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Welcome all trackers of me and just random visitors!

I'd just like to update my blog post since it's been quite a long time since I have, so here goes. Overturn has gotten the ball rolling lately from a sudden burst of activity on Rafael, Gethyn, and I's part. We've been working almost tirelessly on the multiplayer portion of said modification hoping to ship out a mostly multiplayer demo by Christmas. We've got some upcoming media as well in store for you guys. Aside from Overturn, I've got some more map media coming up for Particle Fusion as well from a sudden burst of activity on my part which I will explain in my next paragraph. Expect some new media for Particle Fusion as soon as possible.

Well, the main reason why both of the modifications have been getting a burst of activity lately is because we've finally found a Half-Life programmer: Myself. Yes, you heard/read it. I've taken up programming in C++ for Half-Life so we can finally kickstart our projects into action for the next media update and hopefully for a faster release. So far, programming hasn't been too bad to me, though I've only been editing what's already there so, who knows what's in store for me later down the line. As for now, I think we may be able to ship out a demo for Overturn this year if I don't run into any obstacles. Keep your fingers crossed ladies and gentlemen!

Until my next blogpost (which will probably be a year from now),
Megan "Joebama" Basissælåsen


I'll keep my fingers crossed, Freddy!
Crossed? Crossed.
Crossed? Cross...ed.

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No Christmas release sadly, but hey, we got a lot of work done. Plus we are very close, I can smell Ivan's lice infested beard...

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