I'm a student in London studying video game design, development and some history... and some other stuff, on one of those courses that gets slagged off by everyone for being too unfocused... so yea, hate me :'(

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JohnnyMaverik Dec 18 2009, 9:55am replied:

The only reason so many people are posting any bugs or glitches, as well as other small complaints they find, is because we were asked to in the news update. Admittedly we were asked to email them, but after playing I found I already had this page open, so I thouht what the hell, I'll just post them here...

It's not because we find major fault with the mod. In fact this mod is far more polished than normal for a first release, and I for one enjoyed it and really welcome this kind of fresh and frankly in many ways outstandingly ambitious mod. It's not easy making a mod with no combat, and while I'm not sure I really got to the point of the mod, while playing it I found the atmousphere to be very effective, kinda felt like the world itself was frowning at me. Can't wait to see the updated release, and even more so the next episode.

+1 vote   mod: Post Script
JohnnyMaverik Dec 16 2009, 6:11pm replied:

Yea I thought it might have been a stylistic choice. To be honest most of the critisism was very nit picky, it was a fairly well polished mod for the most part. Not sure if I like it yet, but I usually have to sleep on it for mods like this, I remember I wasn't sure how I felt about either Radiator episode until the day after playing them.

Looking forward to the update, and I can't wait to see where you take this series...

+1 vote   mod: Post Script
JohnnyMaverik Dec 16 2009, 3:01pm replied:

If the character is not gordon I don't think the suit should be used. Obviously if you want A suit included, Riot Act did it well, using the idea that the character had nicked one of the combine suits after killing them.

+2 votes   mod: Overheid
JohnnyMaverik Dec 16 2009, 1:01pm says:

Interesting, few technical points, there are a few places you can get out of the map. One of these is in that courtyard with the slab with the dialogue about giving or not giving god a chance scrawled on it, you can pile up the boxes and hop over the fence into that gated and fenced off walkway place, which I thought I was meant to do, but quite quickly realized I wasn't after hopping over it. There were a couple more but it's fairly obvious they aren't areas that are meant to be accessed, so I won't even bother listing them (there were only two other than the one I have outlined above). Not sure how much I like the invisable wall near the beggining of leaving the starting area, next to that wall with the mount of earth piled up next to it.


Also with the brick, if you chucked that over the wall, would that basically be game over? I didn't do that so I wouldent know... but maybe a pile of bricks would be good, just in case. At first I didn't notice the window, and I could see myself running accross the brick, lobbing it over the wall absent mindedly, and then being majorly ****** off afterwards...

Final point, which has already been mentioned, the messages through-out don't stay on screen long enough, I didn't finish some of the bigger ones, and at the end in the barn place, I didn't catch any of the messages flashed up in white.

+2 votes   mod: Post Script
JohnnyMaverik Dec 15 2009, 3:05pm says:

> What the heck do I do with X9???


I ended up running down the exit with it... might go back and brake it and see what happens.

Really interesting mod though, very challenging, but very forfilling at the same time.

+1 vote   news: HL2 mod release: Radiator 1-2, Handle With Care
JohnnyMaverik Dec 15 2009, 1:25pm says:

Very interesting, kinda wish we had to keep walking in the direction we thought was north after the guy dissapeared until we found him, and if we didn't then find our way back... but I enjoyed it, just didn't find much challenge what with being able to get hints all the time. Off to play the second now... looking forward to it.

+1 vote   news: HL2 mod release: Radiator 1-1, Polaris
JohnnyMaverik Dec 15 2009, 12:43pm says:

Mapping was really nice, very rarely got lost or stuck and even when I did it was only for about 10 minutes max, some nice action and challenge was just about right, voice acting was a let down however. Good mod, cute little story, fits in well with the Half Life universe, and while it didn't blow me away I certainly didn't regret spending just under 2 hours blowing my way through it.

+1 vote   mod: Awakening
JohnnyMaverik Dec 9 2009, 5:33am says:

Shadow looks gorgious...

+1 vote   news: Orion - Public Beta 1.0 / First Patch / 4 New Maps!
JohnnyMaverik Dec 7 2009, 8:14am says:

*swears violently*

Fine, I guess these things happen... it's not like you get paid to do this or anything -_-

+3 votes   news: Black Mesa Update
JohnnyMaverik Dec 3 2009, 3:50am says:

wow... thats pretty

+1 vote   media: Quagmire - Beta 1 version
JohnnyMaverik Nov 17 2009, 4:30pm replied:

They don't... but the australian govenment do... fight the power -_-

+1 vote   game: OverDose
JohnnyMaverik Nov 10 2009, 7:12pm says:

That all looks awesome, hope it translates well in game...

+1 vote   news: Building a tower
JohnnyMaverik Oct 3 2009, 1:01pm replied:

I think your getting confused with all the markers showing where his team mates were... I thought it was autoaim at fist but if you watch in full screen you can see the crosshairs and it didn't look like there was any autoaim...

+1 vote   news: Orion - Gameplay 2009 (3 v 3 match)
JohnnyMaverik Oct 2 2009, 5:54pm says:

This looks metal O.o

But in a good way...

However: "Coming 2013"

Exactly how big is this project guna be?

+1 vote   news: One Hour Per Day
JohnnyMaverik Sep 29 2009, 8:20pm says:

This mod is genious. Wish it had a stronger player base, it certainly dierves one, me and my mate have been playing on and off for about a week and we're loving it. Truly brilliant mod, truly unique aswell.

+2 votes   mod: Suicide Survival
JohnnyMaverik Sep 26 2009, 9:18am says:

Hey, it's looking interesting. Other than the vids not working a pretty nice update.

+2 votes   news: Basic Introduction and Early Graphics / Concept Art
JohnnyMaverik Sep 23 2009, 7:41am says:

I'm consused -_-

Ok It's multiplayer and it's fps (i presume) and it's wahammer 40k, all good so far, it's got orcs in it, but is it only orcs? What are you trying to achieve here, the summary looks cool but it doesn't explain much other than what I already get.

+2 votes   game: Warhammer 40000: There Is Only War
JohnnyMaverik Sep 23 2009, 7:34am says:

Wow, those models looks amazing. Nice work...

+1 vote   news: NMRiH Weekly Update - September 22th, 2009
JohnnyMaverik Sep 22 2009, 5:17pm says:

Looking nice :D

+1 vote   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Harley Progress 1
JohnnyMaverik Sep 21 2009, 6:37pm replied:

Maybe it's the textures your using... not sure, definatly looks different to alot of source engine mods though, and again, i meen that in a good way.

+2 votes   mod: The Mortewood Plaza
JohnnyMaverik Sep 18 2009, 10:09am says:

Tracking, if you pull this off you'll be a source mod legend...

BTW, I duno what you've done with the lighting, but it looks awesome, have you actually changed it or is it just my eyes playing tricks on me? Kinda looks unreal modish (the indoor sections anyway) but I meen that in a good way.

+2 votes   mod: The Mortewood Plaza
JohnnyMaverik Sep 10 2009, 9:57pm says:

I actually thought this vid was put together very well and held my interest right until the end. Only bad points, the newpaper pages could have been made to look more like real newspaper pages... just by using different fonts etc... and no gameplay :(

Hope you release some gameplay footage soon, I meen you must have some considering release is penned down for october atm.

So tracking for now.

+1 vote   news: Intro Trailer
JohnnyMaverik Sep 10 2009, 1:00pm says:

Just don't hold back too much on the foliage. If the world feels a bit empty and theres one or two tree's hanging around they just stick out like sore thumbs rather than help do add variety. Maybe a few bushes and rocks, I duno what kinda landscape your going for yet but aslong as there is a bit of fitting variety and some colour thrown in, asthetically I'm sure it will look great.

The sky is absolutely beautiful by the way.

+5 votes   news: Trees in the breeze (HD video)
JohnnyMaverik Sep 9 2009, 11:18pm says:

Sounds pretty cool, tracking...

+1 vote   game: Sonic Zero: Remastered
JohnnyMaverik Sep 7 2009, 12:49am says:

Hey people, good luck with this, sounds awesome and I'm definatly guna follow it with interest... subcribed to your blog and everything and I'll be sure to spray a few Overgrowth posters around TF2 now and again.

+1 vote   game: Overgrowth
JohnnyMaverik Sep 6 2009, 7:55pm says:

Reminds me a Painkiller with that speeded up crossbow and the way enemies are layed out. Duno if you'll take that as a compliment or not but it was meant as one so there you go...

+4 votes   mod: TEAR
JohnnyMaverik Aug 4 2009, 9:00pm replied:

I beat it yesterday... took me about 10 hours though. I'm slow :(
Playing through Opposing Force now and Then I'll move onto Blue Shift... which will only fill an afternoon from what I've heard but never mind.

+2 votes   media: Black Mesa Official Trailer
JohnnyMaverik Jul 12 2009, 9:47pm says:

Hey ppl, signed up just so I could post this. First off, awesome, jaw dropping, great idea and I can't wait to play it. I'm actually playing through Half-Life 1 for the first time atm and I'm really enjoying it but a prettier version with a modern touch can do it's legacy no harm atall.

Secondly, in the trailer two things caughts my eye, 1. you can see Gordon, but since you say theres guna be co-op I guess thats enevitable and atleast you've done a great job on the model. 2. betwen 1.21 and 1.30 in the trailer the combat seemed to be in slow-mo for a bit? I realise that this could be for dramatic effect and if so it worked so well done on that aswell, but it made me fear that this mod may have bullet time alla f.e.a.r (and countless others)? Personally I think bullet time would do nothing for Half-Life, nothing good anyway, although of course it's not my project and therefore none of my buisness, but a conformation on whether it's just slowed down action for dramatic effect as per the requirements of making a trailer that can blow peoples socks off, or whether this mod will contain bullet time would be much appreciated...

Also apologies if I'm reposting an already asked and answered question.

+1 vote   mod: Black Mesa
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