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JLG81 Jul 28 2011, 9:04pm says:

nice the game really needed this i think some one made a map like this along time ago but this is pretty tight. are you going to add some ferns and other shrubs or grass?(maybe rip em from avp 3)

+1 vote     media: New Map: JungleXL
JLG81 Jul 27 2011, 1:08pm says:

it is very dificult to build a toilet that looks good and has good frame rates, espeacially for a public bathroon that has more than one toilet plus sinks and stuff it gets dificult to keep the frame rates low. I once spent two weeks designing a good toilet for aliens vs predator 2.

+1 vote     media: UberNerdGames
JLG81 Jul 25 2011, 3:44pm replied:

this is perhaps one of the most religeous games ever made its just negetive to God

-1 votes     mod: Doom 3 Non-satanic version
JLG81 Jul 25 2011, 3:30pm says:

awsome dude, nice to see this game improved, I highly suggest adding perpixel lighting to this engine, there was a mod called tenebrea for quake one, well they made tenebrea 2.0 its compatible with quake3 but needs some work you should really really check it out. it may be hard to find

+1 vote     media: Bone modifiers working
JLG81 Jul 23 2011, 1:02pm replied:

i actually know the story of the upside down cross and the origin of the penetgram, i also know the true meaning of the number 666. it doesnt mean these things dont represent the devil, come on get real.

+1 vote     mod: Doom 3 Non-satanic version
JLG81 Jul 23 2011, 1:00pm replied:

take soutpark for example, they make eric cartman seem like a bad guy that no one in southpark likes right? but what cartman actually is, is a front to cover up south parks extreamly racist jokes. the fact is south park is extreamly racist. well doom 3 with all its pentagrams 666 and upside down crosses is not being against the devil, if doom 3 was about being against the devil then for starters doom 3 would have a game icon that is a cross or star of david but instead the doom 3 has a pentagram. doom 3 is evil there is no denying that, it was designed to be evil, its sole theme was to emerse the player into a scary envirement that simulated hell this is what doom 3 is about, is doom 3 really that evil? no certainly not, not by a long shot, there are far many other games that have much worse content than pentagrams, like killing children, women, old people. doing sick things to people in games GTA series, call of duty modernwarfare two, there was an old game for sega cd called night stalker where you rape people to get points, the game was banned but still every one wanted to blame doom for societies problems they didnt seem to give a care about night stalker. im not here to complain about doom3 the fact is im a fan of doom 3 i just want to play the game with out certain content i.e. pentagrams and ect.

-1 votes     mod: Doom 3 Non-satanic version
JLG81 Jul 22 2011, 5:15pm replied:

are you going to put the pistols in with the new release instead of being addons?

+1 vote     mod: Aliens versus Predator Classic Redux
JLG81 Jul 22 2011, 5:13pm says:

i cant fn wait for the new release its gonna be awsome

+1 vote     mod: Aliens versus Predator Classic Redux
JLG81 Jul 22 2011, 5:53am says:

that was a cruel comment up in the description, lol

+2 votes     media: Crysis 2 SDK testing images!
JLG81 Jul 20 2011, 12:37pm says:

lookin bomb dude

+1 vote     media: The new gate texture
JLG81 Jul 17 2011, 7:10am says:

it doest look ingame to me either, at first glance i thought is this a update to renegade? I never noticed stencil shadows on vehicles and those textures are kinda high res and the muzzle flash on the tank looks way too good

+2 votes     media: In-game shot
JLG81 Jul 17 2011, 7:07am replied:

"cough" "cough"but that would violate the end user liscense agreement right

+2 votes     game: C&C: Renegade
JLG81 Jul 17 2011, 12:50am says:

tracking :)

+1 vote     mod: World in War: Winter Strike
JLG81 Jul 17 2011, 12:49am says:

very cool i like how you guys made the whole line up and explained the evolution of this tank very cool also impressive model it caught my eye and brought me here

+1 vote     article: Red Armored Fist
JLG81 Jul 14 2011, 2:25pm says:

nice game dude will track, im tired of find the switch games, lazy devs lol

+1 vote     article: First Station Models
JLG81 Jul 10 2011, 4:13pm says:

I feel ya on the health problems bro I have em too and death in the family and moving plus i have a crappy pc display now so my mods are on hold

+1 vote     mod: Life-Craft
JLG81 Jul 10 2011, 4:04pm says:

are you going to make the walkways damaged? looks very good btw

+1 vote     media: Blood Bath vs Blood Bath WIP
JLG81 Jul 7 2011, 4:03pm replied:

lol yeah i really believe in religion unity through individual thinking (every one as a whole thinking for them selves and helping each other not listing to others beliefs, cause they are usally corrupt) I must say that in my own religion I am 100% behind my God, but I dont need to make people believe in him he can do that on his own.

+2 votes     mod: Doom 3 Non-satanic version
JLG81 Jul 6 2011, 3:06pm replied:

I have to agree removing satanic content from the original Dooms would be pointless as it is too much a part of those games.

+2 votes     mod: Doom 3 Non-satanic version
JLG81 Jul 6 2011, 3:03pm replied:

Hi I,m glad you visited my site. I would like to take this chance to say I am not against satanic people. I don't believe in oppressing my religion on others, I don't like it when people do that to me. satanism just against my religion so I removed the content. I consider satanists as actaully a fellow christian who believes in God but is against him. I don,t think that I,m going to save you(I believe only God saves people not christians). But I am not here to fight with people either

-1 votes     mod: Doom 3 Non-satanic version
JLG81 Jul 6 2011, 2:56pm says:

I would Like to thank all the haters that make this mod rank near the top 1000 every day, when I thought this mod wasn't going to turn out to be any thing cool. I was just simply making it available to the public and people are getting excited! :)

0 votes     mod: Doom 3 Non-satanic version
JLG81 Jul 6 2011, 2:51pm replied:

I,m not removing monsters from the game(although the flying human infant monster is possibly one of the most over looked discrepencies of gaming history people complain about killing hookers in gta3 but babies? I,m not on board with mothers against violence I,m just saying). I am only removing satanic worshiping content I.E. : (666) PENTEGRAMS and UPSIDE DOWN CROSSES ONLY!!!Some people take this mod so personly its ridiculus.I,ve corrected posts on here like ten times lol.

-2 votes     mod: Doom 3 Non-satanic version
JLG81 Jul 3 2011, 4:34pm says:

thats awsome i think you should put it in the game

+1 vote     media: New Skeeter Launcher (work in progress)
JLG81 Jun 29 2011, 5:27am replied:

yes you can have marine buddies on skirmish i think there is even a mini mod called marine mini missions. look at previous posts of this site to see how to make maps with marine buddies. as far as the deployable turrets its not possible on this version of avp until source code is released.

+1 vote     mod: Aliens versus Predator Classic Redux
JLG81 Jun 28 2011, 6:56pm says:

yes much better, the pulse rifle model looks really good in that shot btw

+1 vote     media: Improved Vision Static (Before/After)
JLG81 Jun 28 2011, 6:44pm says:

these are my textures except for the floor and ceiling

+1 vote     media: old school avp2 map of mine
JLG81 Jun 27 2011, 9:25am says:

this is so awsome im totally waiting for this :D

+1 vote     mod: DEATHWING
JLG81 Jun 27 2011, 3:53am says:

found an old disk at my friends house with my long lost avp2 map i was working on with custom textures. I think i will finish the map and release it for avp2. this is also what my hadlys hope map may look like

+1 vote     mod: AvP Classic Improvement Project
JLG81 Jun 24 2011, 8:57pm says:

hell yeah this is the best mod ever

+1 vote     media: New Facehugger In-game (before/after)
JLG81 Jun 22 2011, 5:05pm says:

wow very profesional looking

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