Need modelers/texturers/animators! Anyway, budding game dev.

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IW Engine

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Workable, but a bit outdated at this time.


Supreme Commander 2

Game review - 6 agree - 2 disagree

New players: don't even bother with vanilla version. Immediately download Revamp, and then play campaign to figure out how things work. You might even like the game, but torrent it first. If you like it buy it, if not, delete.

Coming from FA and SupCom1: don't even run the game until you've downloaded Revamp. Economy crashes are almost unavoidable if you play like you would in the original.

In case you didn't notice earlier, I'm really not advocating the vanilla version. The economy will crash, the units seem worse compared to the original supcom, and the gameplay, while similar, is also pretty terrible. Upgrade and tech system is awful. Don't buy unless you like RTS games.