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Jigsaw717 Jun 18 2015 replied:

deleted the ltx files, and the other stuff, still hangs

EDIT: Fixed it... I think, i went and updated the direct X and it seems to work now.

+1 vote   mod: MISERY
Jigsaw717 Jun 17 2015 replied:

yes to everything but saving once. I'll give that a try, i was told to try deleting the user.ltx and then revalidating the game on steam

+1 vote   mod: MISERY
Jigsaw717 Jun 17 2015 says:

I need help, just bought the game today on the steam sale, installed and downloaded the mod properly, but when i go and launch it. Nothing happens, it says im in game, and the x-ray engine is open. But nothing is there. the only way i can close it is by closing the x-ray engine. please help!!!!!!

+1 vote   mod: MISERY
Jigsaw717 Feb 4 2014 says:

Is there another mirror besides moddb? they DL speeds have been complete **** the last month. And its gonna take 10 hours apparently to dl this.

+1 vote   download: Blitzkrieg V4.8.0.0. Complete Installer
Jigsaw717 Jan 6 2014 replied:

Skyrim Online, already in development.

+1 vote   mod: Vault-Tec Multiplayer Mod
Jigsaw717 Dec 31 2013 replied:

Since this 'mod' just went and corrupted both vanilla and my DM, i'm just going to untrack it and come visit it in a few years.

0 votes   mod: American Civil War: Brothers vs. Brothers
Jigsaw717 Dec 31 2013 says:

Installed 3.4, music files, patch and then open beta. but when i go into the launcher and try to launch the game, It launches the game and then closes ( according to my profile thing on my steams friendslist that lights up green when i go into a game) I have DM installed, but that should be causing this to crash should it?

0 votes   mod: American Civil War: Brothers vs. Brothers
Jigsaw717 Nov 21 2013 says:

Looks promising, will track!

+1 vote   game: Vault 39 Survivor - Cancelled
Jigsaw717 Oct 22 2013 says:

Where did you even go to signup for the beta?

+1 vote   news: Evil Genius Online
Jigsaw717 Sep 7 2013 says:

I like this one better, cause it would probably look better in a defensive line, unlike the other one which would be more 360

+6 votes   media: another Pak43 emplacement
Jigsaw717 Sep 4 2013 says:

Downloaded, set launch options in steam, and it launched the vanilla version of the game...GJ!

EDIT: Nvm forgot to add the -dev at the end! XD

-1 votes   mod: Normandy 1944: European Theater
Jigsaw717 Jun 3 2013 says:

It seems to me that all the modded maps are extremely unstable, along with multi and LAN. Whenever I do multi or lan, I crash after 10 minutes or so. And I cant even load in to some of the mod maps. Instead of adding MORE stuff, shouldn't you guys me fixing these things? I know I'm not the only one having issues, and its not on my end that's for sure, unless there is something secret I have to do in the installation, like mix in the blood of a virgin. And to answer some of your questions, my vanilla game is fine . The only issues seem to be with multiplayer and modded maps.

P.S It could just be the test mod, if that's the case. discard the above, but make sure alot of time is put in to make test mod compatible, cause that seems to be the only fun way to play MoW.

+1 vote   mod: German Soldiers Mod [MP Mod]
Jigsaw717 May 8 2013 replied:

Cause I can't even download the mod at all, I keep getting different errors each time preventing me from even installing it. So im going just wait til 4.70 (any release date yet) and pray that it all gets fixed n stuff.

+2 votes   mod: Blitzkrieg-Mod
Jigsaw717 May 8 2013 says:

when 4.70 comes out (and will hopefully include the maps) can the old versions be removed? Its started to get confusing and cluttered. I'm not even sure which download I should start with now .

+1 vote   mod: Blitzkrieg-Mod
Jigsaw717 May 2 2013 replied:

Same =P

+1 vote   media: Fallout Intro Video DEMO Animated Segment
Jigsaw717 May 1 2013 says:

Very nice =)

+1 vote   media: Medical Jeep
Jigsaw717 Apr 19 2013 replied:

Well if the mod is gonna stay cannon, it probably wont be. Cause there was only 1 HK-47 and the 51 series was the mass produced one

+1 vote   media: Screenshots of Stuff
Jigsaw717 Apr 12 2013 says:

I hope you will be able to put inf on any and all tanks like this, would make the game so much realistic =P

+4 votes   media: Munitionsschlepper with tank riders (WIP)
Jigsaw717 Apr 10 2013 says:

Are these replacements going to take place in the 'customize army' thing, or just in general, it would be nice to see both ingame =)

+1 vote   media: New model: WM Sd.Kfz.11
Jigsaw717 Apr 8 2013 says:

I could do maps, however I just cant find out how to play them, it never worked for me for some reason. I'll try it again tho now, 4 years later and see how it is =P

+1 vote   media: Mappers, Modelers and Artist Needed
Jigsaw717 Apr 4 2013 says:

Could you add more/different units please? =)

+1 vote   media: Sherman ace M4A3E8 sherman "Thunderbolt VII"
Jigsaw717 Apr 4 2013 says:

I would install this but the installation doesn't make sense and needs to be redone, not to mention someone needs to fix their caps lock

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars The Force Unleashed II - Evolution Mod
Jigsaw717 Apr 1 2013 says:

Oh you so silly! =P

+1 vote   media: April Update
Jigsaw717 Apr 1 2013 says:

Will it have a deploy option, which I assume is what is showing on the left

+1 vote   media: Dodge WC 54 ambulance
Jigsaw717 Mar 24 2013 says:

Crash when trying to load a mission, pro tip: You'll find that none of the mods work for MoW:AS hence the tools are FUBAR.

+1 vote   mod: Resident Evil : Alternative Chronicles
Jigsaw717 Feb 28 2013 says:

Just finished a 3 HOUR match on the berlin map, pretty nice AI, I'm glad I was actually getting pushed back n forth and all. Wish the King Tiger wasn't so soft tho along with the tiger, the 57 was doing damage to the front of the KT which made me laugh. Mod just needs more work, but nice so far!

+2 votes   mod: Company of Heroes: Back to Basics
Jigsaw717 Feb 8 2013 says:

I hope the fixed the Dingo's god mode armor =P

I had several times where a tiger shot would bounce off the dingo, my jaw is still being fixed from its dropped position =)

+1 vote   download: Blitzkrieg-Mod
Jigsaw717 Jan 6 2013 says:

I keep having trouble with the AI, they dont seem to even work =(

+1 vote   mod: Phoenix Rising
Jigsaw717 Jan 6 2013 says:

Mod looks nice, but i tried it and found out the soviets and germans have alot of walking boxes =P I got Eastern front installed to so its this mod thats got the issue, and the fact its got vanilla ranges and damage sucks.

Looks fun, but needs alot of work still.

0 votes   mod: NHC Mod
Jigsaw717 Jan 5 2013 says:

Please fix the scripting of this mod, it crashes too often. the Assault squad version is also unplayable.

+1 vote   download: GSM Fields of Honor 6.2 (MoW) - end of Support !
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