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Finished my first play through, the main quest line was quite a bit shorter than expected, but it was still fun. In hind sight I should have worked on getting to a higher level before initiating the endgame.

The game was an excellent blend of Minecraft, Starsiege, and Fallout.
I enjoyed building a secure yet rudimentary structure as my base of operations with a myriad of construction tools I had picked up. I didn't bother refilling any due to the relative ease by which I obtained so many. I was only disapointed to find turrets were an option, but not yet supported and regular weapons fire could destroy my creations where the ground I was building on was far more sturdy.
-A remove block option (maybe with a cost of 2) being available on the tool would be great instead of having weapons fire effect them.

The terrain itself is wonderfully natural looking in comparison to the stark 90 degree angles of minecraft.

Weapon types are easily identifiable by appearance.

Leveling a skill requires you to use that skill, not assign points. You can't just go out and rock face on a murder spree to become good at sneaking.

Mobility is great if you get a couple speed enhancements, but will otherwise feel sluggish. When you start running around at high speeds with access to a good anti-grav pack, it starts to feel more akin to Starsiege: Tribes, think of the heavygun as your spinfusor. All it needs at that point is smoother terrain traversal.

I had fun, I'm looking forward to updates and maybe even future entries in the product's line.


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