My name is Jens and I'm living Denmark in a little city called Ullerslev. I'm a level designer/mapper for the source engine.

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New puzzle horror

JK4ever Blog

Hi guys

I have decided to work on puzzle horror maps again. The old map i was working on, had the concept "flee, find shelter, find a new way to escape". But i grew tired of that too. Now, with my long brake from puzzle horror, i have, as told, decided to work with that again.

I dont think im gonna get finished with the old map, i really dont see the point in completing the map so it's playable...

Resuming from a very old map of mine. I have also redesigned the house. I just need ideas for what there is going to happen, finishing the basement and the enviroment around the house.

Gas station puzzle

JK4ever Blog

(Argh... why wont anybody tell me what they think about my map so far? 2 month has past and nobody have told me their opinion. Please tell me so I know what people is thinking about my work)

Well, I have been taking a brake from this for a long time now...

Okay, I'm about to make a puzzle map, about a gas station.
I have growed tired of making puzzle horror maps for now, so this is gonna be a little different.
This is NOT about getting scared like in puzzle horror maps. It is more about surviving from the zombies, e.g by getting shelter and from there, find something to get away with.

Anyways, I have finished the map, except the puzzles in the map. I still need ideas for that, but else I'm satisfied with it. It's not that long, but i have got some ideas from my friend, Andreas, to expand it further.

Now I have finally found out how to end my maps, with the help of comedown!
He also taught me how to make props teleport so I can make puzzles that wasn't able to be made before!
I'm very greatfully for his help, he is really a great person.

I'm nearly 100% done with the gas station map (can always make more details), now I just have to add another map so it can end the story.

(My very first published map)

Finally got some pictures on.
please, tell me what you think :)

Puzzle horror map

JK4ever Blog

I'm about to make a new puzzle horror map with some ideas from my good friend, Andreas. We hope it's gonna be huge. I have only made the house and nothing more, but we have many good ideas to what's gonna happen in the map. We are not sure if the map starts inside the house or outside the house, but we have some ideas for both places.

This is set on pause, because I have grown tired in making horror puzzle maps, but someday I'm gonna return to it.


JK4ever Blog

At the moment I have been working with mapping in less then a month. i have made 2 maps, the first one is a puzzle horror and the other one is a tactical shooter. Both are pretty short, but I'm still pretty proud of them.

I'm trying to be good at mapping so i can help with other mods and so on.
And so i can make whatever map I want for Garry's mod as an example.

But everything to it's time, right now I still don't have any solutions about how to end my maps. Right now i have a killbox to end them for me, and thats makes some problems when someone looking forward to completing the levels, and not die in the end. :P

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