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Game Review on Feb 3rd, 2013 - 15 people agree 8 people don't
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Cry of Fear. The esteemed Cry of Fear that won many awards for it's creepiness and general quality. This game is far from perfect and I can't fathom how it won these many awards.

The gameplay is absolutely awful and clunky, most of the guns felt weak, and some were just downright useless to use (aka the TMP). The movement felt bugged and clunky as well, which resulted in an extremely annoying time during the jumping puzzle sections of the modification.

The graphical enhancements were somewhat subpar in implementation and usage, because some of the maps looked really cheap with the bump maps and some other graphical effect I don't know about, but others used it well, and looked nice with them. Other effects somewhat caused lag in certain areas, but I think that might be a limit with Half-Life's engine itself, so I don't know if it really was subpar implementation or if it really was just the way the engine worked. Who knows.

Monster design and mapping was decent. Most of the maps looked really good and accommodated the monsters very well. Some aforementioned maps above I already described and don't need to be again. The monsters looked pretty creepy in some ways while others looked retarded (see the sawer boss, and the suiciders).

Something that also should be mentioned is that I believe this mod relies too heavily on darkness for it's scare factor along with the typical cheap jump scares in almost every horror mod or game ever. I still have yet to see something that can be scary during the DAYTIME.

Now onto the part of the game that was done well. I enjoyed the storyline for this game and I thought it was done well for the most part aside from certain sequences (see Sophie's suicide).
The story can hit home with many players, even myself in terms of certain aspects of it, and for that, I applaud the developers for writing something this great.

For closing arguments, the game was hard to play with the clunky gameplay, but had a great story.

It gets a 5/10.

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