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Spherical Nightmares

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The most challenging part of this mod was figuring out that one of the poorly lit windows is breakable, after that it's a linear jaunt through something I could barely consider a gauntlet, more a slog through shin deep water.

I feel like I missed a potential puzzle early on as there was a room I couldn't enter (Solving it through the window was almost possible, if not for the gap you can drop the ball in so it becomes inaccessible). I don't think this could have done much to alter the flow of the mod, however, so I moved on.

The AI noding was sub-par, which often led to a full line of soldiers running at me all at once, suffice to say they died quickly. There was a health kit around every corner, I couldn't pick them all up if I wanted to inflict damage on myself just to get them all. The only time I felt like I was low on ammo and should switch weapons was when the sequence that weapon was best suited for was already over, and I'd round the corner to find I would have been switching anyways.

The only time you need to use an RPG, you are instantly given a box of munitions for it.

The train sequences weren't something I've seen before in too many mods, but they weren't really special either.

To be fair, I had come to this mod through a review from PCGamer. I was given high expectations that fell flat. To be frank, I don't feel this belongs in the comparison chart with minerva like the article says.

Also, over dependence on particles and light volumes just looked wonky.

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