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JoeX111 Nov 6 2006, 11:57pm says:



+1 vote   member: Baza
JoeX111 Nov 6 2006, 11:51pm says:

I'm here now! I'm here! I see you on! DON'T GET OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

+1 vote   member: Baza
JoeX111 Nov 6 2006, 9:50pm says:

And what a nice profile it is, too.

+1 vote   member: Karuto
JoeX111 Nov 6 2006, 10:50am says:

Way to not read his description at all, people.

+2 votes   mod: HackerMod
JoeX111 Nov 3 2006, 10:49am says:

Lookin' very nice. I especially like the John Malkavich zombie. XD

+1 vote   article: Halloween Media Release!
JoeX111 Nov 2 2006, 8:04pm says:

And besides, I never said "OMFGFirstRTSFPSgameEvz0rZ!!1!!"

+1 vote   article: Iron Grip: The Oppression
JoeX111 Nov 1 2006, 11:35am says:

And besides:

Muralis wrote:Some of the special moves do look quite special

is much worse.

+1 vote   member: Wraiyth
JoeX111 Nov 1 2006, 11:34am says:

I'll be sure to make the captions even cheesier in the future. XD

+1 vote   member: Wraiyth
JoeX111 Oct 28 2006, 11:51pm says:
JeebusMcChrist wrote:HHAHAHAHAHAHA

An MST3k reference as a caption. A winner is you.

Someone caught it!

Huzzah! XD

+1 vote   article: Nuclear Dawn
JoeX111 Oct 27 2006, 9:56pm says:
JoseSkinner wrote:Why does everyone seem to forget Empires.

Why not read the rest of the article, where I actually mention Empires? I never said Nuclear Dawn was the only one, I just said it was a nice way to separate itself from the rest of the pack, because they aren't exactly a widespread occurance.

+1 vote   article: Nuclear Dawn
JoeX111 Oct 27 2006, 2:12pm says:

What I like best about this feature is that the Muralis guy on the front page looks like he is trying to punch out the Nuclear Dawn trooper. XD

+1 vote   article: Nuclear Dawn
JoeX111 Oct 27 2006, 12:10pm says:

You would, ringo.

+1 vote   member: Karuto
JoeX111 Oct 27 2006, 10:49am says:

Your siggy reminds me of Shaq Fu for some reason.

+1 vote   member: Karuto
JoeX111 Oct 23 2006, 1:26am says:

This game could just let you cruise around in those clouds aimlessly and it'd still be awesome.

Amazing stuff.

+1 vote   article: Planetary engine update ( volumetric fog/haze
JoeX111 Oct 22 2006, 11:02am says:

Does Ike work as well?


+1 vote   member: Karuto
JoeX111 Oct 19 2006, 11:47pm says:

You should get on messanger like a good little boy before I rip your ****** off.

+1 vote   member: Baza
JoeX111 Oct 18 2006, 4:23pm says:

No clue, Nancy Drew. But there were some worthwhile efforts to port the Marathon multiplayer style to other engines, such as Unreal Tournament. Such wacky fun.


+1 vote   member: Kiith-Somtaaw
JoeX111 Oct 18 2006, 9:59am says:

"Like his characters, Palahniuk sometimes seems to be operating under the presumption that he can never sink too low, or vomit up too much. Here's hoping he's wrong, for everyone's sake."
--The Onion's review of "Haunted"

+2 votes   member: ImTheDarkcyde
JoeX111 Oct 18 2006, 9:54am says:

Marathon 2: Durandal is the far superior one. I have both the original PC version and the mac one, though I no longer have a mac.

Do you have Aleph One?

+1 vote   member: Kiith-Somtaaw
JoeX111 Oct 18 2006, 1:47am says:

You don't like Chuck Palahniuk either?

+2 votes   member: ImTheDarkcyde
JoeX111 Oct 18 2006, 1:46am says:

I deleted your post against DarkCyde. It's ok to call someone on being a tit from time to time, but that's going a bit far.

Terms wrote:"comments of a bigotry nature (derogatory towards race, religion, gender or sexual preference)"

So, you know, don't do it anymore.

+2 votes   member: X-Peri-Mental
JoeX111 Oct 13 2006, 11:15am says:

Haha, that skeleton joke cracked me up.

+1 vote   member: rofl106
JoeX111 Oct 11 2006, 7:13pm says:


+1 vote   member: Kiith-Somtaaw
JoeX111 Oct 11 2006, 7:13pm says:


+1 vote   member: JoeX111
JoeX111 Oct 11 2006, 11:13am says:

OMFG! Dottage!

+1 vote   member: TKAzA
JoeX111 Oct 6 2006, 12:16am says:

Eh, it could work. Depends on who we get.

+1 vote   member: VegasTheWZAd
JoeX111 Oct 5 2006, 9:34pm says:

Oh yeah! We could have, like, Cheapy and Darkcyde and....

Oh, wait...

+1 vote   member: VegasTheWZAd
JoeX111 Oct 5 2006, 12:24pm says:

There are plans for a podcast in the future, once Baza frees himself up from some of his many modding duties. It'll run at the end of every month and be sort of an article retrospective \ glance back at modding news \ interview \ impromptu review thing. The trick will be figuring out how the hell to record it.

+1 vote   member: VegasTheWZAd
JoeX111 Oct 5 2006, 12:20pm says:

It's a beta, guys. Give it some time.

+1 vote   article: Addon DB Officially OPEN!
JoeX111 Oct 2 2006, 11:14pm says:

Whoa, that second image looks amazing.

+1 vote   article: WoP Mod for Q3 - Files repacked!
JoeX111 Feb 6 2008, 2:03pm replied:

But the game company that produced, say, Unreal Tournament 2004 is not responsible for what it's product is used for after the fact. The company that produces a handgun is not responsible for someone using it to kill another human being. The same applies to videogames and intellectual copyrights. The only way the IP holder could take Epic Games to court would be to say that sales of their own IP were hurt by modders using the Unreal engine, or, that the mod in question increased sales of Epic's product, both of which would be very, very difficult to prove.

And as for fanboys, yes, Star Wars and Star Trek both have huge fanbases, but then you have to divide from that the number of people who are also gamers, then divide that number by the amount of people who are gamers AND familiar with the modding industry and know how to seek out, install and play these games. The numbers dwindle. Independent games can build quite a loyal following with very little effort, as you need only look to Introversion Software to find out. There's no reason why modders with a bit of work can't achieve the same result.

+1 vote   poll: What would you like to see more of on Mod DB?
JoeX111 Feb 6 2008, 10:48am replied:

I fail to see how using another persons intellectual property creates an uneven playing field. Because they already have an installed fanbase? I suppose that's true, but then you'll also have nitpicky fanboys tearing it apart in ways you won't if you create an original idea. If your original idea is good enough, it'll create it's own fanbase that'll grow far beyond the few fans of SHOW X that go out looking for an independently created modification based on it.

And billions of dollars in litigation? Wow. If that much was at stake and so easily in the grasp of these companies, you'd think they would have done this by now. Except, the angry IP holders would hold the burden of proof to show that a significant portion of the game sales resulted from this specific mod existing on their platform, which would be very, very, very hard to prove, and therefore, will not happen.

+1 vote   poll: What would you like to see more of on Mod DB?
JoeX111 Mar 27 2007, 3:16pm says:

Referal links are frowned upon.

Please don't do it again, or will we issue you a warning.

+1 vote   member: Golfboy
JoeX111 Mar 15 2007, 5:46pm says:

As I said in the newbie thread also:

If you are interested in writing site features, PM or email me and we can work something out.

+1 vote   member: Durendal_5150
JoeX111 Sep 27 2006, 10:57am says:

I think your Defon entry is pretty good, actually.

Very funn. :p

+1 vote   member: Hastings
JoeX111 Nov 21 2006, 10:40pm says:

Padman looks amazing. I'm half tempted to buy another copy of Quake 3 Arena just for it.

+1 vote   article: New WoP Trailer! Out now!
JoeX111 Sep 25 2006, 12:40pm says:

If you don't mind, please make your entries in the competition into three separate posts. This way, there is less of a chance of you only being entered into only one hat.

+1 vote   member: Gravitons
JoeX111 Sep 25 2006, 12:38pm says:

Hat B is for Defcon Promo's. You may want to edit your post to reflect that, to keep from being accidentally dumped in the wrong hat.

+1 vote   member: Rocket_Robinhood
JoeX111 Sep 9 2006, 6:24pm says:

Sounds awesome, like a strategy oriented Crimson Skies.

+1 vote   article: Announcing A Wing And A Prayer
JoeX111 Jan 7 2007, 2:48pm says:

Your comments made here: are really unnecessary and have been removed. Please avoid saying such things in the future.

+1 vote   member: Klip
JoeX111 Aug 30 2006, 10:11am says:

Let me put it this way: the game, tech demo that it is, was reviewed because a member of the community asked for it and because the team supported it when I got in touch with them. Not only that, the team also contacted me after reading the review and said they very much appreciated it, because it was honest and gave them some solid constructive criticism to work with.

Given that, I guess the rest of you will just have to deal.

Quote:Another thing that amazes me, is how so many reviews on this site have a "This is a great game.. OR IS IT?!?!?!" mentality to them. Overly critical, dramatized, and biased reviews do nothing to help the mod community and only spread bad press.

What really amazes me is the fact that, when we write up glowing, praise filled reviews, no one cares. But if we are honest about some areas in a game \ mod that need some work, everyone freaks out and calls us biased and unfair. If you want to give us some constructive feedback on our articles, by all means, go right ahead. But if you are just going to whine because you disagree with our opinions, then there are dozens of other gaming websites you can be reading instead.

+1 vote   member: Rhetoric
JoeX111 Aug 15 2006, 12:34pm says:

I'll check into it, though I might warn that commenting on all of the judges' profiles about the contest might be a good way of getting your submission overlooked.

Not threatening, just sayin'.

+1 vote   member: necros0
JoeX111 Aug 12 2006, 3:06pm says:

Gah! The formatting of some of the images on here was driving me nuts!


+1 vote   article: Sonic Valley
JoeX111 Jul 6 2006, 4:16pm says:

It takes three site warnings to get a ban, which means people can put out a ton of spam in the meantime, unfortunately. ¬_¬

+1 vote   member: Maya
JoeX111 Jul 4 2006, 3:38pm says:

Whoa, very nice looking.

+1 vote   article: Eye of the Hurricane
JoeX111 Jun 10 2006, 1:51am says:

Does it impact the framerate much?

Looks pretty nice, though.

+1 vote   article: TheBusGuy's Shine Fix is finaly ready!
JoeX111 Apr 19 2006, 3:41pm says:

When I saw the knife I thought this was a news post for The Hidden: Source.

Looks cool, though.

+1 vote   article: Dev News #2
JoeX111 Apr 1 2006, 2:39am says:

As you can see, dear site regulars, I have done away with the normal Mod Score at the end of the review.

Why? Well, a few reasons really. But mostly, I think adding a point score onto the end of our reviews is pointless. Really, do we need an arbitrary number added onto the tail end of every mod we review? Do we really need to be able to directly compare a racing game for engine X to first person shooter mod Y? Does it matter?

I'm going to argue no. I think our reviews should be focusing more on the experience of playing a mod and whether that is good or bad. If we can convey that in our text, we don't need a score box at the end. Let the users themselves score a mod what they will, but let the feature staff say what they will with the words they write. If we spend too much time focusing on on whether graphics are a 4 or a 5, we strain our focus away from what we really should be doing: letting you, the reader, know what is good and bad about a given mod, and what the experience of playing it truly is.

Agree, disagree? Let me know what you think here, in addition to all of the usual review responses. If you don't like this new formatting idea, rally together, and I'll change it back. Like it, and I'll see to implementing it on all reviews in the future. It is really up to you.

+1 vote   article: 7th Serpent
JoeX111 Mar 29 2006, 2:57am says:

That looks amazing.

+1 vote   media: Ingame Shot 14/12/05 #8
JoeX111 Mar 27 2006, 12:18pm says:

Hey, is your name taken from the comic Fell by Warren Ellis?

+1 vote   member: Fell
JoeX111 Mar 9 2006, 11:44am says:

Awesome looking screen shots.

That last one reminds me of the movie Cube.

+1 vote   article: UAC:Warfare strikes again
JoeX111 Apr 9 2006, 12:41pm says:
Mr.Kadish wrote:I dunno WHEN ppl are gonna stop using the over-dramatic orchestral music ala star wars to add weight to trailer footage.

As opposed to the "Hard Rock for EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEME Action" music in the Killing Floor trailer, eh?

+1 vote   article: Off Limits Alpha Trailer
JoeX111 Dec 22 2006, 2:12pm says:

I wonder if the IGF guys will ask us to contribute judges again.

The selection to choose from last year was rather lame, though.

+1 vote   article: Mod News Roundup #7
JoeX111 Jan 23 2006, 4:56pm says:

I love the look you guys have developed for Project Fighter. I can't believe this one had escaped from my ever watchful eye.

Would you and your team like to consent to a possible preview \ interview \ something article on the website for some further promotion? If you are, write me back and we can work something out.


+1 vote   member: ][ndy
JoeX111 Dec 24 2005, 12:22am says:

Whoa, looks fantastic. This is definitely going on my Mod Watch list.

If you get something playable going, I'd love to write up a preview article on this.

+1 vote   article: Its a D.E.A.D Christmas!! Happy Holidays!
JoeX111 Dec 4 2005, 9:27pm says:

(As I said on the MOTM thread) If you make a Victorian themed SP detective game, I'd download and play it even if it was built on the Freespace 2 engine.

+1 vote   member: Crispy
JoeX111 Nov 11 2005, 12:50pm says:

What is your explosion from?

+1 vote   member: dDefinder
JoeX111 Nov 10 2005, 3:13pm says:

Now, this is interesting, because just last night, I got into a very distinctly western mood and started downloading any released mod I could find. But since I didn't have Quake 3, I had to sadly pass this one up.

Dammit, now I'm off to buy it.

+1 vote   article: Beta 2.1 Released
JoeX111 Nov 11 2005, 12:24pm says:

Looks kind of fun. Screenshots are nice. I would probably like it better if it was all slow zombies, but oh well.

+1 vote   article: Comming soon!
JoeX111 Oct 26 2005, 6:57pm says:

I'm hyped for this mod, but that "Hotter than Ever!" had to be the worst tag line ever.

+1 vote   article: Hotter than ever!
JoeX111 Oct 21 2005, 11:00am says:

Those screen shots for the Star Wars TC are awesome.

+1 vote   article: ModToaster Updates
JoeX111 Jun 1 2006, 11:36am says:

The occasional frame rate drops and the length are a bit of a let down, but overall this is pretty damn fun.

I love hearing the different people shout random stuff to the effect of "Get that chicken!"

Assuming I ever finish this Mod of the Month article, I might try to review this later.

+2 votes   article: The Chase is On!
JoeX111 Sep 18 2006, 1:55am says:

But then I wouldn't have been able to pummel Stuffie senseless with a truncheon...

+1 vote   article: MOTM 2.0 Teaser
JoeX111 Aug 24 2006, 11:26am says:

Wow, the detail work on those is mighty fine. I thought I was looking at Half-Life 2 models until read your blurb.

+1 vote   article: Truepaint -Map Object Progress
JoeX111 Mar 16 2006, 11:54am says:

This looks extremely well done.

I'll have to see if I can find my bloody copy of this game to check it out.

+1 vote   article: Public Beta soon to come!
JoeX111 Mar 16 2006, 11:11am says:

Why does every argument about our reviews always end with the point that the game is free?

So what? A free product can't be bad? Does the fact that it is free give it special leverage over things that aren't?

It isn't fair to compare a free mod to a feature length game, at least not in a negative way, but just because you got it for free doesn't make it good.

When you release something into the public spectrum, there is always a risk of negative feedback and criticism. It goes with the territory. Whenever you put out a mod, you run the risk of getting bad reviews. Whenever we put out a review, we run the risk of being criticised for our writing and for how "fair" we were with it. It's a vicious cycle, but there you go.

I don't care if it comes with a supermodel or if it costs my soul: if it sucks, I'll say so. If it's great, then I'll say that too.

I'm sure Gothax? feels the same.

+1 vote   article: Nexuiz and Alien Arena: Head to Head
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