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I'm not sure what to say, but it's been awhile since I've updated. So, anyway, I was looking for a nice, clean torrent of Autodesk Max 4 but I ended up downloading a mistake torrent and fucked up my computer beyond measures (While technically, I got what I deserved for torrenting something that is normally bought, It is next to impossible to get a copy of Max 4 nowadays.), so right now I've been doing model hacks instead of my beloved hobby, mapping. So, that's why you've been seeing so many model/skin updates on Particle Fusion, but who cares, right?

Anyway, I've decided to work a little bit on "TF2: Brotherhood of Arms" as well, getting the player models ready for media and such. Been having a lot of fun working on it so far. So, as soon as we actually get some mapping and coding done on the mod, we'll probably set up a page for it. And also when Particle Fusion and Overturn are released, I have another mod in mind to work with, "Absolute Zero" (name is subject to change) set in a very cyberpunk/steampunk world in which robots are the dominant part of society, and the military has become an army of supersoldiers, robots with a human brain implemented into their bodies. Many people did not like this, however, and rebelled against the military's power. The "rebellion" went on to last for 10 agonizing years, the amount of rebels are growing as they have learned how to hack into the database of the supersoldiers to turn them on their side. You are part of the "Gamma" squad sent in to clear out an area of "The City" of rebel power. They have been in control for too long. It's time to teach them cheating bastards a lesson. Give them your opinion on hacking your buddies! Also the soundtrack will be composed by Hans Zimmer, kthx.

And that's all I've gotten so far. See you guys around.
Megan "Joebama" Basissælåsen


why not use Max 2010? can import/export SMDs. so.

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