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Engine Review on Apr 15th, 2013 - 4 people agree 1 person doesn't

In between the long list of robust features, tools and the dedicated thorough support by Terathon and its vibrant community, the C4 engine is a premium package at a bargained price. The under pronounced fact that a license is entitled to free updates for LIFE is monumentally valuable. I purchased the engine in '08 as an investment, and by golly was it a good one.

Code is polished clean. If you're interesting in learning more about C++ and OOP design, the cost of the engine is easily worth what you'd learn in study, since at least Standard and Professional licensees are granted full source code access. Bugs are rare, and once discovered are timely fixed. In my years of community engagement, I haven't seen a single bug go unpatched longer than just a few days.

Support is phenomenal, all around. The tight crew over at the forums are always eager to help, and range in experience from "moddlings" all the way over to seasoned professionals. Again, the cost of the license alone is worth the value gained from access to the private Licencee forum.

The features work, AS ADVERTISED. If you dislike how something functions, open discussion is encouraged at the forums, where Terathon actively engages. Past peer-review, licensees can submit feature requests and I've personally had a handful of requests implemented at no additional cost to myself.

Terathon is a good hearted, fair playing company. I've never seen them conduct unethically and are always upfront and honest with their customers.

The only thing I've noticed that jives people off is the lack of embedded graphical spazz. The waiting is nearly over. 3.0 is currently in development and contains a number of advanced and modern graphical effects.

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