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Black Ops

Mod review - 1 agrees - 1 disagrees

Aside from it's weird and downright nonsensical storyline, it houses some decent combat sequences, alright mapping, and some Max Payne-esque comic book cutscenes.

A seven.


Black Mesa Sideline

Mod review - 2 agree

Excellent mapping, and difficult, but not too difficult combat. The only con I have to list is that it's very very short.

An eight.


Azure Sheep

Mod review - 1 agrees - 4 disagree

Incredibly lame story, mapping that looks like ***, and awful reskins of models to boot. Avoid.

A two.


Absolute Redemption

Mod review - 3 agree - 1 disagrees

Buckets of fun, and an interesting storyline behind it. It had some decent mapping, and challenging combat sequences. If you haven't played this yet, what are you waiting for?

An eight.



Mod review - 3 agree - 1 disagrees

A joke mod that isn't funny.


Terrorist Attack in Black Mesa

Mod review - 7 agree

There really is no need to describe why this mod / game is shite.


Half-Life: Visitors

Mod review may contain spoilers - 6 agree - 9 disagree

Terrible mod. The mapping was filled with crates. Funnily enough, hardly any of these crates actually contained anything useful. Model hacks / whatever-the-hell-they-were were also awful. This mod also has a habit of not explaining things when it happens. The city blowing up? What was that all about? Did it spontaneously combust because it grew a brain and became self-aware of how awful this mod is? Probably. The team also thought it was smart to tease you as well, as you hear sounds from the Gonome from Opposing Force. Do you ever get become acquainted with him? No. A message to all, if you're going to use sounds for a monster, you better goddamn use that monster in your modification. Also, one more thing. The ending is totally anticlimactic. A medical osprey flies down towards the base and picks you up. Sounds okay, right? Wrong! First off, there were grunts on the roof section here, and none of them seemed inclined to attack the approaching osprey. Oh okay, I get it! The osprey is on their side! It all makes sense now except one thing! WHY THE **** ARE THE PEOPLE TRYING TO KILL YOU SOMEHOW HAVE A CHANGE OF HEART AND RESCUE YOU INSTEAD?

Don't waste your time on this.


half-life: mission mc Poker

Mod review - 10 agree - 2 disagree

Second greatest mod ever made.


Point of View

Mod review - 1 agrees - 6 disagree

Annoying, buggy, and the weapons really felt weak and useless. The only useful weapon was the first weapon you recieved. Story also feels optional as you always have to open your journal just to read what's going on.

A three.


Team Fortress 2

Game review - 1 agrees

Atmosphere feels nothing like what the older Team Fortress games felt like, and I don't really like the art style they went into. However, the gameplay is much more fun than that of the older games. All the classes are rather balanced compared to the original games and all in all, it's pretty fun aside from the stupid comical atmosphere.

A six.