing that Sadow's treasonous actions would lead to the fall of the Sith Empire, Kressh attacked Sadow's fortress. However, Kressh had attacked a decoy fortress and waltzed right into Sadow's trap, barely escaping with his life. But during the attack, Sadow had tricked Jori into escaping and fleeing back to the Republic for help. Unbeknownst to her, Sadow had place a tracking device on her ship that would lead the Sith right to the Republic. While Sadow was gathering the Sith forces for the invasion of the Republic, Kressh mounted another attack, this time on Sadow's real fortress. But Sadow destroyed Kressh's ship by remotely activating it's self destruct mechanism. Following the tracking device, the Sith fleet headed for the Republic. The ensuing conflict would later be known as the Great Hyperspace War.Without warning, the Sith invasion force launched a multi-pronged attack that included Koros Major and Kirrek in the Empress Teta system and Coruscant, capital of the Galactic Republic. Unprepared for an invasion, most of the Republic struggled to withstand the onslaught of the Sith forces. The only one who heeded Jori Daragon's warning of a Sith invasion was the Empress Teta. Ready for the invasion, her immense forces were nearly all that stood between the Sith and control of the Republic. During his captivity, Gav had been tutored by Naga Sadow in the ways of the Dark Side. At Sadow's request Gav had reluctantly accepted command of the Sith invasion force. But now, seeing all the death and destruction, Gav had a change of heart. Confronting Sadow at Primus Gould, Gav disabled Sadow's meditation sphere. Without Naga Sadow using his Sith powers to control his armies, the tide began turning and the Sith forces were pushed back. Regrouping his forces at Primus Gould, Sadow drew the Republic forces there for a trap that resulted in the supernova of Primus Gould, an already unstable star. Gav warned the Republic forces and allowed them to escape, but was himself doomed to die aboard the damaged meditation sphere as the star went supernova. Fleeing back to Sith territory, Sadow's fleet was met by Ludo Kressh, who had somehow managed to survive their last confrontation. While Sadow was away invading the Republic, Kressh had rallied the forces that were left behind in Sith territory and now led them against Sadow's already battered fleet. But Naga Sadow managed to defeat Ludo Kressh once again by ordering a damaged capital ship to ram Kressh's flagship, finally killing Ludo Kressh. With not a moment to rest, Sadow was immediately assailed by the Republic fleet that had followed him. In a last ditch effort, Sadow fled in his one remaining battleship between two binary stars; Using powerful Sith magic, Sadow caused huge solar flares to explode between the stars, destroying his pursuers and masking his escape. With his fleet destroyed and the Sith Empire in ruins Naga Sadow fled to an isolated star system called Yavin. There on the fourth planet of the Yavin System he established a new base. Sadow commanded his loyal Sith followers to build great Sith temples. For over a hundred years he ruled as Dark Lord over the sole remaining outpost of the Sith Empire

The clan is expanding rapidly, we now have Sith Ranks and i just need to verify them with my second in command(Darthmalgus). I or if Darthmalgus wants to, will post the ranks on our profile as soon as we choose the ones we like. We are also thinking of just a chain of command or the Dark Council such as the one in SWTOR. I am still thinking of how we could fit the dark council into RAW multiplayer since you would have multiple people to talk to at once.

It's alot of work but its nothing compared to Z3r0x's mod RAW. Just PM me or Darthmalgus to join or post on our profiles. (Also guys my name has nothing to do with this. I'm not going to use this name on RAW Multiplayer). This reminds me we are also going to use Sith names from the old republic Such as from Darth Bane, that means during or before the clone wars so no Darth Vader or Darth Siduis.

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