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jmancube Nov 22 2011, 4:44am says:

If I can pull myself away from Skyrim, I'll test this out.

+1 vote   media: 1.4 BETA, link in desc!
jmancube Aug 7 2011, 12:24am says:

Like the look of this, and I agreed with the changes to the various races. The way I reasoned the weakness to magicka for the Altmer was due to them having a higher sensitivity to it.

+1 vote   news: Mod Overview: What to expect while playing Rebirth 1.2
jmancube Jun 27 2011, 12:14pm says:

Hard to believe that all this stuff is a part of a Mount and Blade mod. Very impressive, can't wait for the next update.

+4 votes   media: New Stormtrooper Model
jmancube Jun 26 2011, 7:19pm says:

Wow, I'm impressed :) Nice Job

+2 votes   media: Yavin IV Arena
jmancube Jun 16 2011, 1:18am says:

Heh makes me think of stargate from the screenshot. Ooh, now I know what I am going to build on minecraft :)

jmancube Mar 8 2011, 11:39am says:

Really glad to see that this is making progress :) Can't wait till it's done.

+1 vote   news: DaggerXL Progress
jmancube Jan 22 2011, 1:19am says:

It definitely has some... rustic charm.

+1 vote   media: Fancy company sign
jmancube Dec 24 2010, 3:28pm says:

I was happy to see dwarf fortress up there, and I totally expected minecraft to win. Minecraft is pretty cool, congrats on winning. I was hoping for Dwarf Fortress (I know, longshot), but I am glad another cool indie game took the first.

+1 vote   feature: Players Choice - Indie of the Year
jmancube Dec 21 2010, 1:34am replied:

I did too, both the first time I saw the movie and the second time. You think I would of been used to it by then, but somehow Minecraft can scare me even if I expect it.

+1 vote   media: Scarecraft
jmancube Nov 14 2010, 3:57pm says:

Heh, I always use the Gordon Freeman skin. This will go perfectly with that skin :)

+2 votes   download: MattB1023's Crowbar for Sword Skin
jmancube Nov 9 2010, 3:39pm says:

Too bad tnt isn't incredibly easy to find. Actually maybe that is a good thing. If TNT was easy to find, the entirety of my world would be riddled with holes from tnt :)

+1 vote   media: TNT Mining is fun.
jmancube Nov 5 2010, 9:46am says:

I unfortunately don't have a great aptitude for texture design, but I can't wait to see all the great texture packs that result from this!

+1 vote   news: Webhallen Minecraft texture pack competition!
jmancube Nov 5 2010, 9:41am says:

No, you should build a pyramid around it so that it is like Stargate :) and the hellgate could be the Stargate (except of course instead of a wormhole, you just go to hell). Now I need to find a giant desert so that I can do this myself.

+1 vote   media: Quite a big desert...
jmancube Nov 4 2010, 12:52pm says:

Heh, you should make an executor class super star destroyer :) Just kidding. that would takes months of work. All kidding aside, this is rather impressive and I look forward to seeing the finished project. Great job so far!

+1 vote   media: 1 to 4,5 scale model of a Venator Republic Cruiser
jmancube Nov 3 2010, 9:50am says:

Wow, That is pretty awesome. The closest I have gotten to that was a little thing that went a dozen tiles or so after plunging off a cliff. But it pales in comparison to that one. I hope I can find something as nice as that in my world :)

+1 vote   media: Natural Waterfall
jmancube Sep 12 2010, 5:58pm replied:

As long as it doesn't have horrible grammar/spelling (I'm pretty sure the long wait was to avoid this), I don't see a problem with subtitles. It let's you make up how different people sound in your mind :)

+5 votes   download: Nehrim - At Fate's Edge English vers.
jmancube Sep 12 2010, 1:54pm says:

It sounds like it won't, but if you have mods in your Oblivion folder, will it affect the installation of Nehrim At fate's Edge?

+4 votes   download: Nehrim - At Fate's Edge English vers.
jmancube Sep 7 2010, 8:57am says:

Sounds good! I'm glad to hear that you are going to get some help with designing the game.

+1 vote   news: Hiring some people, getting an office, and all that!
jmancube Sep 4 2010, 1:16pm says:

Great work, I love SMAC, and I love this mod!

+1 vote   download: Planetfall v13
jmancube Aug 7 2010, 12:05am says:

Can't wait for it to come out! I always enjoy this mod, and I think I have almost spent more time playing your mod then native mount and blade. Keep up the good work.

+2 votes   media: Star Wars Conquest - V Teaser
jmancube Jun 14 2010, 7:45pm says:

I love earlier versions of this mod and can't wait to try the new version out. Downloading right now :)

+1 vote   news: MechWarrior: Living Legends Open Beta 0.3.0 Released
jmancube May 27 2010, 2:39pm says:

Looks great! I think it's a great idea what you are doing, reviving a classic so that it is more accessible for people! I can't wait till this is finished!

+1 vote   mod: DaggerXL
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