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_Jinz_ Feb 26 2015, 5:36pm says:


+1 vote   media: XQ Resupply Station
_Jinz_ Feb 25 2015, 8:12am says:

... ... ... ...

+3 votes   media: Concept
_Jinz_ Feb 22 2015, 7:42am replied:

This ******* guy, right here.

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy
_Jinz_ Jan 22 2015, 2:12pm says:

But who are they?!

+3 votes   media: Unusual Sightings
_Jinz_ Jan 20 2015, 7:38pm replied: +2 votes   mod: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy
_Jinz_ Jan 15 2015, 2:18pm says:

Feuering. For. Effekt.

+7 votes   media: EU Arbalest MLRS
_Jinz_ Jan 14 2015, 12:31pm replied:

Can this comment section get any stranger?

+8 votes   mod: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy
_Jinz_ Jan 11 2015, 9:17am says:

Good luck man, hope to see more of this (sorry for not replying recently, was really busy).

+2 votes   game: Naval Games
_Jinz_ Jan 8 2015, 10:03am replied:

The Sovereign-class is basically an Eclipse, not sure why you're disappointed. Just rename whatever random name you're given with the Sovereign-class to "Eclipse".

0 votes   mod: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy
_Jinz_ Dec 31 2014, 4:38am says:

Waaay too much visual information to absorb. Tone down the opacity of the images so we can actually see the icons and text.

+1 vote   media: One of the Force selection screen versions
_Jinz_ Dec 29 2014, 9:20am says:

Please, stop.

+19 votes   member: wheelmandan
_Jinz_ Dec 27 2014, 8:42am replied:

I agree with the above if it hasn't been fixed already; altfire should be included with the NPC's (e.g. Jan).

One thing I've also noticed from playing the game with this mod again is the NPC voice overs; while playing Outcast, the Academy trooper voices just feel out of place (e.g. "Get the jedi!" when you haven't got your lightsaber yet). There should be a few additional NPCs which are mission-specific (e.g. NPCs "stormtrooper" and "stormtrooper2" should belong to JA, two new stormtroopers ("stormtrooper3" and "stormtrooper4") should be specific for Outcast etc).

Besides that, I'm really enjoying the mod, very good work.

+1 vote   mod: Jedi Outcast - Academy
_Jinz_ Dec 27 2014, 8:39am says:

Very nice work, now I can play Outcast with the improvements made in Jedi Academy's engine (lacking the inventory of course, unfortunately... but I don't think that's able to be changed. It's really silly how Raven got rid of that in Academy).

+1 vote   article: JOA v3
_Jinz_ Dec 26 2014, 4:07pm says:


+1 vote   mod: Jedi Outcast - Academy
_Jinz_ Dec 7 2014, 2:41pm replied:

(Directed at "wheelmandan") Are you actually for real or just messing with us?

+2 votes   mod: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy
_Jinz_ Nov 23 2014, 1:12pm replied:

Coming soon, to a cinema near you.

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy
_Jinz_ Nov 23 2014, 1:09pm says:

Work on New Republic narrative trailer has begun.

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy
_Jinz_ Oct 20 2014, 5:16pm says:

Be warned; the Zann Consortium corruptions missions will not work, hence you cannot corrupt new worlds. This really needs to be fixed.

+1 vote   mod: Ultimate Galactic Conquest v.1
_Jinz_ Oct 19 2014, 10:50am replied:

Loading screens; it's made in Adobe After Effects and is not ingame.

+1 vote   article: Trailer #1: The Imperial Remnant
_Jinz_ Oct 15 2014, 12:33pm replied:

Yeah, I'm pretty proud of it. It took roughly a week to do, on and off. At first I had no idea how to fit ingame footage around what the narrator was saying; how do I portray the line "but since the Emperor's murder at Endor..." in a way the viewer will understand visually as well? There is no Death Star II in the game, there is no Endor with a moon, and the team were definitely not going to model things just for a trailer since there is a lot of other work to done.

So, I decided to just do an animation of the most accurate territorial map possible of the Star Wars galaxy (thanks to our awesome lore-researchers, who gave me brief outlines of how the borders should look like on each year), which zooms in on Endor and shows the territorial boundaries of the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Endor, and then the subsequent years of progress the Rebel Alliance/New Republic make after it.

The map can also be used for future videos and for the ingame loading screens, which will randomly show different lore-related events marked on it (from what I remember Corey suggested months ago).

+5 votes   media: Trailer: Imperial Remnant
_Jinz_ Oct 15 2014, 6:15am replied:

Prepare for lots of R'public ('Merica) in the next trailer.

+7 votes   media: Trailer: Imperial Remnant
_Jinz_ Oct 15 2014, 6:14am says:

Trailer is now up:


+5 votes   mod: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy
_Jinz_ Oct 15 2014, 5:52am replied:

Already working on it.

+2 votes   media: Trailer: Imperial Remnant
_Jinz_ Sep 15 2014, 6:40pm says:

I am so going to try and form this first chance I get. A united Europe is a stronger Europe.

+1 vote   media: The European Dream (?)
_Jinz_ Sep 14 2014, 5:33pm says:

This version of the Titan I bet they'll attempt to replace the old Titan with in BF2143 (and I bet that'll be re-titled "Battlefield 5" as well to avoid confusion, at least EA will likely pressure DICE if they don't like the idea).

The older version of the Titan didn't allow fixed-wing aircraft, this one does. With the introduction of jets into BF3 and everyone going "wowwww, coooool, jet fiiighterrrs", they'll likely keep them (but all futuristic, obviously) otherwise it'll be seen as going a step backwards. This Titan design allows fixed-wing aircraft to be able to take off unlike the last one.

The older Titan may appear in the sequel (maybe in the background, on specific maps or in the singleplayer campaign), but this will be the new, important one.

+4 votes   media: Titan Prototype
_Jinz_ Sep 13 2014, 4:20pm replied:

Okay, so, I wanted it released this week, but I needed to do some more work on it. It'll definitely be released the next week, for sure.

+1 vote   media: Trailer Teaser
_Jinz_ Sep 10 2014, 6:40am replied:

You can even see, on the top right of those schematics, the old 3D model of the Bogatyr as an image. That's probably what they're attempting to work towards, but the skeleton mech they've produced looks a lot like the L5 Riesig.

Also, did anyone else spot the Pan Asian Coalition logo on the wall, next to the mechs, on the wall below the words "ASSEMBLE HALL"? There's also some text on that logo, but I can't read it.

+2 votes   media: Final Stand Reveal
_Jinz_ Sep 10 2014, 6:37am replied:

Hover tanks, like the early PAC Nekomata tanks from Battlefield 2142.

+1 vote   media: Final Stand
_Jinz_ Sep 4 2014, 6:58pm replied:

At this rate I'm working on it, yes.

+3 votes   media: Trailer Teaser
_Jinz_ Sep 4 2014, 4:39pm replied:

You better be, I put a lot of work into this damn thing.

Just kidding, hope you enjoy it when you see it some time this/next week.

+7 votes   media: Trailer Teaser
_Jinz_ May 19 2014, 7:31am says:

Zimmerman? Like the murderer?

+2 votes   member: Shaza
_Jinz_ Nov 12 2013, 3:56am says:

Amazing stuff for JA, can't wait to see it.

+2 votes   media: Start of JKG Skeleton
_Jinz_ Oct 5 2013, 3:09pm says:

This looks like a pretty good looking Kyle! Hope you can find a voice actor to sound like the origin with a top quality microphone to fit it.

+1 vote   media: Kyle Katarn v.2
_Jinz_ Oct 20 2012, 3:28pm says:

Holy ****.

+5 votes   media: CNC2142 - Sidi Power Plant finished!
_Jinz_ Sep 20 2012, 9:43am says:

HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who also didn't think that the new HECU voices were that good compared to the older ones.

One request; could you also make a mod which replaces all the music in Black Mesa with the music from the original Half-Life as well? I mean, the new soundtrack at certain points are awesome (e.g. "Blast Pit 3", "Questionable Ethics 1", "Intro (Mesa Mix)" and some others) but I would like to experience it with the original music at least once to get that nostalgic feel.

+1 vote   download: BlackMesa Hecu voices
_Jinz_ Sep 17 2012, 6:07pm replied:

It is the same silo from the beta, only this time it's fully animated and will have some minor additions to it to make it fit on sloped terrain when it's done.

+2 votes   media: BLOC-4 (WIP) - Animation Test #1
_Jinz_ Jun 8 2012, 7:37am says:

Could you possibly upload those images to the mod section? When I try to enlarge them it links to a private group which I can't view.

+1 vote   article: State of the Mod
_Jinz_ Dec 19 2011, 7:07pm says:

It has to be from the campaign, the minimap doesn't show up. During the SinglePlayer campaign, it would just show the compass and not the minimap itself.

+1 vote   media: new BF3 map :)
_Jinz_ Nov 27 2011, 7:20am says:


E.V.A: Nope.

+4 votes   article: INCOMING TRANSMISSION
_Jinz_ Nov 25 2011, 9:48am says:

Very impressed with how you guys managed to re-create Cerbere Landing.

Will this map allow you to build bases like in the vanilla C&C 3, or will it be some sort of "you only have one building for recruiting units, micro-manage your units to full effectiveness" kind of gamemode like in CoH/DoW II/WiC/EaW?

+2 votes   media: CNC2142 - Cerbere Landing!
_Jinz_ Nov 25 2011, 9:45am says:

One question, you see those stairs on the side of the wall?

Will it be possible to make those accessible for the infantry like they were in vanilla 2142? It would be annoying if you had to, if you ordered your infantry to go up the hill, that they would take the more "revealing" route which is the main road.

+2 votes   media: CNC2142 - Cerbere Landing!
_Jinz_ Oct 15 2011, 6:56pm says:

It's good to have another unique Battlefield 2142 mod being made, the game needs more mods like this.

Good luck with RED ZONE mate :)

+5 votes   mod: RED ZONE
_Jinz_ Sep 29 2011, 2:09pm says:

We allowed to post beta videos here? I can put up one on my account or something with ventrilo talking in the background and ****, teamplay stuff.

+1 vote   media: BF3 open beta !
_Jinz_ Sep 12 2011, 6:09am replied:

The renders are just perfect, thanks for making these for us mate!

+2 votes   media: NAC Mobile AA Tank - MK-23 "Watchman" - WIP
_Jinz_ Sep 12 2011, 6:06am says:

Hmm, not sure if want. We need to talk about this. I'd prefer a more... "unique" ejecting style which makes sense. I mean, there isn't a pod launcher on the jet cockpit, yet the pilot immediatly gets into a pod.

+1 vote   media: Jet + Gunship - Ejection Seat Test - WIP
_Jinz_ Aug 17 2011, 9:03am says:

Funny how Noken makes some Battlefield machinimas and he is suddenly hired by DICE to make every single trailer. Not a bad thing (don't get me wrong), all these trailers (and the BFBC2/Free-To-Play ones) are very well-made and I think DICE made a great decision.

+2 votes   media: Gamescom 2011: Caspian Border
_Jinz_ Aug 14 2011, 8:29am replied:

And China...

+3 votes   media: Battlefield 3 SPECACT
_Jinz_ Aug 13 2011, 1:58pm replied:

I have to agree with crusader148 and PrivateChuckles here, it would be good if you could find a way to make the Rokh ship fit more of a "Guass turret", "Sniper" cap-ship role which is unique to the Caldari faction in this mod, the Raven cap-ship can fit the role of a heavy missile ship instead or something.

+2 votes   media: Trailer 1
_Jinz_ Jul 24 2011, 6:55am replied:

Digital's fine, stop the hate man. The guy who did the texture for this helicopter is probably hurt from your comments.

+1 vote   media: CHP2011
_Jinz_ Jul 17 2011, 5:12pm replied:

I don't think we'll give it rocket pods. I mean, it's already got a bloody railgun and machine gun turret.

+2 votes   media: M133 A7 Heavy Assault Transport
_Jinz_ Jul 14 2011, 6:42pm says:

Reminds me of Camp Gibraltar.

+1 vote   media: Operation Metro
_Jinz_ Jul 13 2011, 7:49pm replied:

1. Cerberus colours (Black, White, Orange/Yellow).
2. Resemblance to the default assault rifle.

+1 vote   media: Human Revolution Mod: PEPS Weapon
_Jinz_ Jul 11 2011, 4:43pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Dev screenshot July 11th 2011
_Jinz_ Jul 9 2011, 12:14pm replied:

******* **** up for the non-American team?

+1 vote   media: Battlefield 3
_Jinz_ Jun 26 2011, 3:00pm replied:

Now this excites me.

+1 vote   media: First Online Playtest Scenes
_Jinz_ Jun 26 2011, 1:21pm says:

They got up there the Mirror's Edge way.

+2 votes   media: First Online Playtest Scenes
_Jinz_ Jun 16 2011, 8:24am says:

"QUICK, RUN AWAY FROM THE ORANGE SMOKE!" - A PC Gamer caption used in the Battlefield 2142 article years ago.

+2 votes   media: In-game
_Jinz_ May 25 2011, 6:42pm says:

Whenever I see images/other media from this game, I always think of EVA from Tiberian Sun saying the following:

EVA: Building... On hold... Cancelled.

Know what I mean, right?

+4 votes   media: Tiberium
_Jinz_ May 25 2011, 6:39pm says:

Reminded me a lot of that War of the Worlds concept art.

+2 votes   media: Orca
_Jinz_ May 25 2011, 6:31pm says:

Sweet zombie jesus!

+1 vote   media: ORCA Bomber
_Jinz_ May 20 2011, 1:56pm says:

I hope you're fighting an enemy faction which aren't full of amateurs.

+5 votes   media: ARMA 3 Announcement screens
_Jinz_ May 1 2011, 1:24pm says:

I keep thinking,

Combine, combine, combine...

+1 vote   media: Signal Promo Art #1
_Jinz_ Apr 16 2011, 5:38am says:


+4 votes   media: Pre-release screens
_Jinz_ Apr 10 2011, 10:58am says:

Finally! Been waiting for a while for a BtS version. I'll also get my dad to voice the rest of those research tech quotes.

+3 votes   mod: Realism Invictus
_Jinz_ Apr 7 2011, 12:29pm replied:

Oh god, you're right! I didn't even realise. I must love blue visors on sci-fi helmets or something.

+2 votes   media: NAC Soldier - Concept Art - Front
_Jinz_ Apr 7 2011, 10:18am replied:

They are? Do you know PLEXI's XFire/MSN/Steam/whatever so I can contact him?

+2 votes   media: NAC Soldier concept
_Jinz_ Apr 4 2011, 3:26pm replied:

Dtneter is going to PM/add you on MSN.

+2 votes   article: Major Update - 03/04/11
_Jinz_ Apr 2 2011, 2:31pm says:

Too harsh, I don't think anyone can bear listening to that crappy song that woman is singing near the end of the video...

0 votes   media: Believe
_Jinz_ Apr 1 2011, 6:13pm says:

*looks at your avatar and remembers an old, yet awesome video, and smiles...*


*Great music, shows munitions assembly line*





Earth 2150 was a classic, a shame that not many people know it.

+2 votes   member: Isimiel
_Jinz_ Apr 1 2011, 5:54pm says:

I don't think it's an April Fools joke... oh boy does this confuse me. Are they adding in ANOTHER alien faction? Democrazy (Blue) VS Communism (Red) VS Facism (Green) VS Pious Aliens (Pink-


DERP DERP... Bloody Halo series.

+5 votes   media: Breach of Covenant
_Jinz_ Mar 30 2011, 5:02am says:


"An Imperial Dreadnaught! I'm gonna get us outta here!"


(That is an Imperial Dreadnaught, right?)

+2 votes   media: First Strike Campaign Video
_Jinz_ Jan 22 2011, 2:35pm replied:


+1 vote   article: Tom Clancy's EndWar Soundtrack - JSF Theme
_Jinz_ Jan 20 2011, 4:24pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Special Project - FLINT
_Jinz_ Dec 27 2010, 9:05am says:

The animations are so goddamn beautiful, all hail 7game: The Animation Master!

+3 votes   media: NAC Assault Rifle
_Jinz_ Dec 13 2010, 5:40am says:

Why not both? Videos and images?

+3 votes   media: Barrett M82A1
_Jinz_ Oct 9 2010, 1:30pm replied:

Hey mang, many other countries also had free healthcare/education, so the Soviet Union isn't really famous for that crap.

Other countries who also had free health care/education: Britain, France etc.

+2 votes   media: Update on nuclear weapons and more...
_Jinz_ Oct 4 2010, 2:11pm replied:

The 1.51 patch will make the game run without a CD and will also bring the game to Steam... so there you go, lol.

(Did you play the 1.51 weekend public beta a couple of weeks ago?)

+2 votes   article: Update - 03/10/10
_Jinz_ Sep 19 2010, 5:28am says:

Apartments? (I think I see beds and random rooms linked between them)

+1 vote   media: POTW - September 19th 2010
_Jinz_ Sep 15 2010, 11:21am replied:

I think that's impossible to do with Sins.

+1 vote   article: Balance of Fate
_Jinz_ Aug 30 2010, 7:10am says:


+1 vote   media: Caldari Research Menu (WIP)
_Jinz_ Aug 10 2010, 9:39am says:

Oh and one more thing. Gotham City? HOLY SMOKES BATMAN!


+3 votes   article: The Universe Behind The Mod
_Jinz_ Jul 10 2010, 7:02am says:

I think its perfect too, it doesn't need anymore changing.

+2 votes   media: Cloud City - Carbon Chamber
_Jinz_ Jun 7 2010, 5:11pm says:

Err...WAAAH?! Wtf is the TCS Midway doing here?

+1 vote   media: shadow
_Jinz_ May 26 2010, 6:12am replied:

Wasn't that from the squad leader sound files but never used?

EDIT: I actually, once, heard a squad leader say that in the game, HOW THE F did that person manage to make his character say that?

+2 votes   media: CNC2142 march madness - mega update 1!!
_Jinz_ May 24 2010, 4:19am says:

Goddamn, these are brilliant.

Actually, my compliments are not worthy enough to praise this.

+3 votes   article: Developer Diary #24
_Jinz_ May 9 2010, 5:50am says:

Why was this gun not good enough to replace the M16/M4?

+1 vote   media: XM8
_Jinz_ May 9 2010, 5:48am replied:

******* MW2 retards.

+5 votes   media: ST Kinetics CPW
_Jinz_ Apr 25 2010, 11:59am replied:

This was a bit of concept art made for 2142, I know because I've got all of them.

+1 vote   media: Base in africa
_Jinz_ Apr 25 2010, 10:31am replied:

o.O Of COURSE its from 2142.

+1 vote   media: Base in africa
_Jinz_ Apr 22 2010, 1:55pm replied:

"All right everyone, we've got enemy forces."

+1 vote   media: CNC2142 march madness - mega update 1!!
_Jinz_ Apr 22 2010, 1:54pm replied:

Thanks for sending it man.

+1 vote   media: CNC2142 march madness - mega update 1!!
_Jinz_ Apr 10 2010, 2:35pm says:

How do they talk? Grunt sounds?

"Urr, URR!!"

Thats messed up.

+3 votes   media: AK-47 With IPOD With LoL Wut ?
_Jinz_ Apr 8 2010, 4:26pm replied:

"Man down! Man down!"

+1 vote   media: CNC2142 march madness - mega update 1!!
_Jinz_ Apr 3 2010, 8:05am replied:

Exactly, they should have a Warrior IFV or a Challenger II if you want some British tank police.

+1 vote   media: British police
_Jinz_ Mar 28 2010, 4:57pm says:

Ha no problem, they look better now.

Also, I don't know why, but the map you chose to use here for the screenshot reminds me of Belgrade...

EDIT: Oh wait, I know why, its the parking lots + roads going off into those two buildings on the left. It also looks kinda grey.

+2 votes   media: CNC2142 march madness - mega update 1!!
_Jinz_ Mar 28 2010, 3:58pm says:

Oh, one thing, could you send me the background as a png/jpg file? (The background behind the movie on the main menu)

I want to see if I can create one in a 2142 themed way.

+1 vote   media: CNC2142 march madness - mega update 1!!
_Jinz_ Mar 14 2010, 7:10am says:

Hmm...I don't know.

+1 vote   media: Predators - Sneak Peek
_Jinz_ Feb 28 2010, 12:15pm says:

Human: YEAH...I'm coo', I know how to handle these "SITUATIONS"!

+2 votes   media: AvP 3...
_Jinz_ Feb 28 2010, 5:11am says:

Thats crazy.

+1 vote   media: An ACTUAL Maus Tank.
_Jinz_ Feb 11 2010, 10:59am says:

Its one of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation soldiers! Nice.

+1 vote   media: AvP3...
_Jinz_ Feb 10 2010, 11:22am says:

Pilot: I could REALLY use a BATHROOM break right about now...

(World in Conflict quote)

+3 votes   media: EU vehicles - team color schematics update
_Jinz_ Feb 7 2010, 7:06am says:

Atleast these developers are admitting that they don't have enough time and resources and I respect them for that.

+2 votes   media: The Gadget Show: Aliens vs Predator interview
_Jinz_ Feb 6 2010, 6:05am says:

There were 4 things which I thought needed changing in the demo:

1. Ability to crouch - Face it, most FPS games have this, to not have this just feels strange. You could use it to climb through air ducts as a marine, to hide behind objects either waiting to ambush somebody (another marine in deathmatch?) or avoid fire and to steady aim for long distance kills.

2. Gore - There was a little bit of gore, but not a lot. It would be cool if your grenade launchers could blow up aliens, predators or marines or your bullets left bullet holes in the enemy or if your claws left scars on the enemy.

3. Corpses - They just sink into the ground after 3 seconds? What the heck?

4. Stiff controls - If I tell my character to attack/transition/whatever, it takes the character 1 second to do this when I expect it to do it straight away. Maybe this was because of my internet connection, but I'm not sure. Does anybody else get this?

+2 votes   article: Alien vs Predator PC demo a console port?
_Jinz_ Feb 5 2010, 10:49am says:

Looks like a BANEBLADE with a shorter cannon.

+1 vote   media: Superheavy tank
_Jinz_ Jan 4 2010, 4:09pm replied:

I think they came with the game...LOL

+1 vote   media: A7V
_Jinz_ Jan 4 2010, 4:07pm replied:

I have to agree, volcol's MP18 looks by far better than the MP18 in this picture. You should use volcol.

+1 vote   media: MP18 Wip
_Jinz_ Jan 4 2010, 3:47pm says:


+3 votes   media: Tallarn Concept Drawing
_Jinz_ Nov 15 2009, 5:54am says:

Very nice!

I'm sure this idea can't be used but, do you think you could make all the weapons like this have the secondary firing mode as the mode to aim down the sight? (like the sniper weapon)

+1 vote   media: Assault Rifle - WIP Render
_Jinz_ Oct 18 2009, 12:22pm says:

Yes, it looks too much like an orca.

+1 vote   media: EDA VFX 31 "Shadow Hawk"
_Jinz_ Jun 3 2009, 2:09pm says:

This actually looks better than the Project Reality Apache! Very nice job mate!

+1 vote   media: AH-64 Apache LongBow Re-Skin
_Jinz_ May 24 2009, 9:25am says:

I think you should just stick with Haps' Stormtrooper, no need to make a new one.

+1 vote   media: Stormtrooper Model by Shadow (WIP)
_Jinz_ May 22 2009, 10:27am says:

So...how the hell do you destroy them? I KNOW that the air speeder destroys them using a TOW cable in the Star Wars universe, but is that even possible using Battlefield's engine?

+1 vote   media: Battle of Hoth
_Jinz_ May 22 2009, 10:26am says:

Well, this picture isn't ingame. I'm sure that the walker in the actual game won't have legs this straight.

+2 votes   media: Battle of Hoth
_Jinz_ May 22 2009, 10:24am says:

Damn, AND the Imperial Repeater!

+2 votes   media: First Strike Teaser
_Jinz_ May 20 2009, 7:30pm says:

Quite an obvious secret, you should have kept it away from the public lol.

+2 votes   media: Secret Map by TheExile (WIP)
_Jinz_ May 20 2009, 9:54am says:

VERY NICE! I really HATED the Vanilla icons on the mini-map and you have now made my battles a lot easier to manage.


+1 vote   mod: PipMod
_Jinz_ May 9 2009, 2:45pm says:

What the ****? You can't go around stealing people's stuff, even if it is based on a real life tank.

Just get a picture of the tank you want and re-create it yourself. Don't be so lazy.

+1 vote   media: prototypes
_Jinz_ Apr 3 2009, 6:18pm says:

That is ******* absolutely fantastic!

Its EXACTLY like Mysteries of the Sith!

Top marks for you my friend!

0 votes   media: Menu Preview
_Jinz_ Mar 5 2009, 2:27pm says:

This game is fantastic, it deserves more press.

+1 vote   game: Tom Clancy's EndWar
_Jinz_ Dec 27 2008, 4:11pm says:

I take back what I said.

+2 votes   member: Jackseno
_Jinz_ Nov 23 2008, 11:54am says:

Ah that explains it. Thanks.

+1 vote   media: Extreme Realism mod patch 1.7 bot flight
_Jinz_ Nov 23 2008, 7:14am says:

What the hell? The NOD stealth sound?

+1 vote   media: Extreme Realism mod 1.8 beta titan defence
_Jinz_ Sep 21 2008, 9:14am says:

Hey Jackseno, am I allowed to put up one of these little info images for the AMV-Groundhog? If you want to put it up yourself, its on your profile comments section.

Nice Mitchell Rocket Launcher btw! At first I didn't think that the 2142 mod for Generals would work but you changed my mind about 2 months ago. Keep it up :)

+1 vote   media: Mitchell AV-18 Anti-Vehicle Rocket Launcher
_Jinz_ Sep 18 2008, 11:48am says:

I like the new HUD icons and the Groundhog in action!

But yes, he obviously isn't going to use the blue smoke for the Talon.

+1 vote   media: Helipad
_Jinz_ Jun 14 2008, 4:24am says:

1. Ah that makes perfect sense because in the game any side can take them.

2. Nice.

+1 vote   media: More Unit Renders
_Jinz_ May 27 2008, 6:21pm says:

Forget the C&C 3 idea.

0 votes   media: Unit Renders
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