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looking forward to seeing more'.

Good karma+1 vote @ Battle Camera WIP

looks cool, although the sudden slide back of one of them was a little unusual.. was kinda hard to to see what was happening ;P

anyway, this looks amazing i wish i could do things like this..well done.'

Good karma+2 votes @ Screenshot 2 [Inventory]

i have just been looking at all the work you have done with this so far.. its incredible.. well done and good luck, if you pull this off(if you complete it in some way/shape/form) its will be amazing and i look forward to giving it a go.

Good karma+1 vote @ Coruscant reskin

looks really nice.. i hope your still working on this.. i always wanted to see the super battledroid re-done/remodeled and skinned like the clone wars one.. ;P

Good karma+1 vote @ May the 4th be with you!

that really does look like the old battlefront we love ;p i still am hopeful for battlefront but this looks like its going to be more to the battlefront style than even battlefront 2015 is trying to get..

looks really amazing, great work and as always i cant wait to see more :D

Good karma+4 votes @ Carbon Freezing Chamber 1


Good karma+2 votes @ March Update - Spring has come and it brings progress!

Sounds great and looks good.

the best i can do with any art-ish thing is vectors in photo-shop.. (you know.. make drawings look cartoon ready.. ) if you have any ideas for that specific skill i am willing to help ;p

Good karma+1 vote @ HUD concept v1

yerh this one does look pretty epic'

Good karma+1 vote @ Cloud City - main hallway

logged out again..
so not sure how delete that comment now im logged back in ;p
anyway :O so Clean.. and perfect'

Good karma+1 vote @ October progress

Looking good'
i forget this is mod db with all the fancy colouring and formating so i forget i can log in ;p

Good karma+4 votes @ May the 4th be with you, but beware of the Revenge of the 5th

Great idea' i did like the close-quarters maps of battlefront over the larger open ones like Hoth.. (my opinion of course) my personal favorite being "Kamino cloning facility" of battlefront II a map i think would also be great starter for you guys as you can test out/"show off" environmental effects such as weather/lightning, you can also have dog fights there :P

anyway as always, i am looking forward to see whats next :D

EDIT: i do love Endor though.. ;p

Good karma+2 votes @ Pokémon: Generations

I never did comment on your website forums, but it has been interesting to watch the community building all those awesome models and all the other creative things they did.

Anyway if this is the end, it is really saddening... more than i thought possible for a game we weren't sure would ever exist anyway.. :/

thanks for the stuff you where able to give us.. i look forward to seeing some more of your work in the future :)

Good luck'

Good karma+3 votes @ Victory/defeat audio samples (WIP)

sounds exciting' ;D

Good karma+1 vote @ Aoe 2 HD New units and terrain re-skin

I read that you are new to steam.. so here is what you can tell people to do if there game doesn't want to work after they installed this.. or they want the old stuff back..

(i had a problem where my game wouldn't launch after an update.. may or may not have been due to this mod/textures being installed..)

Anyway, its really simple if they go to there Games "library" (in steam)

- right click on
"Age Of Empires II HD"
- Go to
- A window will pop up, click on the tab that says
"Local Files"
- than on that tab they can click
"Verify Integrity of Game Cache"

it will 'probably..' say something about missing files and than they can click the repair button..

this will Very likely be the fix for anything related to this mod..

although the steps may seem difficult(it really isnt).. this is often faster than un-installing and reinstalling..

Also Great mod it looks amazing..

Good karma+1 vote @ September update!

good to see some video ;P its looks great so far, also loving the sounds!

Good karma+3 votes @ Change of Pace - Updates Rescheduled

I was thinking a few days ago (knowing this cant make you any money) that you should make a simple game like a stick figure platformer ;P that we could all Buy..
to fund a hobby that you would like to update every two weeks O.o

but i guess so you are making an actual income the kick-starter is probably best'

Good karma+3 votes @ Release Notes - 8/30/2013

yerh.. look for the . at the end of his name...

Good karma+3 votes @ Release Notes - 8/30/2013

they can also go to the healing table.. to recall so you dont have to disconnect.. (works for my friends)

Good karma+1 vote @ Release Notes - 8/30/2013

try walking over to the healing machine and activating that.. otherwise disconnect and reconnect :P .

if your reporting it as a bug i am no expert but if its easily dealt with on your side they(devs) will probably ignore it for a while.. to focus on other stuff.

Hope i helped :) (if thats what you where after..)

Good karma+1 vote @ Release Notes - 8/30/2013

yerh i meant when your in game you still have to use an Ip address..

i dislike hamachi.. ( haven't used it for a long time so i couldn't argue why..)

Also, Thanks ;p i always forget what IMO stands for..

Good karma+1 vote @ Help! Pokemon/Healing Machine Freeze The Game!

Did you try reset, pressing the reset button? let us see things you have tried (unless you have this fixed because you hadn't read the comments before you posted..?)

Good karma+1 vote @ Release Notes - 8/30/2013

look at my previous comments (the second one up this page') it should help..

Good karma+1 vote @ Release Notes - 8/30/2013

you do not need hamachi -.-
However it might be a little easier..

they will still need the Internal IP anyhow..

Good karma0 votes @ Help! Pokemon/Healing Machine Freeze The Game!

Okay i found a fix... pretty simple really..

IF you are getting the symptoms i am than go to your main menu and press the RESET button underneath the music tab i think..

maybe somehow the old version of pokegen was conflicting with the new..
either way it worked.. Everything seems to be working perfectly now.. will update if anything else is found to be game stopping..

Good karma+1 vote @ Help! Pokemon/Healing Machine Freeze The Game!

Ok, getting most of the Problems listed here...

I have Bit-defender Antivirus and have allowed what i believe is everything to do with the pokegen folder and .exe to run through without scans or whatever it is..

i can catch pokemon using the Backspace key..(which i am almost certain isn't listed in controls :P ) However they just stay on the ground in the pokeball once caught. (they do appear in my list of pokemon but cant throw them out)

Pressing tab does nothing, the only buttons i can press (with response) aside from the movements is backspace and the Gui menu buttons (also switching through pokemon doesn't change the name-text/field)

i was able to retrieve and throw pokemon in an earlier version of pokegen however the Pokeballs stayed on the ground when caught(i still got the pokemon) but i honestly couldn't tell the difference between a bug from the game or caused by my anti-virus or other programs as at the time of the last update i didn't know of the problems so i just dismissed them ;P

anyway if anyone thinks they know or Knows of a solution any advice would be appreciated' thanks..

oh yeh.. my pokemon do not save either.. (i was unaware that feature was in the game)

Good karma+1 vote @ Release Notes - 8/30/2013

the IP address that is shown on the main menu is the IP address you intend to join.. its a little confusing but thats what that field is there for.

If your freinds aren't in your house you will have to give them your EXternal IP and forward whatever port you want them to use... 25565 is default.. i think (either that or i used my minecraft one sometime earlier) This means that you will likely have to port forward unless you have some weird router.. look up how to do that..

IF they are in your house than you can use your local IP address it might be something like 10.x.x.x (which seems to be around allot now days)

For The external IP the internet can tell you exactly what it is.. ("type" 'what is my external ip') and for Internal ip the internet can tell you How to find out what it is.. .. thank-you internet..

Good karma+1 vote @ Snow textures for Hoth

looks good either way' hope it gets ingame'

Good karma+2 votes @ DH-17 Blaster

Great work!

EDIT: .. it actaully Amazing!
(just thought about when i have tried 3d programs before..)

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