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Jeffman12 May 30 2010 says:

I think this is one of the better takes on altered gameplay. Seems most other 'realism' mods just make the guns more powerful so you're lucky to survive one shot, often completely disregarding that with better weapons come better armor.

+1 vote   mod: Northern Excursion
Jeffman12 May 30 2010 says:

Well I guess it isn't a carryALL then is it? Huh? Huh?
But, really, can't wait to see what's next.

+2 votes   news: Tiberian Apocalypse - May update
Jeffman12 May 30 2010 says:

It's original, I can't think of anything bad about it to point out.

Or I could just type what all of the people that dislike this are thinking in an unflattering fashion. Something along the lines of:

I think it's just fine, and fits with the aesthetic of the mod quite nicely.

+1 vote   media: C&C Tiberian Odyssey Logo
Jeffman12 May 28 2010 says:

I like the clean edges and modernized look.

+2 votes   news: Party of Sin: The Crusader Knight
Jeffman12 May 27 2010 says:

I hope you plan on making a UI editing portion. I'd love to see a configurable Conquest mode menu coming out of this.

+1 vote   mod: WrathEd
Jeffman12 May 26 2010 says:

Looks great, can't wait to try it out.

+1 vote   media: Beta City (2-4)
Jeffman12 May 25 2010 says:

So it's like the transit hub, but you can pretty much place it anywhere.

+2 votes   news: Two New Structures, Interview at C&C 3: The Forgotten
Jeffman12 May 22 2010 says:

Will there be re-visitation of CABAL's Genesis Pit?

+1 vote   news: Introducing Black Zones
Jeffman12 May 22 2010 replied:

Ooooh, Mr. InternetToughGuy, gonna beat me up for trying to offer constructive criticism.
I don't care about karma, I'm saying what has to be said.

Even Cell shading would be better than this, and I'm positive Generals can support at least some facsimile, HL1 can and Generals has a better renderer. It isn't hard to add lines, cracks, and machine holes. Don't sacrifice the visual quality of the models. All the edges appear jagged because you're staunchly determined not to add any detail that might otherwise take the eye off of the geometry. The hovercrafts look like pancakes with skirts and engines, horrible contrast to scenery, but I can tell the model is of some quality. The gunboat and aegis are an exception only because they have so many smaller colored components on it, but don't think adding polies is an easy way out because that will SEVERELY hit game performance, which is a luxury the older Sage engine doesn't have.
If you ask anyone with model and detail work under their belt, they'll say "This isn't a 'look', it's laziness." I'm not telling you to make it look like RA3, which some saw as too cartoony, just make it look like they aren't all vacuform plastic. Otherwise, you have nothing over the C&C Allstars mod other than the fact that you're still active.
As a temporary thing this is fine. Otherwise, you might as well dabble in removing the current renderer from the source because it wastes performance.
Honestly, textures should be first on your list for visual detail, not particles.
Sorry I had to be so harsh, but I hope you don't plan on boasting this in a work portfolio, nobody would take it. If you plan on joining a field other than game design, then disregard this entirely.
Consider adding your friend who wants to work on the textures to the team, not making him add a different version, and I guarantee you'll go further. A few lines and color hues won't destroy the cartoony style you're going for.
Think I'm wrong? Hold a poll.

+4 votes   news: New Invasion Confirmed Demo Released!
Jeffman12 May 22 2010 says:

Any plans to upgrade to a newer SAGE engine? Generals hates my computer.
And, yes, excellent models, but textures would be great.

+1 vote   news: New Invasion Confirmed Demo Released!
Jeffman12 May 22 2010 says:

So I take it the plot will either stray towards 'Forgotten' territory(lol at my pun) Or pretty much stay the same...
I can't foresee any other plot outcome unless you guys have a hell of a twist planned.

+1 vote   news: Introducing Black Zones
Jeffman12 May 20 2010 says:

It should be able to do non-DOS too. As I recall the difference was between Setup.exe and install.exe, or something like that. 'Course not familiar with the German version, myself.
Oh, and in before anyone says something about an ISO being here, it's legal, EA released the English version for free.
You can download them at

+1 vote   download: Command & Conquer Alarmstufe Rot Allied
Jeffman12 May 19 2010 replied:

About what you said, there being no Kane's Wrath SDK.
There is now.
Of course it's unofficial, so there might be some problems with it.

+1 vote   mod: Alternate Warfare
Jeffman12 May 17 2010 says:

Great, not only has my attention been called to an interesting mod, but free hammer resources too!

+1 vote   news: Spring Media and Community Tool
Jeffman12 May 17 2010 says:

I think the only problem is that the background looks a little too clean. The smoking holes in the structures contrasts quite a bit with the otherwise spotless exterior. The foggy look implies dust and ash are airborne, as with much of the world in Half-life 2, so the building texture should probably reflect that around the finalization.

+1 vote   media: OF2 - The City (CUT)
Jeffman12 May 17 2010 says:

I didn't know Robotech and Mech Warrior were related. Go figure 'Battletech' is kinda between both...
Of course I refer to the mech around 2:30 that the player seems to avoid targeting until destruction.

+1 vote   media: AT1:BT Beta "Dasher"
Jeffman12 May 17 2010 says:

Will any attempt be made to recover some of the functionality initially intended for the campaign when Renegade was first made public knowledge?
For example some ability to call in airstrikes, or at least tertiary objectives that will allow similar events to take place? Example: Take out the SAM and paint a laser target.

To be honest, I expected nothing more from you guys than a multiplayer remake, so just this is a pleasant, if not incredible surprise.

+7 votes   news: Renegade X: Operation Black Dawn
Jeffman12 May 15 2010 says:

The version number in the corner still says 1.0, not sure if it's a small oversight or means I installed the patch incorrectly.

+2 votes   download: Metal Venture 1.02
Jeffman12 May 15 2010 says:

You people realize red tiberium's been 'rumored' since C&C 95, right?
And you can actually see some in Firestorm on the Nod campaign despite the formation being too large to harvest.

And prior to the events of C&C 4, Tiberium growth was out of control, that's kinda how the whole premise of the plot is set up. Ever wonder why they're flying through that red zone in the intro cutscene? It's like people just disregard whatever they feel like so you can make yourself feel more 'right'.

+4 votes   media: Legendary Red Tiberium
Jeffman12 May 14 2010 replied:

Quite contrary, EA isn't the only company bringing disappointment to the shelves. Many Splinter Cell fans were angered by the recent release, and Ubisoft pioneered the DRM that everyone's complaining about, only they've been having worse luck with it lately as well. Nintendo has outright ridiculed Gamers in general and enraged its share of fanboys with poor 3rd party dev support on the Wii.

Don't get me started on Sega. You see more fault with the companies you have more interest in. It's a simple matter of how much attention you're paying to that company. We're all scrutinizing of EA more simply because they hold our favorite franchise. Fact being: The large companies are taking a hit from the global economic status. On the bright side, there's an upturn for indie devs and the smaller publishers as the larger companies catch the worse media flak. When the companies are done hemorrhaging staff, they'll either crumble or be completely rebuilt by who's left.
Lets just hope the new guys have the foresight to keep things fresh and follow small company examples like Westwood and Blizzard so the fan base remains more than just a fuel for the company.

Come to think of it, C&C 4's gameplay seems like it should have made a Dune game, except the crawlers would be spice harvesting platforms(Like the book described them as) and instead of a TCN there'd be spice patches that you deploy it in to collect while fighting the enemy house.

But yes, obvious troll post is obvious.

+3 votes   group: Command & Conquer Westwood Fans
Jeffman12 May 14 2010 replied:

It's from TS:FS you only see them in the final mission of either campaign. Core Obelisk is just a bigger, badder obelisk, and Obelisk of Darkness, is, you guessed it, an Anti-Air Obelisk.

+1 vote   group: Command & Conquer Westwood Fans
Jeffman12 May 13 2010 says:

I'd offer modeling, but I'm pretty much limiting myself to prop work, and I have a fairly slow work pace at the moment as I'm in a modeling course at a local trade school. On the bright side, I do my own textures whenever possible. But I should also note I'm a bit of a perfectionist which gets me hung up on individual projects for longer than I should be.

+1 vote   news: Project Update
Jeffman12 May 12 2010 replied:

TS was C&C 2. Tiberian Twilight was originally going to be a direct sequel. It was to feature CABAL and perhaps the Scrin as separate teams. Nod and GDI would begin a fight for the alliance of The Forgotten who gained the ability to control Tiberium and therefore turn it against the invaders.
This became C&C 3 with the mutants as little more than a footnote.

+1 vote   group: C&C Paradise
Jeffman12 May 12 2010 says:

I'm interested, but after the reading I assume this is to remain private, correct?

+1 vote   mod: ProcyonHook
Jeffman12 May 12 2010 replied:

Resource collecting is still present, but you don't need to maintain it once you've filled out your tech tree. The idea is a fast paced gameplay that isn't muddled up by late game resource scarcity or rushing.

I like C&C 4 and I feel they had a right to change up the gameplay after so many identical titles, but it could have been much better, I'm not even going to get into the problems. I think the unit cap can be very problematic at times, especially seeing as the lowest amount one unit can take up is 3, but as I said I'm not gonna get into all the little things that bug me.

Also, about the constant internet connection, you really shouldn't be playing it by yourself at all, the gameplay isn't at its best until you've done coop with 4 friends.(Assuming you have a stable connection)

+2 votes   group: CNC4 - love it or hate it!!
Jeffman12 May 11 2010 says:

So it's voice chat and image display?

+1 vote   media: Click21 - Demo ScreenShot
Jeffman12 May 11 2010 replied:

EA actually supports third party game creation, so long as you don't sell it. Even then, if it was good enough, they'd probably be willing to allow it if they got some of the profit.

When the Reborn Team asked EA if it was okay to use the W3D engine and release Reborn for free, they replied with "Go for it, we love free advertising."

Most of the law suits EA is involved in are from employees suing them for unpaid overtime. A symptom of working at a company with such stringent release dates that they're willing to compromise quality just to ensure they're met.

+1 vote   group: Command & Conquer Westwood Fans
Jeffman12 May 10 2010 says:

Another step towards originality.

+2 votes   media: Twisted Insurrection - New Logo
Jeffman12 May 9 2010 says:

Seeing as this is a mod and game development resource site, instead of complaining about how EA ruined your childhood, why don't you all take steps towards rebuilding the games the way you see fit, either through modding or starting from scratch. Of course you won't be able to sell it if it's based off of C&C, but it's great portfolio work and there's other ways you can make money should you need any to support the project.

Even if you were to just come up with concepts, it really is more conducive than complaining about something you won't change any time soon.

And remember, all developers(Whether they want the money or the art aspect) are receptive of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. So putting down what you'd want in a new game would get better results than idle threats to EA, who I can assure you, won't listen to them.

We all know Renegade would be cooler if it wasn't under the time restraints EA put on it, but that's the beauty of a site like this, you get plenty of opportunity to do it yourself.

+4 votes   group: Command & Conquer Westwood Fans
Jeffman12 May 8 2010 says:

Neat how Red Tiberium is actually at the lower end on this one, and I like how everything is in keeping with the light spectrum.

I recall blue growing more often in colder and mutated environments. It's trivial, though, as nobody seems to have officially taken note of such behavior.

+4 votes   feature: The Tiberium Odyssey.
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