Just a gamer looking for some games off the more well beaten path. Thomas Was Alone is one of my favourite games of the year which I bought on Desura before it reached the heady heights of Steam, so I figure Desura might be a good place to start exploring. I'm mostly a Web guy, however, I've been toying with the idea of picking up Unity for a while. Maybe some of the games/people on here will finally give me the inspirational kick in the pants to get me going.

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Marvin's Mittens

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As a Christmas game it's delightful. It's a platformer but with no way to take damage and a very forgiving set of platforms it's extremely accessible. That's certainly a boon because the graphics and sound are perfect for a "family" game and those of us who still like a little storybook wonder from time to time. It's a very bookish art style and the scenery has a great hand drawn style. Combined with the original music score I couldn't help being reminded of watching "The Snowman" when I was still a kid.

If you take the time to explore there's around 5-6 or so hours of content, however, if you're buying this for someone who isn't necessarily a frequent gamer it'll obviously take a bit longer. Considering the quality of the game and the asking price I feel pleased with my purchase. This is of course assuming you never play again, but I'm pretty sure I'll be digging this up again for next year.

I'd say this a 9/10 at Christmas and an 8/10 for the rest of the year. The game itself is certainly solid but to get the most from it you'll want to play it whilst feeling a bit festive.



Game review

It's part point and click game, part interactive storybook. The sounds and graphics work really well to give the Botanicula universe a unique feel and it's a nice relaxing game to play in short sessions at a time. The actual game length isn't too great at around 4 -5 hours, but it's high quality and full of nice little details.

To sum up my experience I'd call it a pleasant storybook adventure.


Little Weebo

Game review - 2 agree

It does what it says on the tin, so to speak. It's a fairly simple puzzle platformer with perfectly acceptable graphics sound etc. There's not too much animation, but it actually fits in alright with the art style.

The level starts with a pre-level screen that allows you to rearrange the order of your cannons and ropes This is pretty much the puzzle element and you'll need to order them correctly to complete the level efficiently, or some times complete it at all. To complete many of the puzzles, even with the easiest possible item order, you'll need to have good timing. This is especially true when using the rope which I found difficult to accurately judge. When feasible I used cannons rather than ropes, simply because I could control/judge them easier. There's no control over actual character movement, so timing your cannon/ropes is the only thing you have to worry about in terms of game play.

The game is quite short currently, I think it took me around an hour to get through all the levels, but if you really wanted you could sink some additional time into improving your level ratings. Three star ratings are perhaps a little too harsh with their time requirements but 2 stars on all levels is very achievable. The game length may change in the future as the developer seems to be implying they'll add more levels if people are interested.

It's a solid game overall, and considering it's price (or lack thereof) you could certainly kill some time with this game.



Engine review


Game review

It's a free platformer. Quality is decent, the pill mechanic gives it some personality and a puzzle element. Worth a try if you like puzzle platforming.



Game review

It's a quirky platformer with a fairly simplistic graphics style. I must admit, I do enjoy this sort of strange humour. 43983498 people already said this but gameplay is very much in the vein of VVVVV, but probably somewhat easier for the most part. It's fairly short, I beat it in one sitting in just over an hour, but it was fun, and once I've forgotten most of it I'll almost certainly replay it again.

It's fun, solid, and fairly reasonably priced. If it were a little bit more fleshed out it would have been an 8. I'd like to see LaserCat make an epic return in the future.


Dead Pixels

Game review

- First play through is super fun, and later playthroughs are still fun
- Great value for money
- Overall it's well polished

- Can be a bit repetitive in all aspects
- I would have liked to see a little more depth in the "valuable" item use

For anyone who enjoys this sort of game, I'm confident you will get your moneys worth from it. I've probably played around 8 hours so far and can see it being a fun game to revisit every few months. For a much more indepth review I wrote try here Desura.com


The Ancient Mark - Episode 1

Game review - 1 disagree

- Good atmosphere
- Free
- Interesting Art style
- Nice background sound

- Inventory is clunky. For instance to select something you have to click the actual item rather than the inventory slot it's inside.
- Old school in that it's hard to tell where you can go and what you're meant to do. Could use a little more direction.
- Writing is slightly lacking
- General interaction is clunky and unpolished, mostly due to finicky hit boxes.

It's free so really there's not much to lose, but there's certainly better alternatives out there. I'm not sure if this is still being actively maintained, but if it is then it's a solid foundation from which to improve.


1916 - Der Unbekannte Krieg

Game review

Not so much a game as a survival horror experience. To me it felt like the gameplay was simply a tool you use to experience the..I'm not sure what to call this, I'm reluctant to say art. The experience however was gripping and I'm glad I gave this a go.

At the end of the day it's free, so you've not got much to lose from trying it out. It can be a short experience but the ambient sounds and monochromatic film grain visuals come together really well.


Black Mesa

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Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of the half-life games personally, but I put a few hours into this just out of curiosity and what they've done here is extremely impressive. I wish I'd been a bigger Half Life fan just so I could have enjoyed this game more. I will, however, be trying to find a good Let's Play of it at some point so someone much more into the game can point out all the cool Easter eggs and such for me.

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