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johnsui @ Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

I've got a whole lot of question I want to ask! Is such a great game and I am already pumped to see it finished!

Is it possible if you can make the game start with just the protagonist?

I'd like more of a lone wolf play style to be possible or be hired as a soldier in one of the major factions and takeover from within?

maybe there can also be more emphasis on the stealth part in the future? The player can be a part of a sniper squad or something to be hired to kill someone like the hunt criminal job from Mount and blade?

If you can add some commanding style from arma like ordering squads through f1-10 and moving them without going to map mode?

also are there cheaper long guns like the mosin-nagant or sks? would be great if i could customize my gun too.

will i be able to pick up guns from the ground and use it just for the fight?

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johnsui @ Black ICE Mod

Save editing seems to make the save unusable now, I wanted to add a couple of Italian provinces into Yugoslavia's core but the game crushes every time i want to load the edited save. Is there any other ways to do that?

btw thanks for answering my question about the engines not being researchable because i forgot to check the decisions. :)

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johnsui @ Black ICE Version 7.4

I have encountered a couple of questions regarding the research tab in the mod:

If a country does not have the country flag for diesel or gasoline engine research does it mean it can never have its own armored units? but it is possible to research the chassis, tracks on the top left and guns on the top right. what does these research benefit my army if i don't have my own armored units?

On the air research tab and some other tabs too there are a lot of researches that do not show what their benefits are and the unit that benefit from these techs. are they simply the same as the vanilla game?

ps. in this mod the Corrupt Kleptocrats give 75% less money to the nation which seems unbalanced and over powered. Impacts the country too much when it is the only armament official you can find. is there a faster way than waiting for years to find a new politician or the political tab have not changed much other than some numbers?

Ps2, i tried to find info on the black ice wiki but figured that it's still under development. so i came back to the mod page to ask. hope it is not irrelevant

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johnsui @ Contra

the infamous Technical difficulty is never solved for me but i dont care anymore cuz i have contra! some how my ZH runs only if contra was installed after some win7 update or something. wont even run by itself.

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johnsui @ Obsolete - 2.0.0 Client

How come i cant start multiplayer practice

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johnsui @ Crossfire 2.0

My equipment is better than the ones on sell cuz I savaged them from the ememy. But enemy shields recharge too quickly. Especially the special NPCs that dodge fast. It happened couple of times that I shot them till HP turned black but missed the last hit...and then they become full health and I would have to start all over again. Maybe there should be an option for AI difficulty? That would be great.

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johnsui @ Crossfire 2.0

Is there any way to make the AIs in singleplayer easier? or at least not to allow them to use batteries and bots? 'cause it always take me too much time to finish a fight and it's kind of annoying for me. I really just want to experience the new missions and explore the universe, don't want to spend half an hour just to finish a side mission or to chase off a single unit.

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johnsui @ C&C: ShockWave

is the new enforcer able to teleport other units?
or it will get into the...... light as soon as it's finished

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