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Old Good STALKER Evolution

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I had trouble deciding whether to give this mod a 7 or an 8, but decided on a 7 due to all the crashes I'm having in the second half of the game (all of them are either "error handler is invoked" or "C Stack overflow" so there's not much to pinpoint). However it sounds like the next version has been properly been debugged and when it's released I'm sure I'll change the score (and my review).

Despite the crashes and bugs I'd say this is my favorite SOC mod by far. I really like the variety added to quests and locations, only I wish you'd done more with the later locations in the game as I'm noticing there isn't much (or sometimes any) new content later in the game.

I'd reccomend this mod to anyone who wants to play a new variation on the game but can put up with some stability issues.

Oh, one issue I would like to mention: the game is a bit too hard. Values really need to be tweaked next release as the game is ridiculously hard at times. I fixed this myself by extracted the actor.ltx from your DB files and changing the immunities section, but I hope I can play the game without needing to do that next time.

I can't wait for the next release. If it's as good as it sounds I'll likely give it a 10 =)

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