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jochenreinschluessel Nov 6 2013 replied:

Actually, that did the trick, thank you! Didn't see the options the first time.
Guess I was playing console games for too long, so I wasn't thinking about that.
Looking good so far! =)

+1 vote   game: Infection: Last Rites - DNA
jochenreinschluessel Nov 3 2013 says:

Freezes on loading screen after clicking "new game" (OSX 10.9)

+1 vote   game: Infection: Last Rites - DNA
jochenreinschluessel Nov 1 2013 replied:

Ok, thank you for clarification =)

+1 vote   game: Infection: Last Rites - DNA
jochenreinschluessel Nov 1 2013 says:

Looks nice!
What I don't clearly understand - will future Episodes come separately or will they be updates to this game?

+1 vote   game: Infection: Last Rites - DNA
jochenreinschluessel Oct 24 2013 replied:

I totally would if there was a option for paypal...
but i'm sure they can do it - i marked it to my favs for later purchase upon release (or similar)

+1 vote   game: Cornerstone : The song of Tyrim
jochenreinschluessel Oct 17 2013 says:

Allright, sad to hear, but at least you have still the balls to post here. So thank you for being so honest at least =)
An other project i bought (one week before release in june) didn't even manage to do even THAT. -.-'
Still, I saw potential in frozen nightmare already and would love to see, how you develop over time, so I'll send you a mail about a key. Maybe if that one goes better, I'll support you there some time, but currently I haven't the money for that.
Looking forward to this =)

+2 votes   news: Offering refund or Infinite Pixels key
jochenreinschluessel Oct 4 2013 replied:

Guess its just the launch here on desura

+1 vote   game: The Saga of Ryzom
jochenreinschluessel Sep 22 2013 says:

Since it's Unity, are there chances for a future Mac version?

+1 vote   game: MTBFreeride
jochenreinschluessel Aug 28 2013 says:

I am silently following your projects since a while before 3089 was announced.
Since the current update I want to try the demo later today.
If your process keeps goin' like this, I think you got me soon ;D

+2 votes   game: 3089
jochenreinschluessel Aug 16 2013 says:

Awesome Atmosphere!
The music keeps the player nice nervous and the voice acting is well done and clear understandable!
Also I am happy that it runs that well on my 2009 iMac with such awesome looks!

One thing that disturbed me so far is - that when such a flashback happens - the flare afterwards is put back to the inventory again :/ Would be also nice to have that one on a hotkey like f.
Other than that I like it absolutely so far!

+2 votes   game: Doorways: Chapter 1 & 2
jochenreinschluessel Aug 8 2013 says:

Love this game so much!
Just played through Chapter 2 and agree, its more challenging. But also the atmosphere isn't that deep, like in Chapter 1, I think. Missing more of the cute glowing Squiddies :D Nevertheless - I can't wait to see, how the story continues! =)

+3 votes   game: Luminesca
jochenreinschluessel Aug 6 2013 replied:

At least I will no longer support such early stages of development...
Some games in the last 2 months told me that lesson...

+1 vote   game: Diversitas
jochenreinschluessel Aug 2 2013 says:

Damn, bought 3 hours too early xD
Can't wait to get this. But due to timezones I guess I'll have to wait for tomorrow over here...

+2 votes   news: Patterns Weekend Sale - 75% OFF the Alpha Price!
jochenreinschluessel Jun 27 2013 says:

I can only recommond this game. I've already played this for so many hours on the iPad!
The art style is absolutely awesome and also the game mechanics are awsome.
Not to talk about the humor - it has plenty :D

+1 vote   game: Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition
jochenreinschluessel Jun 25 2013 says:

Well, I'm with you in that - more blood/gore is rarely bad ;P
Also more content sounds realy cool, too! =)

+1 vote   news: Extra! Extra! Read All About ... Decapitation?
jochenreinschluessel Jun 10 2013 says:

Wow, those Monsters look so cool!
Three more days *can't wait*

+3 votes   game: KonCraft
jochenreinschluessel Jun 2 2013 says:

This looks awesome!
And seriously - only 6,99€? - that's an instant buy^^
So two weeks to wait, we'll see... =)

+4 votes   game: KonCraft
jochenreinschluessel May 19 2013 replied:

What do you mean?
For playing? If so - there is none, it's Single Player

+1 vote   game: Dungeon Gate
jochenreinschluessel May 18 2013 replied:

I'm on a iMac, early 2009.

In the meantime, since restarting the game - it seems to "forget" what transformation-spells were put to the hotkeys. Also no big deal, but I think it's not meant to be like this...

+1 vote   game: Dungeon Gate
jochenreinschluessel May 18 2013 says:

Ok, finally I could download it and played a while now.
So far I am very satisfied - especially for this price!

But I also recognized some (mostly minor) issues:
Sprinting can only be toggled. Well, over time you get used to it, but i prefer to sprint only while holding the key and toggle it by caps-lock for example.
Another thing is, that I am missing a slider for x/y-sensitivity for mouse control.

And for the game itself I saw, that some houses are very poor lit/ have all black walls inside. But that may also be hardware-related if no-one else reports this...
The textures are sometimes very blurry, but I guess higher-resolution ones are not possible?

Well, over all I like it, and I will play much the coming days I think.
If some of the Issues could be fixed in an Update it would be even cooler ;D

+1 vote   game: Dungeon Gate
jochenreinschluessel May 14 2013 says:

Shut up and take my money xD
Availiable from 18th - and I have two weeks vacation from the 20th on - hellyeah!
No - seriously. I see a lot of potential here. Some parts of the world looked a bit empty in the video, but I'll definetly give it a try!
Would be cool to find some secret passages that can only cbe accessed a a little rat or a fish :)
We'll see

+1 vote   game: Dungeon Gate
jochenreinschluessel May 14 2013 says:

Very cool news!

+2 votes   news: Dev Update #15
jochenreinschluessel Apr 29 2013 replied:

Nope, different kind of gameplay/genre.
But seriously - that cheap - it's worth it^^
(also there is the demo ;) )

+2 votes   game: Dungeon Prospector
jochenreinschluessel Apr 25 2013 replied:

Yeah, it's hunger - thats part of must dungeon crawler games.
Actually it's not my most liked part but most time the bigger problem for me are the monsters anyway xD
But I don't think, it became faster....

+1 vote   game: Dungeon Prospector
jochenreinschluessel Apr 24 2013 says:

Well, now that the first Textures are availiable to be customized, I have played around a bit with them.
If anyone is interested, here are the results - feel free to try them out yourself.

They're currently 512x, working fine without framerate-drops.
Just create the Folder(s) C:\DungeonProspector\textures and put the files in there, that you want to be replaced.
@2048Terrabit: Where do the Files have to go on Mac? Just got it to work on my Win-Laptop...

+1 vote   game: Dungeon Prospector
jochenreinschluessel Apr 22 2013 says:

Thanks for clarification about the planetside thingy.
So it still keeps getting better and better! =)

Now the big question in everybodys mind: When can we test? xD

+3 votes   news: Space movement mechanics, the concept and Greenlight
jochenreinschluessel Mar 25 2013 says:

So - just to clarify if I got this right:
If I buy a key here, it is usable for the web-interface, windows and (forthcoming?) mac version.
Does this also apply to the android-version, or goes that one separate?
Or vise versa - can I purchase via android (more comfortable, because I can do this via mobile phone bill) and get the desktop versions, too? That would be awesome!

+1 vote   game: WazHack
jochenreinschluessel Mar 24 2013 replied:

I guess such things are not part of a alpha - more like beta later then... but yeah, you're right.

+3 votes   game: Diversitas
jochenreinschluessel Mar 23 2013 replied:

So we will completely jump over 0.4 and directly to 0.5 or does it just don't display the correct number at the moment?
Because in the news there is this article that 4.0 (which is 0.4 I guess) is uploaded from 2 weeks ago but the current version doesn't look much like in the 0.4 trailer.
I am getting a bit confused by all this :D

+2 votes   game: Diversitas
jochenreinschluessel Mar 14 2013 replied:

Naah, forget what I just said - the fix under Tutorials section did the trick^^

+2 votes   game: Diversitas
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