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Jeffman12 Dec 15 2014, 7:04pm says:

For a start, I think all commodities would be charged at a premium, that being said, ammunition could get smugglers a lot of money or at least be worth their weight in artifacts.

It certainly wouldn't make sense for there to be an ammo shortage in a relative warzone that has a high value to black markets around the world, no. But I don't think it'd be too cheap. Afterall, each bullet could mean one less customer in a semi-closed ecosystem like the zone.

I think you've got the right idea.

+5 votes   media: Community Feedback - Ammo Scarcity
Jeffman12 Dec 15 2014, 4:42am says:

The sound has certainly progressed, and I like the new direction, although it might be more appropriate to call it a course correction as it maintains that same feel, but sounds better refined.

+2 votes   article: Twisted Insurrection Version Update / OST Volume 4 Coming Soon
Jeffman12 Dec 3 2014, 7:15pm replied:

The expression used to describe this is "holding the product hostage." I don't believe that was intended, but that's what it is.

I'd be very surprised if any enthusiasm spurred by votes lasted for long let alone if this mod finally saw completion because of votes alone.

+2 votes   media: Vote if you feel like it.
Jeffman12 Nov 29 2014, 4:37am says:

I'd guess these fall under a new tier.

I think this game really needs a foundation structure or terrain sculpting tools.

Maybe adjustable scaled slabs in disk or square shape with convenient locations for stairs to be attached around the edges and are always oriented "up right". I keep running into these problems of finding a moderately decent location to build, but the ground is never as level as I need it to be.

+2 votes   media: New Town Buildings
Jeffman12 Nov 10 2014, 4:07pm says:

This version of the Taurus looks p. great IMO.

+2 votes   media: Vehicle Comparison of all T1 / T2
Jeffman12 Oct 20 2014, 10:11pm replied:

EA might not like that, they might be okay with putting it up on Origin, though. Or maybe both?

+1 vote   download: Renegade X: Beta 3
Jeffman12 Sep 14 2014, 1:11pm says:

So, I'll just say this. When I first played Tiberian Sun, my first exposure to C&C, I had a marginal idea of what I was doing. I felt the simple UI left a lot to be explained, and I needed to reference the manual A LOT.
The second GDI mission introduced the MCV and I missed the bit about setting up a base when they delivered an MCV for me to deploy. It wasn't until I quit the mission, started a new game the next day, and read the manual when I was told to deploy it that I understood the feature.

That being said, the deploy icon is available from a hot bar, and mousing over it gives you a tooltip assuming you haven't turned that off, I say go for it. The icon for the drone platform you show here looks to describe the intended action fully.

As for the purifier, it's a prototype of the avatar, so I think you could explain it being slower pretty easily, this also helps infantry keep up with it. The black hand on the other hand is basically made of rage and flamethrowers which I think would make it hard to explain why the flames might be weaker.

+1 vote   article: Need your opinion 3
Jeffman12 Aug 30 2014, 4:17am says:

I really like that logo.

+2 votes   media: WIP Cabal Sidebar
Jeffman12 Aug 12 2014, 5:59pm says:


Nod: Shadow Teams, Enlightened, Black Hand(Not tib troopers), Commandos

GDI: Snipers, Zone infantry, Commando

Scrin: Shock Troopers, Cultists, Mastermind, Prodigy

You could add engineers to that, they're typically considered minesweepers in C&C's legacy of mods.

Stealth vehicles should ALWAYS be revealed when running over infantry.

+5 votes   article: Need Your opinion 1
Jeffman12 Jun 28 2014, 12:09pm replied:

I thought that was 6 players, with a larger landmass on either side instead of two islands.

+3 votes   media: Arctic Circle
Jeffman12 Jun 24 2014, 12:49pm says:

I very much doubt this is the town in morrowind

"First I was a home, and now I popped up in these woods."

+3 votes   download: My Minecraft World (Vardenfell)
Jeffman12 Jun 18 2014, 4:00am replied:

He could be really drunk.

+1 vote   media: Characters - Night
Jeffman12 May 25 2014, 1:07pm says:

I think that scanner effect coming from the turret could use some flickering or blinking, but looking great so far.

+1 vote   article: More interactivity!
Jeffman12 May 22 2014, 2:14pm replied:

Furthermore, there's nothing that explicitely makes this a "nazi" city.
"Our city's style is typical of the 19th and early 20th centuries, showing our re-interpretation of neo-classical/gothic/byzantine­/renaissance, Beaux-Arts and Modern Style. Our main source of inspiration would be Paris, but we also took ideas from New York, Chicago, Vienna, London, Berlin, Brussels, Venice, Florence, Rome..."

And the original uploader is, once again, French.

+1 vote   download: Imperial city
Jeffman12 May 22 2014, 1:26pm replied:

Original map page:


+1 vote   download: Imperial city
Jeffman12 May 22 2014, 1:21pm says:

Original Author's posting:

+2 votes   download: Futuristic city
Jeffman12 May 22 2014, 1:15pm says:

Again, credit the author. that means linking to their profile on whatever site you downloaded this from.

+3 votes   download: Imperial city
Jeffman12 May 15 2014, 8:46pm replied:

It seems like more work adding features the RA2 engine already has. Most of the pre-existing Tiberian Sun content such as SHPs, Voxels, and other sprites work in RA2's engine, it's just that the default RA2 content looks cartoony, so really graphical settings aren't an issue. Furthermore, RA2 has native support for 1920x1080 and if I recall, doesn't require you to switch to 16 bit mode to run in a window.

+2 votes   media: WIP Map Testing
Jeffman12 May 14 2014, 7:23pm says:

Not to offend or anything, but by this point, what's the reason you're not using the RA2 version of the engine?

0 votes   media: WIP Map Testing
Jeffman12 May 14 2014, 12:40pm replied:

Both of the first two pages I clicked on had the name of the original author with a google search. This is inexcusable.

+1 vote   download: Silent hill texture pack 128x128
Jeffman12 May 8 2014, 3:32am replied:

I'm guessing you're right on all counts. I thought the 'altitude map' might be some sort of dynamic graph for a second. I hope the player is required to survey that entire area before just knowing this, though.

And as long as the method for finding water ingame isn't dousing, or some other kind of crystal gripping nonsense, this is shaping up to become one of my favorites.

+1 vote   media: Prospecting for resources
Jeffman12 Apr 2 2014, 5:46pm replied:

But you have plenty of time to sit here hitting refresh watching ratings instead of trying to improve.

+4 votes   download: Philerration
Jeffman12 Feb 20 2014, 11:21pm says:

Great, you've made it look at least as good as ME2, now we just need a mod to make it play as well as ME2.

+7 votes   media: Mass Effect 1 Updated/Improved Textures Mod Showca
Jeffman12 Jan 2 2014, 1:00pm says:

It's a tough call for me, I like the look of this, but I like being able to tell a unit's team and faction at a glance. The more iconic units are less of an issue, but the rifle squad could be easily mistaken for a wounded fanatic squad, as well as some other potential infantry issues. I guess it's not a big deal, that.

+1 vote   media: Before/After demonstrations
Jeffman12 Dec 2 2013, 11:34am says:

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the "Devil's Tongue" moniker specifically correlates to the burrowing feature.

+1 vote   media: Nod Flame Tank Devil's Tongue
Jeffman12 Nov 4 2013, 12:05pm replied:

Really, it does.

I'd love to see the C&C community band together and get their own RTS/FPS hybrid engine going, it could use classic C&Cs as a template for a lot of features like terrain , environments, and construction, and well, Renegade didn't really break any new ground, let's be honest. I think a C&C FPS would play better if it wasn't like UT with all the rampant bunnyhopping.

+2 votes   article: Halloween Blog 2013
Jeffman12 Oct 26 2013, 8:20pm says:

I love it, I can never build enough of these on those odd occassions I'm not playing Nod.

+2 votes   media: Mobile Sensor Array (MSA)
Jeffman12 Sep 20 2013, 4:41pm replied:

Other games have been a lot further along than the concept materials phase and been cancelled for this reason.

Considering this would be a free fan-made mod, I don't think the rights holders could turn it down unless they used content developed by the rights holders. I suspect they just decided to take this in their own direction with an IP loosely based on Dune rather than have a game loosely based on its existing IP.

+1 vote   article: evolution is dead long live nodu
Jeffman12 Aug 20 2013, 6:39pm says:

I can't wait for this to be complete, I'm not so huge on alphas and betas.

+1 vote   media: New Models
Jeffman12 Jun 21 2013, 1:56pm replied:

Yes, quite refreshing that light tanks now stand a better chance when going head to head.

Although, I don't know if two hits is that great, I think the fire rate doesn't allow the tank the opportunity to turn away in time.

+3 votes   article: Exploding Things
Jeffman12 Jun 19 2013, 2:16pm says:

I thought I saw voyager as like a size comparison or something.

+1 vote   media: UpdateSet5
Jeffman12 Jun 14 2013, 4:07pm says:

Very nice dunes.

+3 votes   media: Terrain: Additions
Jeffman12 May 23 2013, 6:28pm replied:

I think he meant the original Op4.

+4 votes   media: Pit Drone
Jeffman12 May 10 2013, 8:07pm says:

The uploader is South African. An increasingly fundamentalist region of the globe.

+3 votes   download: CenBlas - FNV DLC v1.1 Patch
Jeffman12 Apr 21 2013, 8:39pm replied:

Even in C&C 4, Nod relied on drilling instruments to move their command centers as opposed to outfitting the mobile command centers with drilling apparatus themselves.

I mean, sure we all like to pretend C&C 4 doesn't exist, but it happened, and it kind of makes sense not to have one of your most important units go trailblazing and only use pre-installed infrastructure.

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 1.52
Jeffman12 Apr 2 2013, 12:43pm says:

Not yet, likely, but assuming all the design goals are met, it could become something practical.

+1 vote   media: Niwantaw's Seanchan Shipyard
Jeffman12 Feb 20 2013, 11:23am says:

Why would tatooine be such a huge focus?

+2 votes   media: FS Campaign Galaxy Map 05
Jeffman12 Feb 11 2013, 7:01pm replied:

I remember the vulcan and RPG had a pretty smooth turn anim, they'd even rotate when in range of artillery blasts. Artillery, of course had an SHP base and a full rotational cannon. Tick Tanks, I'm not too sure about, but seemed to have a full range of rotation including the ability to tilt up and down. I think SAM turrets are the only others I can think of, and those were definitely SHPs.

+1 vote   media: GDI Firestorm Cannon
Jeffman12 Feb 11 2013, 4:31pm says:

I thought turrets were supposed to be voxels for that engine, not rendered sprites.

+1 vote   media: GDI Firestorm Cannon
Jeffman12 Nov 18 2012, 9:23pm says:


"That's how many candles illuminate this room. Can you say ILLUMINATE?"


"MORGAHK! That silly Morgahk! Quick, how did Morgahk say the word wrong?"


"That's right! he began it with an E and not an I! Good job!"

+5 votes   media: And his name was death
Jeffman12 Sep 23 2012, 8:28pm says:

Look out for zombie karate chop

+9 votes   download: Infected Scientist and Barney (New)
Jeffman12 Sep 13 2012, 5:50pm says:

No, they're techno labs, the only place where the bass is blasting louder than the cars driving through it.

+2 votes   media: Techno Lab
Jeffman12 Sep 5 2012, 5:56pm says:

Also, that's supposed to be an XM8, not exactly cutting edge.

+1 vote   media: Tiberian Sun Nod Soldiers posing
Jeffman12 Aug 25 2012, 1:47pm says:

Has more of an Aliens (The movie) vibe to it, which I guess is fitting considering the massive shift in perspective it was gonna have.

0 votes   media: Tiberium's Scorpion Tank
Jeffman12 Jul 28 2012, 1:07pm replied:

Their reproductive method is hermaphroditic is it implies bearing both male and female genitalia, but earth worms which have only one gender and are hermaphroditic, for example, are all homosexual. Contrary to popular belief, hermaphroditic reproduction in most creatures requires two to mate, plants on the other hand can reproduce asexually.

Sexual reproduction refers to instances where two individuals of a species are involved or required for fertilization, asexual reproduction is when a single plant/animal/microorganism may fertilize itself.

IMO, having genders in games with a chat feature encourages cybering, which should never happen on pub servers. Besides, player skins let people get by just fine.

+4 votes   article: Gender in Minecraft
Jeffman12 Jul 27 2012, 2:10pm says:

Reminiscent of Vectorman.

+2 votes   media: Twisted Insurrection OST - Killing Fields
Jeffman12 May 24 2012, 2:53pm replied:

What I'm saying is feel free to use some of your own creativity in how you set up wildlife. I'm sure some people will want to have terrestrial limitations applied at every turn, but others might be hoping for some alien environments.

I'd imagine a race would need to be "technologically amphibious" before proceeding to space, anyhow. Fluid is considerably heavier than gas, and that species would be susceptible to 'the bends' in lower pressure environments.

For surface expansion, I'd imagine it would be achievable at its base stage early on. They could build a tube under-water, perhaps out of masoned and sealed limestone or what have you, and then push it up and out over the shoreline. This race would want to use pumps and maybe water mills to keep artificially constructed water ways aerated enough to breathe.

They could also have access to industrial plastics as soon as refining oil is a viable option. So an aquatic race isn't necessarily at a disadvantage in tech, it's just a different approach. I'll touch on relevance in a later post.

+1 vote   article: It's Been a Long Time
Jeffman12 May 21 2012, 12:38pm says:

Both tracks are pretty chill and have a nice ambience.

+2 votes   media: Space Theme
Jeffman12 May 21 2012, 2:46am says:

Without elaborating too much, guiding a Coral's growth might work for building materials, as well as genetically modifying corals to use different materials to build. And if an engineered organisms, like Coral, build themselves out of a less than beneficial material, natural selection isn't a problem as long as it's being cultivated properly.

+9 votes   article: It's Been a Long Time
Jeffman12 Apr 19 2012, 11:07am says:

I forgot this was at one time a thing, I'm glad it is once more.

+1 vote   article: "Waters of life" modification revival
Jeffman12 Apr 10 2012, 12:51pm replied:

Look, they even started it for you here.

+1 vote   media: Nuclear Town (2)
Jeffman12 Mar 17 2012, 1:23am says:

So I take it this sort of disables a structure.

+2 votes   media: Nod Portable Terminal
Jeffman12 Mar 15 2012, 12:22pm says:

Cleavage. It is the new standard issue.

+6 votes   download: Barniel as Female Assassin
Jeffman12 Feb 27 2012, 12:06pm says:

Are we talking about RA:APB specific components, or general DX9? I'd think most people would already have the latter.

I hope this doesn't hurt the chances of eventually having an official desura release.

+2 votes   article: Bogus Desura Installations
Jeffman12 Feb 9 2012, 12:39pm says:

I think this could use, at the very least a new texture, the matte grey is sort of off-putting. Only other critiques are that it looks like it might be a little long for being called a carbine, but that's probably due to the stock's length, and that looks like a low capacity mag for something that's essentially a smaller version of an assault rifle. The barrel's certainly short enough for the carbine classification, the sight looks pretty good.

+1 vote   media: NAC - FW-900K - Lambert Replacement
Jeffman12 Feb 7 2012, 9:41pm says:

Why does an assault rifle need a bipod? Why would technology two million years into the future require external moving parts, aside from the trigger, to function? Sure, thinking machines may be outlawed, but electronics exist in other forms in the Dune universe. Look at hunter killers and 'thopters.

+7 votes   media: Atreides Advanced Rifle
Jeffman12 Feb 5 2012, 5:39pm says:

So, this being a mod, do these still need to be unlocked to access?

+1 vote   media: PAC - Type 19 "Salmosa" - Lambert Replacement
Jeffman12 Jan 18 2012, 12:42pm says:

Yeah, the Renegade X team did a great job with their concept art.

+1 vote   media: A brother
Jeffman12 Jan 12 2012, 11:44am says:

Small tends to mean map size because that directly contributes to the length of the map. Gamemode has some effect, but you'll find smaller defense maps tend to be shorter as well. Alpha_Man seems to know what he means and that right there is an indication of a general problem.
Truth is, you could get a lot worse reviews, we're talking about a guy who seems to have actually downloaded the f'ing map and post his comments on it after testing it. He has a valid point; If there isn't anything to it, no adventure, no reason to care about why you're there, what is the point of downloading it? And what's the most amazing part about that single sentence critique? It was done without any personal attacks on the author or swearing at all. Sorry, but it falls in the ranks of constructive criticism, an opinion is an opinion. Criticism is only worthless when it contains no content at all describing that user's problem with the map. Don't be so dramatic about something like this, your whiteknighting is needed elsewhere, Phipe.

Consider this, Alpha_Man:
If you like this particular map so much, but it's too small for a satisfying mission, consider making it a centerpiece in a larger map. At that point, the map becomes your own with featured work by the creator of that section. Having something to base your work on will tend to keep the aesthetic from shifting more than you'd like and give you a handy reference for the Hammer Architecture.

+2 votes   download: Weird Office Map For Sven Coop
Jeffman12 Dec 13 2011, 3:41am says:

Thanks for posting this.

Good job as always, Aro. And other people I haven't heard of.

+3 votes   download: Tiberian Sun: UMP
Jeffman12 Nov 8 2011, 2:10pm replied:

It does look a little more reminiscent of the classic mammoth...

+1 vote   media: New mammoth tank?
Jeffman12 Oct 31 2011, 4:03pm says:

I like the new look for the scorpion.

And... Well, everything

+3 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 1.5
Jeffman12 Oct 31 2011, 1:28am says:

With what little information your summary gives, I think this actually sounds like it could be decent, but I'm crazy for anything remotely cyberpunk, so there's that...
Anyways, good luck, I'm gonna keep track of this.

+1 vote   game: Alpha-Decay
Jeffman12 Oct 18 2011, 11:35pm says:

I assume there will be shielding arrays or something, basically so that you're not pounding through entire ships in a matter of seconds.

+1 vote   media: LaserDecarota
Jeffman12 Oct 8 2011, 12:24pm says:

Well, I meant it's suitable for 16x9 resolutions, so the logo doesn't squash or stretch. But yes, it's 1600x900, and I should have probably mentioned that...

+1 vote   media: Nod-Order In Chaos 16x9
Jeffman12 Oct 8 2011, 12:05am says:

Typo? I think it's missing a U.

+2 votes   media: Or leaders are solders like us JOIN NOD
Jeffman12 Sep 3 2011, 2:41am replied:

The body resembles the TD one, but the fuselage looks like TS's.

+1 vote   media: GDI Orca Fighter
Jeffman12 Sep 3 2011, 2:39am says:

Hot damn.

+2 votes   media: Vulture Final, With 3ds render no texture
Jeffman12 Sep 2 2011, 11:54am says:

Looks like I can go even further now when I'm billygoating around.

+5 votes   media: Length of Sprint Jump in Minecraft Beta 1.8
Jeffman12 Aug 24 2011, 12:54pm says:

It takes quite a distance to realize what sort of range tesla weapons have. It reminds me of my main problem with them; When a shot connects, it doesn't stick on the target if it moves, so it gives the illusion that it didn't hit.

+2 votes   media: Testing Seamist
Jeffman12 Aug 12 2011, 9:41pm says:

OP nothing, compared to a sniper team it's not. As far as I know, snipers don't decloak and take more than a single hit from the weakest weapons to kill.

+5 votes   media: Nod Specter
Jeffman12 Aug 6 2011, 2:40am says:

Isn't it negated by the buffeting of the blades and being audible from miles away?
Sounds like it should be using a Dyson Air Multiplier instead of Props.

+2 votes   article: Old school air travel
Jeffman12 Jul 25 2011, 12:23pm replied:

My sentiment exactly.

+2 votes   article: Help to improve Eternal Silence
Jeffman12 Jun 26 2011, 1:21pm replied:


+1 vote   media: SM64 concept board #1
Jeffman12 Jun 12 2011, 12:12pm says:

Should I be surprised you guys are doing a freak'n great job right off the bat? Probably not. I see you appreciate a G36, I'm all over that.

+2 votes   mod: Stargate No Limits : Space battle part
Jeffman12 May 25 2011, 1:51pm replied:

No, you have to go the way they did with Batman on this one; bolt nipples.

+11 votes   media: OF2 - Phoenix Marine
Jeffman12 May 23 2011, 1:01pm says:

This is great, Shadowgrounds needs more mods, it's too bad that every other one seems to have gone under.

+4 votes   mod: Shadowgrounds: Beast
Jeffman12 May 8 2011, 7:08pm replied:

I've seen it done in a working fashion before, they had to code around the old method for it. The mod that had it was pretty simple, but that part astonished me.

+2 votes   media: Introducing the new Orca Carry-All
Jeffman12 May 5 2011, 1:43pm says:

Try Number 3 in short sleeve?

+3 votes   media: US Soldier Shirt Design
Jeffman12 Apr 13 2011, 12:57pm says:

I know this question is older than time itself, but can we ever hope to see an official(Developed by the APB team) campaign for this, single or multiplayer?

Again, I know this was on the drawing board really early in dev, and then dropped. But those bot maps just don't do the capability of this justice.

+2 votes   article: Gamma Tweaks, Fixes, Fixed Mirror
Jeffman12 Apr 12 2011, 2:59pm says:

He's just angry because he can't write home.

+8 votes   media: Vulcan Cyborg (Promotional Sketch)
Jeffman12 Apr 11 2011, 12:48pm says:

Oh, this is awesome, I can hardly wait for this to download and install.

+2 votes   article: RA: APB Gamma version released
Jeffman12 Mar 31 2011, 7:51pm says:

Assuming I knew how to do any of this, I'd have set it up so the pillbox's damage drops off drastically around 80 so the rocket infantry can still get hit but it's not lethal.

+2 votes   article: Allied Pillbox Updated
Jeffman12 Mar 27 2011, 9:11pm says:

Pretty solid, so far. I got a slight performance hit when enemies exploded, but nothing serious.

+1 vote   download: Trefoil-core pre-alpha build
Jeffman12 Mar 11 2011, 10:40pm says:

Wow, pretty rad. I could imagine this turning into some kind of stationary bunker for a defense bonus, too, like a reckoner. Thought I'd throw it out there, even though it's not supposed to be like that.

+1 vote   media: United Coalition: Infantry Battle Vehicle (IBV)
Jeffman12 Mar 11 2011, 10:34pm says:

Particle effects, maybe? I don't know if C&C 3 supports 3D particles, but that could be a way to have small tiberium lifeforms.

+4 votes   media: White Cliffs
Jeffman12 Feb 21 2011, 1:00pm replied:

Sounds awesome, just what the doctor ordered.

+1 vote   article: New Videos, Full Seamist Playthrough, And Pillbox!
Jeffman12 Feb 20 2011, 11:19pm says:

If only this had some kind of dynamic accuracy system to prevent bunnyhopping. No offense, but Renegade's bad for that reason. It's saddening that such a well designed mod suffers for the sake of keeping that engine around. I went back to it recently for nostalgia, but whenever I played in one of the non-coop servers there was always someone insisting on showing me that skill consists of how quickly you press spacebar + A/D and how long you fire before having to reload. On top of this, actually playing tactically is discouraged due to the lack of cover and abundance of wide open spaces.

+2 votes   article: New Videos, Full Seamist Playthrough, And Pillbox!
Jeffman12 Feb 8 2011, 11:16am says:

Maybe as a damage effect, I don't think the structure would be mass produced if every single one had a toxic spill like that. Not to mention, civilian press would have a field day both on the environmental implications and on safety of the soldiers going out on the frontlines.
Well, that's if you're going for semi-realism, all that would have to be accounted for. Besides, this is a concept, concepts change over time.

0 votes   article: Concept Art Update
Jeffman12 Feb 8 2011, 12:44am says:

Nice, I wasn't sure a design change could be pulled off, yet here I am proven wrong.

+2 votes   media: GDI Titan
Jeffman12 Jan 30 2011, 12:05pm says:

I swear I've seen this ingame before.

+1 vote   download: sc_Propanic Part 1
Jeffman12 Jan 28 2011, 12:06pm replied:

No, dude, that guy in the back is TOTALLY Japanese anti-tank infantry from RA3.

But seriously, nice design work.

+6 votes   media: E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy medias
Jeffman12 Jan 26 2011, 2:31pm replied:

No, those are the flat triangular ones with the caution stripes around them.

+1 vote   media: Nod Challenge Preview
Jeffman12 Jan 25 2011, 10:41pm says:

Do those northwestern bunkers imply garrisons?

+3 votes   media: Nod Challenge Preview
Jeffman12 Jan 16 2011, 12:23pm replied:

Energy efficiency, it had none. I read that somewhere, don't remember where, intel file probably.

This looks perfect.

+1 vote   media: GDI Firestorm Cannon
Jeffman12 Jan 10 2011, 5:27pm says:

What an unexpected surprise. Glad to see this project is still going.

+2 votes   article: State of the Mod Address: January 2011
Jeffman12 Jan 2 2011, 12:46pm says:

Nice, but could we see a shot from a different perspective? I can't tell if it's one of the wings that's longer or if there's a second projecting portion beneath the ship.

+1 vote   media: Liberty Ship Replacement
Jeffman12 Dec 14 2010, 11:58am says:

My only problem I've ever had with the marine resource structure is that it looks like it can just up and walk away, yet never does.

+5 votes   media: Marine Extractor
Jeffman12 Dec 13 2010, 2:53pm replied:

Because capturing the structure with an engineer is actually harder when you take into account that the player has more forewarning to sell the superweapon, the engineer isn't very stealthy, and base defences won't fire on the super weapon the second it's hijacked like they would if another player just took complete control of it.

+1 vote   media: Chameleon Spy
Jeffman12 Dec 12 2010, 12:35pm replied:

This is what I took from what you just said;
The chameleon will be able to temporarily take control of another player's super weapons. I'd suggest a 20 second timer so the attacking player has to fire the weapon within those 20 seconds to actually use the weapon, and the weapon has to reset its charge period whether it was fired or not after those 20 seconds. This may sound unbalanced, but it's actually good for the victim because it means the person using the spy can't just spam spies to keep the weapon under their control for the duration of the charge period.

+2 votes   media: Chameleon Spy
Jeffman12 Dec 11 2010, 12:06pm says:

I think it's grey because there's a different base color for faction colors than used in FA. I might be wrong, but it's a guess.

+1 vote   media: FA Comparison 2
Jeffman12 Dec 11 2010, 1:34am says:

Nice vid, as always. I was wondering if there might be a changelist available for viewing somewhere already, though.

+3 votes   article: C&C 3: The Forgotten v1.1 Trailer Released
Jeffman12 Dec 11 2010, 1:31am says:

Hmm, like a Stryker and a Bradley mixed together with wheels reminiscent of Aliens.

+1 vote   media: NAC APC sketches
Jeffman12 Dec 9 2010, 11:52am says:

So would you equate this to mechwarrior or like Chromehounds, maybe?

+2 votes   game: Burn
Jeffman12 Nov 17 2010, 4:00pm says:

Looks considerably more portable and mass-producible.

+3 votes   media: [DEVASTATOR MK2
Jeffman12 Nov 17 2010, 3:59pm says:

TBH, those knives don't look hewn from the teeth of sandworms.

+1 vote   media: Crys-fremen
Jeffman12 Nov 9 2010, 4:00pm says:

You've got my attention.

+1 vote   game: November
Jeffman12 Nov 9 2010, 12:06am says:

The tiberium looks a little thinly spread, might wanna see about placing them closer together, and I assume you guys will create a decent looking interior for the AAPC. Other than those two things, great job, I can't wait to try this out.

+3 votes   article: November Update
Jeffman12 Oct 17 2010, 7:54pm says:

Wow, I was skeptical the probe model would come out looking nice, but the skin does it justice. Good job.

+2 votes   media: Probe Skin
Jeffman12 Oct 14 2010, 2:03pm replied:

Assuming you actually get to build them near a base.

Good job, can't wait for the release.

+1 vote   media: GDI EMP Cannon
Jeffman12 Oct 8 2010, 12:27pm says:

Wow, a truly great job so far. I'm definitely going to set aside some time for this when it's done.

+3 votes   article: [Project Brazil] 1 Year Development Milestone
Jeffman12 Aug 25 2010, 12:01pm says:

Widescreen resolutions don't allow the battlefield control to be established in the first GDI mission. If you start it on a different res, then save, and continue playing from there, it should work.

+4 votes   article: Twisted Insurrection: Public Beta 1 Released!!
Jeffman12 Aug 24 2010, 2:02am says:

Suffice to say, toning the red down a little on the infantry would do nicely.

+2 votes   media: Scorpion Tank
Jeffman12 Jul 26 2010, 8:35pm replied:

Obsidian Conflict has the same font, lets all go over to their forums and start flaming.

+2 votes   article: Demonstrations Galore!
Jeffman12 Jul 15 2010, 5:38am says:

The plot is as thick as a cell wall(biological, not prison). The simple gameplay seems to harken back to the days of Sega Genesis.

I like it.

+2 votes   game: Feral Planet
Jeffman12 Jul 13 2010, 9:36pm says:

Good job on the Obelisk crystal, I know everyone was talking about modifying it before, but that right there looks right.

+3 votes   article: Tiberian Apocalypse July Update - Nod Defenses
Jeffman12 Jul 3 2010, 2:02am says:

Wait, how do you make wire? That red stuff on the ground just looks like a thermite(I dunno, that's what it's called on the wiki) trail, not an actual cable. Also, I couldn't figure out buttons. But pressure plates were easy.

+1 vote   media: seecret friday update items!
Jeffman12 Jun 27 2010, 6:15am says:

Amazing, and I thought effects like that shown in the GDI base were only possible in newer Sage engine versions.

+4 votes   article: Inside "The Forgotten's" Missions: 12 New Screens!
Jeffman12 Jun 22 2010, 12:43am says:

Right when my interest was re-sparked in DX due to the new trailer.

+4 votes   download: TNM 1.0.4 PLUS Patch
Jeffman12 Jun 14 2010, 8:29pm says:

Daaaaaamn, this has inspired me to get working.

+1 vote   media: Unity Spring 2010 Highlight Reel
Jeffman12 Jun 14 2010, 2:56am says:

Wow, this looks pretty neat actually.
An ambitions project, but I'm impressed.

+2 votes   mod: Tiberian Sun WarZone
Jeffman12 Jun 5 2010, 10:20pm says:


+1 vote   media: GDI Mobile EMP
Jeffman12 Jun 3 2010, 12:04pm replied:

There's an idea, shorten them a bit and smack a couple gattling guns on those, and you've got a wolverine.

+1 vote   article: Clash of the Titans
Jeffman12 May 22 2010, 12:44am says:

Any plans to upgrade to a newer SAGE engine? Generals hates my computer.
And, yes, excellent models, but textures would be great.

+1 vote   article: New Invasion Confirmed Demo Released!
Jeffman12 May 22 2010, 12:42am says:

So I take it the plot will either stray towards 'Forgotten' territory(lol at my pun) Or pretty much stay the same...
I can't foresee any other plot outcome unless you guys have a hell of a twist planned.

+1 vote   article: Introducing Black Zones
Jeffman12 May 20 2010, 11:37am says:

It should be able to do non-DOS too. As I recall the difference was between Setup.exe and install.exe, or something like that. 'Course not familiar with the German version, myself.
Oh, and in before anyone says something about an ISO being here, it's legal, EA released the English version for free.
You can download them at

+1 vote   download: Command & Conquer Alarmstufe Rot Allied
Jeffman12 May 17 2010, 8:49pm says:

Great, not only has my attention been called to an interesting mod, but free hammer resources too!

+1 vote   article: Spring Media and Community Tool
Jeffman12 May 11 2010, 10:07pm says:

So it's voice chat and image display?

+1 vote   media: Click21 - Demo ScreenShot
Jeffman12 May 10 2010, 3:18pm says:

Another step towards originality.

+2 votes   media: Twisted Insurrection - New Logo
Jeffman12 May 7 2010, 3:12pm says:

A little late on commenting, but it's great.

+2 votes   media: Time Bomb B1
Jeffman12 May 7 2010, 2:56pm says:

The vocal snippets annoyed me when I heard them in the original, it wouldn't be bad if it was just the one time in the beginning of the song. Other than that, it's pretty good.
That's my two cents, take it or leave it.

+2 votes   media: Re-Act On Instinct
Jeffman12 May 4 2010, 2:20am says:

So a campaign mode?
Original, right?

+2 votes   media: A Sign of Things to Come
Jeffman12 Apr 23 2010, 5:54pm says:

Oh, cool squads of 4.

+2 votes   media: Nod Awakened
Jeffman12 Apr 20 2010, 12:02pm says:

I like where this is going, but the stacks on the power plant and the radar dish don't quite fit The Brotherhood's low profile style. I think the dish could at least be sized down a little, and maybe the stacks have a little darker coloration.

+1 vote   media: Nod Artillery
Jeffman12 Apr 8 2010, 4:28pm says:

Lesson1: Deutsch ist töll. Deutsch macht spass.

I dunno, don't really look like disks anymore...

+2 votes   media: Neuer Effekt für Plasmadisk-Upgrade
Jeffman12 Apr 6 2010, 9:59pm says:

Ich kann Deutsch Sprechen, aber nicht viel D:.
But, yes, waiting does usually entail a better final result.

+2 votes   article: TWA 1.6
Jeffman12 Apr 5 2010, 7:21pm says:

Can't wait for a download.

+1 vote   mod: Saints Row 2 Handling Mod
Jeffman12 Mar 23 2010, 12:23am says:

Wow, I can't wait. But I always thought of a C&C 3 style shooter as one where the other infantry would be bots in your squad that you can order to take cover somewhere or run with you.

+4 votes   article: Blog 5
Jeffman12 Mar 9 2010, 3:00am says:

Very atmospheric.

Btw, that was also a pun.

+3 votes   media: C&C 3: The Forgotten
Jeffman12 Jan 7 2010, 9:07pm replied:

Ah, I see, and therefore causes the enemy to underestimate their strength...

+1 vote   media: Nod Cyborg March Wallpaper
Jeffman12 Jan 7 2010, 2:26pm says:

1280x1024>Right Click>Set as Desktop Background.

Thanks, bro.

+2 votes   media: Nod Wall Wallpaper
Jeffman12 Jan 7 2010, 2:23pm says:

Seems inefficient, having massive arm cannons you can only support by holding it up with the other arm...

+2 votes   media: Nod Cyborg March Wallpaper
Jeffman12 Jan 7 2010, 2:22pm says:

That's a free market economy for you, one second someone's selling you meds, the next, they're plowing through your sweet ride with a tank. And then they sell you more meds because they broke your neck and they're the only company that makes the stuff you need for the operation.

+4 votes   media: GloboTech vs GDI vs Nod
Jeffman12 Nov 25 2009, 7:58pm says:

Don't argue with it, that's how it was made. They're just keeping the tradition.

+1 vote   media: Atreides Minotaurus
Jeffman12 Nov 18 2009, 10:20pm says:

I'm sure TD redux's was just made to emulate the original. From what I've seen of later SAGE engine builds (C&C 3) it's able to use the TS method.

This mod makes me wish I could still run Generals, but I always get issues with starting it up after the first run.

+1 vote   article: Tiberian Sun Redux Update #7
Jeffman12 Nov 14 2009, 5:41pm says:

Good job on the muscular forearm bit, it makes sense with him having to lug around that bruiser all day.

+1 vote   media: Rocket Officer
Jeffman12 Jul 28 2009, 2:37am says:

Yeah, it seems kinda minimalistic. Maybe have them all at the normal positions but with the assault arrows pushing into the enemy territory.

+2 votes   article: Blog #80
Jeffman12 Jul 18 2009, 7:48pm says:

I assume the dome is going to be geodesic in appearance like the old tech center.

+1 vote   media: GDI Mech Port
Jeffman12 Jul 18 2009, 4:04am says:

At first it was a jumble of tech, but now I can see it clearly. It's pretty BA, keep up the good work.

+1 vote   media: Final version of the Mammoth MKII
Jeffman12 Jul 16 2009, 1:31pm says:

The cartoonish effect is achieved by the large, yet somewhat short barrels. At least they are portrayed that way in the isometric view, the side and top view indicate it differently.

+1 vote   media: Aggressor Tank
Jeffman12 Jun 21 2009, 3:43am says:

Too bad there's no SSM's in this, then. You'd need Inkvine Catapults or Cobra Artillary to fill that role, and my guess is it won't be too unbalanced as far as that's concerned.

+1 vote   media: Sandy Pass Update
Jeffman12 Jun 11 2009, 3:57am says:

I like the front on this one.

+1 vote   media: Revamped Nod Recon Bike
Jeffman12 May 27 2009, 8:43pm says:

So, would the current in this room hurt the players that step on the veins?

+2 votes   media: Concept art
Jeffman12 May 10 2009, 11:56pm says:

Looks good.

+1 vote   media: C&C 3: The Forgotten Infantry Trailer - May 2009
Jeffman12 Feb 3 2009, 7:18pm replied:

It was a joke meant to comment on the detail, "Nice work though." should make that apparent.

+1 vote   media: Marauder Technician Concept
Jeffman12 Jan 30 2009, 3:21pm says:

What is it with tech engines and cyborgy bad guys?
Nice work though. Looks like that guy should take better care of his skin.

+1 vote   media: Marauder Technician Concept
Jeffman12 Jan 30 2009, 3:10pm replied:

Who said anything about Grayshot? This is "The Myriad".

Sounds interesting enough, it's on my watch list. Singling one or two people is kinda done though. But hey, if you want a stable plot that's probably the best way to go about things.

+1 vote   article: The Myriad
Jeffman12 Dec 11 2008, 12:09pm says:

I like the new look, it retains the old brutishness that Quake 2 had, but adds some sophistication. And does that shoulder mounted flood light mean you're gonna be having flashlights in this?

+1 vote   media: Misc Concept Designs
Jeffman12 Oct 31 2008, 3:57pm says:

It's a tournament mod, when you see the "bunch of cool stuff" it's actually all for different factions, it's a dynamic player generated story. The outcomes of each officially held battle are documented into the story of the mod.

+1 vote   article: Conflict-2142 update
Jeffman12 Apr 13 2008, 7:26pm says:

Awesome, it does just what a teaser should!

+2 votes   media: Asylum - Teaser
Jeffman12 Dec 16 2006, 2:06am says:

Looks more like an unofficial expansion than a mod, that's good.
I'm curious on whether unlocks will tie into this.

+1 vote   mod: 22nd Century Warfare
Jeffman12 May 11 2010, 6:36pm replied:

EA actually supports third party game creation, so long as you don't sell it. Even then, if it was good enough, they'd probably be willing to allow it if they got some of the profit.

When the Reborn Team asked EA if it was okay to use the W3D engine and release Reborn for free, they replied with "Go for it, we love free advertising."

Most of the law suits EA is involved in are from employees suing them for unpaid overtime. A symptom of working at a company with such stringent release dates that they're willing to compromise quality just to ensure they're met.

+1 vote   group: Command & Conquer Westwood Fans
Jeffman12 May 9 2010, 8:57pm says:

Seeing as this is a mod and game development resource site, instead of complaining about how EA ruined your childhood, why don't you all take steps towards rebuilding the games the way you see fit, either through modding or starting from scratch. Of course you won't be able to sell it if it's based off of C&C, but it's great portfolio work and there's other ways you can make money should you need any to support the project.

Even if you were to just come up with concepts, it really is more conducive than complaining about something you won't change any time soon.

And remember, all developers(Whether they want the money or the art aspect) are receptive of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. So putting down what you'd want in a new game would get better results than idle threats to EA, who I can assure you, won't listen to them.

We all know Renegade would be cooler if it wasn't under the time restraints EA put on it, but that's the beauty of a site like this, you get plenty of opportunity to do it yourself.

+4 votes   group: Command & Conquer Westwood Fans
Jeffman12 May 8 2010, 9:05pm says:

Neat how Red Tiberium is actually at the lower end on this one, and I like how everything is in keeping with the light spectrum.

I recall blue growing more often in colder and mutated environments. It's trivial, though, as nobody seems to have officially taken note of such behavior.

+4 votes   article: The Tiberium Odyssey.
Jeffman12 May 7 2010, 2:59pm says:

Not bad, I can certainly sense the feeling it will put into the game.

+3 votes   media: Hide and Seek
Jeffman12 May 4 2010, 5:07pm says:

Too bad, I'd have payed more but I'm not getting more money until after this amazing deal. Oh, well, not like I can't donate on my own.

+3 votes   article: Introducing the Humble Indie Bundle (pay what you want)
Jeffman12 May 4 2010, 1:08pm says:

The second word is dawn...
Is the whole thing...
Black Dawn...?

+3 votes   media: A Sign of Things to Come
Jeffman12 May 1 2010, 11:00pm says:

I've noticed similar mismatches with Nod and Scrin units, don't remember which, though.

+1 vote   mod: Tiberium Essence
Jeffman12 May 1 2010, 6:38pm replied:

I agree with this. Although House Ordos doesn't fit in with the rest of the mythos, I don't think it would be hard to angle them in with the rest of the factions that crop up throughout Dune.

I'd also like to see a conquest style gameplay mode where you can manage territories and organize assaults on new strategic locations on different planets in order to expand your empire. You know, so the logistics aspect isn't only handled on Arrakis. I'd say something like the Conquest Mode in Kane's Wrath, but spanning more than one world.

+3 votes   game: Dune: War of the Spice
Jeffman12 Apr 29 2010, 7:53pm replied:

Off the top of my head:
I found the combat music in C&C 4 to be fitting(To the Death, The Harder They Fall), more specifically the sort of industrial/electronic percussion aspects alongside violin. While the vocals are decent, they complete the songs more in a 'good enough' way at times, I'd avoid anything sounding like the breakdown in To The Death(2:31-3:16).

Hate to sound like someone absolutely obsessed with Frank Klepacki, as many C&C fans are, but he does a good job with Ancient Presence from Universe at War. I think something to that effect would make great passive music for either faction.

+1 vote   media: Eclipse Overture
Jeffman12 Apr 29 2010, 2:36am says:

Not saying it isn't good, but unless this game is going in a different direction I thought initially, I don't see it as fitting.

+3 votes   media: Eclipse Overture
Jeffman12 Apr 24 2010, 6:11pm says:

Are the feet gonna reposition while turning in the future? Hardly necessity, just a nice little bit of polish.

What's that about Source? The only link this has to Half-Life is this game's predecessor.

+1 vote   article: Engine Progress - SgtBarlow's Map
Jeffman12 Apr 20 2010, 12:05pm says:

Hah! So it isn't really a carryALL is it?

But seriously, nice job, the props on it look relatively small, though.

+1 vote   media: GDI Carry-All
Jeffman12 Apr 11 2010, 12:23am says:

Great job, now I can stand to use ground vehicles other than motor cycles, but I still feel like they are still a little awkward to drive.

+1 vote   mod: Saints Row 2 Handling Mod
Jeffman12 Apr 10 2010, 9:02pm replied:

Ohhh, I see. That makes sense, then. I thought it was just idling.

+1 vote   media: effect for new bison/ox-transport
Jeffman12 Apr 10 2010, 2:06pm says:

That's a lot of exhaust, maybe cut down distance of how far down it goes?

+1 vote   media: effect for new bison/ox-transport
Jeffman12 Apr 10 2010, 4:18am says:

I love how fickle the 12 year old portion of the community has become since the studio where C&C was developed changed its name from Westwood to EALA.

A. German is one of the parent languages of English, tons of words can be found in common. (Not to mention, German borrows new words from English)
B. If you can't identify the things in your build menu by picture, then you probably can't really play C&C.
C. Learn some patience, if you want progress to be halted on an unfinished product just so you can play a buggy version of the final product, GB2 Renegade.

I'd rather wait for something nice than rush it as it is now.

But, hey, maybe if all the people who are angry that you have the audacity to make it in your own language rather than theirs stop watching, they'll stop spamming "MAEK ENLIH VERSON PLZ" and you won't need to be constantly explaining to them that you're doing what's in their best interest.

+5 votes   media: Neuer Effekt für Plasmadisk-Upgrade
Jeffman12 Apr 6 2010, 10:06pm says:

There are Ion Storms, but seeing as base power and function are unaffected by even a close proximity storm, I think it's safe to say they'd put the same power/shielding tech in the MRLS. Not to mention, MRLS' could still fire when grounded, they weren't defenseless, despite their value being further diminished by the lack of air units to attack during a storm.

+1 vote   article: "Locate & destroy!"
Jeffman12 Apr 1 2010, 8:24pm says:

I'm so angry because I own a PSP, I don't think ANYONE ELSE should be able to play this. I'm gonna stop watching it for this outrage and send the dev team hate mail on a regular basis./sarcasm

Seriously, it's a Quake derivative, they don't need to recreate the game from scratch to get it working on the Wii, they'll progress all the same. Assuming it's not an April Fool's joke.
If it is, that's not cool, getting my hopes up with a well-made hoax vid.

0 votes   article: Solitude: Update #36
Jeffman12 Mar 26 2010, 7:45pm says:

I bet the mutants use it.

+1 vote   media: Unknown
Jeffman12 Mar 26 2010, 7:44pm says:

Neutral Capturable, I believe.

+2 votes   media: Artillery Emplacement
Jeffman12 Dec 15 2014, 2:10pm replied:

I don't think C&C 4 would have been considered so terrible if they had just called it what it was: A C&C themed MOBA designed by fisher price.
Also would have helped if it wasn't made according to a survey sent out to people who just bought Kane's Wrath.

So, Cruentus and Aboreus were present in the TS game files(As in the code, not actual .shps), but never saw the light of day, and this led to a lot of fan speculation on the topic, even whether it would be red or yellow, possibly even orange. As I recall, cruentus itself would have been unharvestable due to a lack of efficient industrial processing.

+2 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 - Forgotten
Jeffman12 Dec 14 2014, 4:34pm replied:

It was widely considered to exist in the universe as an extreme rarity, it had an appearance in Firestorm as a single recolored blue tiberium formation and was later used in C&C 4 for the research mechanic.

+2 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 - Forgotten
Jeffman12 Dec 12 2014, 4:38pm replied:

I just feel like it was established that larger formations tend to be more stable, hence the vinifera "trees" that were able to produce more tiberium even when the field had detonated.

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 - Forgotten
Jeffman12 Dec 11 2014, 10:24pm says:

It looks awesome, but I don't think you'd be able to give a new and interesting delivery method for a blue tiberium bomb.

I think if blue tiberium was carpet dropped into an area and then detonated, that'd be a neat delivery method, but I don't think it'd generate an explosion like that.

+2 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 - Forgotten
Jeffman12 Nov 17 2014, 11:29pm says:

I'd say this is now a full-fledged mod instead of a patch.

+1 vote   media: Steel Troopers
Jeffman12 Aug 22 2014, 9:30pm says:

Heh, I was just wondering about this yesterday.

+1 vote   article: Thrive v0.2.3 Released!
Jeffman12 May 31 2014, 8:43pm says:

Maybe add some other form of paygate than cats for research levels. Who's all that money going to?

Is it like a voodoo sacrifice for the elder gods to pass along forbidden knowledge, or something?

+1 vote   article: Update 0.68
Jeffman12 Dec 31 2013, 12:13pm says:

See, you just need to find a coder, and then hold their family hostage, or better, stick them in a cage. Or find one of those coder hobos, they'll be holding a sign "Will program for food".

+4 votes   article: The Future of the Project
Jeffman12 Nov 20 2013, 1:03am says:

I've picked up space engineers, but I'm still eagerly awaiting this, there's some features in this I just don't see being able to work in that game.

+3 votes   media: Blockade Runner Development Timeline
Jeffman12 Oct 29 2013, 11:52pm says:

Emperor: Battle For Dune's explanation of Carryalls went against the lore as they were allegedly automated and un-manned in the games. The manual explicitly states that Thinking Machines are a taboo in the Dust Scout entry. Then again, the refinery and harvester were one in the same in the source material. Westwood probably just wanted a reason to make you build carryalls and 'advanced carryalls' separately.

+1 vote   media: Carryall & Harvester New Logic
Jeffman12 Oct 22 2013, 9:37pm says:

The wolverine I remember walked like those windup toys with the legs.

+1 vote   media: Wolverine walk animation
Jeffman12 Oct 7 2013, 6:43pm says:

Was going back through the images, I see I was negged for an objective assessment.

Well, now, you look ridiculous, anonymous user. You know who you are.

+1 vote   media: Tiberium's Scorpion Tank
Jeffman12 Oct 7 2013, 2:12am says:

Is this a global repair, or higher volume repair radius? What makes it any better than standard war factory repair?

+3 votes   media: TiberiumEssence152
Jeffman12 Aug 23 2013, 12:28am replied:

Well that's a weird thing to neg.

I suppose I should elaborate. A theory states that one method by which cells became complex and attained new organelles was by consuming incompatible bacteria, or being invaded by them. Over time a symbiotic relationship emerged which later became integral. It just seems more in-depth than cells picking and choosing random DNA they 'collect'.

I think a mechanic where one type of NPC bacteria with a particular trait made a habit of invading player made cells, and then the cells had to adapt to not be impacted negatively and incorporate the benefits of the new organelle would be interesting.

+2 votes   article: Microbe Stage Concept Animation
Jeffman12 Aug 20 2013, 7:37pm says:

I take it this isn't going to use the theory that complex cells evolved through convergent symbiosis between simpler single cell organisms.

+1 vote   article: Microbe Stage Concept Animation
Jeffman12 May 31 2013, 2:19pm says:

A couple of those bugs sound pretty serious, I think I'll hold off until the next snapshot or even release of the version. Sounds like they're getting close if they're starting to hammer out the existing bugs.

+1 vote   article: Minecraft Snapshot 13w22a
Jeffman12 Feb 14 2013, 3:43pm says:

But why not use the full helmet for the nod troops? Those look kinda wonky.

+2 votes   article: CGI: We Rise From the Ashes!
Jeffman12 Nov 25 2012, 12:58pm says:

The other ones didn't really need it, but the lack of shading really isn't doing these ones any good. But I suppose if you shade these ones, the others need it too.

+1 vote   download: Minecraft - RA3 Paradox: Allied Infantry Skins
Jeffman12 Nov 18 2012, 9:22pm says:

Kinda... Digging pretty far back into the stockpiles for a plane like this, aren't they?

+5 votes   media: Soviet YaK-5 Promo Render
Jeffman12 Sep 28 2012, 1:01pm replied:

Valve doesn't care if their content is moved between source/goldsource games, but this is clearly lower poly, and thus not being a port.

+3 votes   download: Elite Combine Retextures
Jeffman12 Aug 24 2012, 6:02pm says:


+1 vote   media: Blockade Runner - Atmospheres in Upcoming 0.74.0!
Jeffman12 Aug 16 2012, 1:56pm says:

I don't imagine mushrooms still spread while in those.

+1 vote   media: Flower Pots and Item Frames
Jeffman12 Aug 14 2012, 11:46am says:

Something tells me we won't be seeing this on any titan maps.

+1 vote   media: NAC + EU - Heavy Gunship - VTOL Engine Animation 1
Jeffman12 Jul 16 2012, 1:10am says:

Is it going to fire something more along the lines of an actual RPG in this, or still gonna lob a projectile?

I was always under the impression the RPG tower was originally supposed to serve the anti-armor and anti-air function like the old advanced guard tower, hence the name.

+1 vote   media: GDI: Vulcan Tower & RPG Tower
Jeffman12 May 21 2012, 12:30pm says:

If you could manage to use the model they use in Sven Coop, it's actually pretty decent a quality model, about the same quality as the Gauss Gun's.

+1 vote   media: Hornet Gun
Jeffman12 May 21 2012, 12:16pm replied:

Yeah, it's actually more of a description of the scientist or the SEVA suit. They both have 'closed cycle air supplies' as I recall, and are built almost specifically for environmental hazards.

+1 vote   media: New Art
Jeffman12 May 14 2012, 10:22am says:

Compared to how the Ordos Mortar Infantry worked in Emperor: Battle for Dune, this appearance is a fitting one. The mortar infantry proved very weak by themselves, and were of course easy to destroy when under-supported. All the Ordos infantry looked the same, so the only real difference was their voice, which bore a distinctly younger or inexperienced quality.

+2 votes   media: Empire Ashigaru Bombardier
Jeffman12 Apr 16 2012, 11:22pm says:

I missed chromehounds, if you manage to outdo it, you win everything.

+5 votes   game: M.A.V.
Jeffman12 Mar 29 2012, 1:02am says:

Any reason for the design change?
I think this is just about as good as the other one, just curious.

+1 vote   media: Promotional Sketch: Infector Inside
Jeffman12 Mar 25 2012, 1:23pm says:

It's really hard to find these in any decent quality. Great job.

+2 votes   media: Nod Logo Spinning
Jeffman12 Mar 6 2012, 9:43am says:

Very nice.

+1 vote   download: The Plastic Beach
Jeffman12 Feb 29 2012, 10:40pm replied:

What arguments? Those'r facts. It'd be refreshing to see some original content for once.

+2 votes   download: Cry Of Fear Simon Player Model
Jeffman12 Feb 29 2012, 12:53pm replied:

Porting pre-existing content...

+2 votes   download: Cry Of Fear Simon Player Model
Jeffman12 Feb 8 2012, 1:07pm says:

Okay, granted a simpler design for a rifle would be easier to clean and maintain, but more exposed moving parts means higher chance sand getting in and jamming it, which I admit probably won't be a problem if sandstorms aren't gonna be a prominent feature.

+4 votes   media: Atreides Advanced Rifle
Jeffman12 Jan 23 2012, 5:29pm replied:

The weight he put on?

+5 votes   article: Santa's Revenge 2 Release
Jeffman12 Jan 22 2012, 12:55pm says:

Well, there was a lot of work done, that's a plus, the em... Architecture isn't bad, and it doesn't appear too robotic in design.

The problems I have with it; Flat maps are a minor setback just because they don't require much creativity in dealing with irregular terrain. Personally, I'm not such a big fan of cities because if you're in a city on a server, there isn't much drive to explore and strike out on your own to fill necessities. Those are just personal preferences, so I can't say I have any real problem with this.

+4 votes   download: Octagon City V1.1
Jeffman12 Jan 19 2012, 4:23pm says:

My idea for how ladders should work is a bit different. Collision would be necessary, but they could be placed free floating as long as some ladder had a block behind it for support at a point. Of course, if that block is removed, they'd all break.

+3 votes   article: Minecraft Snapshot 12w03a
Jeffman12 Jan 17 2012, 11:47am says:

Some of us don't know what this is from, or its relevance. By the looks of it, I'm guessing Kingdom Hearts. The shoulders are f'n weird, I'm not a KH fan, and I especially dislike cross-media recolors, so I think I'll let these be.

An actual description is ALWAYS a decent touch, I remember back in my Quake 2 days browsing through piles of models at the ol' Polycount. I'd be looking for models I liked, found Daleks, some superheros, Cyborgs, etc. I didn't know a thing about Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, but I found some related player models. Had I not read the descriptions, I would never have been able to remember where to get them when I later became a JTHM fan. Had that never happened, my friend that I showed them to would have never converted them to be compatible with Sven Coop 2.(numbers) something and, well, I dunno, some other stuff. My attention span is drifting elsewhere, so bleh.

+1 vote   download: Sarashi White
Jeffman12 Dec 6 2011, 4:17pm replied:

I like that there is a hologram, but I'm not to fond of the idea of it just spelling something out constantly, maybe it should be a rotating cylinder marque display of a propaganda vid.


Oh, I thought it was an A, like it just spelled out Kane over and over, I didn't see the bottom portion of the logo due to transparency in the middle and being unobservant. This hologram is fine, disregard the above statement.

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 1.5
Jeffman12 Oct 26 2011, 4:33pm replied:

Yes, and you can get in on it by pre-ordering it from their site right now.

+1 vote   article: Occlusion Culling Interview
Jeffman12 Aug 26 2011, 2:56pm says:

Is that gonna be a team specific feature, or is every faction gonna have it?

+1 vote   media: HL2: Wars code progress 20
Jeffman12 Aug 19 2011, 12:54pm says:

Soviets progressing to art deco? That IS science fiction!

+1 vote   media: sov tesla coil [WIP]
Jeffman12 Aug 18 2011, 3:39pm says:

I've seen too many frigg'n houndeye models, but this one seems to do the best justice.

And yes, I remember there were supposed to be some kind of whisker type things in the eye area.

+3 votes   media: Houndeye
Jeffman12 Jul 19 2011, 1:02am says:

Could use something, can't put my finger on it.
Maybe clean up a bit of the center, that dark ring looks kind of off.

+4 votes   media: Nod Helipad
Jeffman12 Jul 5 2011, 12:49pm replied:

I have to admit, compared to the others it lacks a certain quality, but I think that's a little much. I mean, it's still pretty cool.

+1 vote   media: Cyborg Reaper (Promotional Sketch)
Jeffman12 Jun 7 2011, 1:50pm says:

It's got a kind of generals feel, but I think it goes along well with the theme.

+1 vote   media: allies spy satellite centre concept
Jeffman12 Jun 7 2011, 1:42pm says:

First Aros ad, I'm getting a "Hey, kids, join today and get an AWESOME FREAK'N HELMET!" kind of vibe from it.

+2 votes   article: Fray : Advertising in a dystopian future
Jeffman12 May 4 2011, 12:07pm says:

Pretty cool, all around. One question; Every unit on that team gonna be Russian? Doesn't really lend to the feel of it being a coalition, if so.

+2 votes   article: Video update - Ripper X-4
Jeffman12 Apr 27 2011, 11:43am says:

The best part about all of this is, aside from the player's gauntlets, the textures, models, and brushes don't look patently Source-ey, which I feel is a common issue. That bit I assume is a doorway could use some sprucing up. Maybe a couple inlaid lights and/or a serial number/door code thing(for example something like C-108).

+2 votes   media: Massive Redesign Update
Jeffman12 Apr 24 2011, 7:38pm says:

My guess is a barracks. Tiny door for anything else.

+1 vote   media: 25-4-2011
Jeffman12 Apr 16 2011, 5:31am says:

Honestly, I forgot I was watching this. Not disappointed, though. Far from it.

Also, I admire your ability to use/stand using Zbrush.

+1 vote   article: AFF Planetstorm News, April 2011
Jeffman12 Apr 13 2011, 5:02pm says:

Put a filter on the voice. It's passable as is, but I think you could make it a better fit by making him at least sound like he's in a heavy vehicle.

+3 votes   media: United Coalition: IBV
Jeffman12 Apr 2 2011, 1:15pm says:

Very nice.

+2 votes   media: United Coalition: War Factory
Jeffman12 Apr 2 2011, 2:34am says:

See, the best april fools posts are thinly veiled, yet still hard to determine. See, for the most part, minus the ikea thing and technobabbel, you could actually pull off a decent mod with those goals.

And yes, I agree, you've demonstrated a nack for modding. It wasn't anything revolutionary, but your mod was rather enjoyable. Sequels tend to only satisfy when premeditated, though. So I can understand if you still don't follow up this short but sweet mod.

+2 votes   article: Precursor Sequel Announced (april fools)
Jeffman12 Apr 2 2011, 2:31am says:

No, no, no. You don't seem to get it. You say you're gonna start selling stupid cosmetic digital hats and you better start ****'n selling stupid cosmetic digital hats. If you don't there is no return for you. I want my GOTTDAMN TANKHELMET.

-2 votes   article: Awful News from Sven Co-op
Jeffman12 Apr 1 2011, 5:48pm replied:

Explanations are nice, but if there's an ongoing case or a settlement being made, both parties are obliged to keep their mouths shut on the topic until it's over with, and even then sometimes the agreement involves that as a condition, too. By the sounds of it, this isn't as bad as EA's unpaid overtime scandal, so I'm not too inclined to do something that'll ultimately make the devs clam up and shut their doors to the community.

+1 vote   article: Spiral Game Studios Acquires Firearms
Jeffman12 Mar 24 2011, 6:56pm replied:

Stands out like a more of sore thumb in the typical theater of war, though. Could be worse colors... But why not a buggy? There's plenty of usable resources to choose from, or make your own. At least if this really is for ArmA.

+1 vote   media: Decades of Tiberian ArmA 2 mod - Nod Humvee
Jeffman12 Mar 22 2011, 7:26pm replied:

Yeah, the whole leaking radioactive chemicals/coolant and age-cracked smokestacks weren't even a theme for the soviets, which means it should be even less so for a team that's supposed to be a fusion of Allied and Soviet design.
Maybe if those are parts of the structure damage phases, but that just seems like a gross overstatement of workplace hazards, that, lets face it, would debilitate their forces. Everything else is fine, I don't even have a problem with the skewed perspective on the radioactive symbol, but come on, leaking toxic glowing goo, WHILE running at full efficiency?

+1 vote   media: United Coalition: Tech Lab
Jeffman12 Mar 9 2011, 1:37pm says:

The contrast between the edges and the other surfaces makes it look kinda grungy.

+5 votes   media: GDI Titan
Jeffman12 Mar 8 2011, 11:18am says:

I can't tell if being in that big bulky suit will increase or decrease a sniper's odds of survival. I want to say the latter, because it stands out more.

+1 vote   media: gdi power suit X sniper variant
Jeffman12 Feb 26 2011, 8:40pm says:

Seeing it IRL, I always thought it should have some sort of blade runner type feel to it.
That looks like it's getting there.

+2 votes   media: Hong Kong Streets (WIP)
Jeffman12 Feb 19 2011, 1:47am says:

Actually, that having to be injured for heal spray to do damage sounds more like a feature than a bug. It implies some complexity.

+1 vote   article: NS2 Build 163 released
Jeffman12 Feb 8 2011, 2:02pm says:

My best guess is desaturate it a little, but I've never had to do color work with SAGE.

+2 votes   media: GDI Titan
Jeffman12 Feb 1 2011, 12:26am says:

His name's Steve.

+5 votes   download: Mr. Minecraft
Jeffman12 Jan 29 2011, 3:06pm says:

I dunno, I'd expect a SAM to take out an aircraft with a single missile, at least blow off a wing if your aircraft had one to speak of. That is, if realism is your thing. The countermeasure should count for something though if that was the case.

+1 vote   media: NAC SAM Site - AutoController Test
Jeffman12 Jan 19 2011, 10:40am says:

As I recall Flak wasn't that great at taking down missiles, but I guess it did alright against aircraft carriers.

+1 vote   media: Soviet Sea Scorpion
Jeffman12 Jan 2 2011, 12:50pm replied:

You know how people begin worshiping things they don't understand in an attempt to assign meaning and find some understanding? Kind of like the ancient Greeks and lightning, this would be on of those instances. Honestly, I'm surprised this faction didn't exist already in Freelancer. Nice job.

+1 vote   media: Nomad Cult Ships
Jeffman12 Dec 20 2010, 1:29am says:

I think the flying tickle monsters your teacher mentioned are a reference to the Nightgaunt, a race of creatures with a gargoyle like appearance, though lacking any facial features, that take flight at night in search of victims. Once located they swoop down and grab hold, tickling their quarry into submission to ease the task of dropping them into an abyss. They came from the H.P. Lovecraft's childhood nightmares, so you know it's good stuff.

+1 vote   article: Weeks 7 + 8
Jeffman12 Dec 19 2010, 2:20pm says:

My, my. The homeless in your country are well groomed.

+3 votes   media: Fray - Motion Capture Making-Of
Jeffman12 Dec 14 2010, 11:56am says:

Very nice, the paintjob's a little WH40k, but that suits just fine.

+1 vote   media: Nod Tick Tank
Jeffman12 Dec 13 2010, 11:28pm says:

I'm trying to wrap my head around why its bone structure would appear to be carved stone, but it's pretty cool.
Ultimately, I think the removal of devour might be for the best due to a tendency to create rage-quits out of thin air, besides, why bother waisting the calories to consume a whole marine when the marine and entire nutritional value simply cease to be after a second?

Actually, you could probably bring it back as a corpse eating move, similar to the skulk's, but it would take time, like an anaconda engulfing fresh prey.

+1 vote   media: Onos
Jeffman12 Dec 13 2010, 11:21pm says:

Sure, it's neat, but I've been seeing the bulked up gas station nozzle quite a bit in modern games.

+1 vote   media: The Flamethrower
Jeffman12 Dec 12 2010, 12:37pm says:

That's just an 'outpost'?
I'd love to see what passes for a base.

+3 votes   media: Brotherhood Outpost
Jeffman12 Dec 11 2010, 1:27am says:

They land to fire, right? Otherwise, I think the recoil would be insane.

+2 votes   media: GDI Light Arc Artillery (WIP)
Jeffman12 Dec 1 2010, 4:48pm says:

I heard it's relatively simple to set up mocap systems, the only major problem being the space required. Would you say the cost doing it this way was better than what it would have taken to get something adequately set up yourselves?

+1 vote   media: 13013 wears sexy pants
Jeffman12 Dec 1 2010, 4:40pm says:

Camouflage? More like conformoflage!
Come on guys, this soldier's obviously a pretty cool dude, trying to not get shot on sight is sooo yesterday.

+2 votes   download: us special force
Jeffman12 Dec 1 2010, 4:03pm says:

I like the addition of speed holes on the breastplate and shoulder to make the wearer move faster.

+1 vote   media: Nuclear Dawn - Consortium Exo Suppressor
Jeffman12 Nov 17 2010, 4:09pm says:

Sonic weapons always seemed like a bad idea to me on Arrakis. As one of the many things that attract sandworms, using them on the open sands cannot end well for anyone in the area.

+1 vote   media: Heavy Buggy
Jeffman12 Nov 7 2010, 10:55pm says:

So, the reapers have always been anti-armor, but do you plan on maintaining the laser that particular version uses, or something else? Also, seeing as the lesser cyborgs will be armed with EMP, is there any plan to give the reapers the good old fashioned web launcher?

Frankly, I'm glad you went with the C&C 4 reapers instead of trying to create some from scratch, don't get me wrong, not saying you'd be bad at it, but I've seen too many hastily designed crawly spider things in my time... As for the textures, the typical quality I've seen in your mod has more than proven the quality.

+1 vote   media: Nod Cyborgs
Jeffman12 Oct 19 2010, 3:07pm says:

I think a yellow or orange color would be more appropriate for the leaves, they look like they're dead already.

+2 votes   download: [Outdated] Minecraft Autumn Texture
Jeffman12 Oct 18 2010, 10:48pm says:

I've seen more, and taller too, of course we had to hand stack them for that.

+1 vote   media: CACTUS FARM OVERKILL!!
Jeffman12 Oct 14 2010, 2:06pm says:

Nice, before I read the description, I was going to ask if it was a rail gun. Now I've always wondered if a rail gun would have recoil, and I guess it would from the magnetic propulsion.

+1 vote   media: NAC Recon Sniper Rifle - Model
Jeffman12 Sep 13 2010, 10:16pm says:

I like the the contrast between the streamlined left and bulky right side, and yet they still manage to blend together nicely.

+1 vote   media: MagTyde Light Armor Concept
Jeffman12 Jul 16 2010, 6:36pm says:

Maybe you guys should add the DOF to Reborn, then.

+1 vote   media: Imma firin' mah lazor!
Jeffman12 Jul 6 2010, 12:23pm says:

Very nice. The model looks finished, as far as I can tell. Just on to the color scheme now.

+1 vote   media: GDI Tiberium Refinery #Work in Progress#
Jeffman12 Jul 5 2010, 12:29pm says:

Those can also produce spiders and skeletons, but only one monster type per block. According to a friend, you can mine them and when you place it, it will become a pig spawner.

+1 vote   media: Zombie Spawn in Minecraft!?
Jeffman12 Jun 17 2010, 11:13am says:

Very nice, I like the one on the left because the one on the right is a little too yellow.

+2 votes   media: Titan Texture update
Jeffman12 May 30 2010, 11:44am says:

It's original, I can't think of anything bad about it to point out.

Or I could just type what all of the people that dislike this are thinking in an unflattering fashion. Something along the lines of:

I think it's just fine, and fits with the aesthetic of the mod quite nicely.

+1 vote   media: C&C Tiberian Odyssey Logo
Jeffman12 May 25 2010, 3:01pm says:

So it's like the transit hub, but you can pretty much place it anywhere.

+2 votes   article: Two New Structures, Interview at C&C 3: The Forgotten
Jeffman12 May 17 2010, 12:55am says:

Will any attempt be made to recover some of the functionality initially intended for the campaign when Renegade was first made public knowledge?
For example some ability to call in airstrikes, or at least tertiary objectives that will allow similar events to take place? Example: Take out the SAM and paint a laser target.

To be honest, I expected nothing more from you guys than a multiplayer remake, so just this is a pleasant, if not incredible surprise.

+7 votes   article: Renegade X: Operation Black Dawn
Jeffman12 Mar 17 2010, 3:06am says:

Very fitting Harkonnen design in general.

+1 vote   media: Carthag walls
Jeffman12 Jan 18 2010, 3:11am says:

The only complaint I have: The AA guns look like they wouldn't be too stable. If you want to keep the barrels the same length, but agree with my thoughts, one compromise I can think of right away would be to move the barrels into the turret so that they are coming out the back, maybe with ammo belts extending to them. Or at least put something on the back so it looks like it has adequate counter-balance.

I love the realistic scaling of the vehicles.

+2 votes   article: Twisted Insurrection Janurary Update
Jeffman12 Jan 7 2010, 2:11pm says:

Well, if it's not gonna have the scale of the wolverine, will it have the maneuverability? That's really the important aspect.

+2 votes   media: GDI Wolverine
Jeffman12 Jan 7 2010, 2:00pm says:

It's not working, I can see it.

+8 votes   media: Stealth Tank Render
Jeffman12 Dec 27 2009, 10:43pm says:

Unlike the older one you see everywhere else, the bulk seems like it'll match the damage output.

+1 vote   media: GDI Hover MRLS render
Jeffman12 Dec 21 2009, 4:33pm says:

Left looks better than the right, I hope that's what you were going for.

+1 vote   media: Pallet vs Pallets
Jeffman12 Nov 22 2009, 1:54pm says:

The turret on the Grizzly looks a little bulbous to me, but I can't think of an easy way to fix it.

+2 votes   article: Blog 155-157
Jeffman12 Nov 12 2009, 1:05pm says:

With those massive airfoils, it feels like they should be spread out from the main body a little more. In fact, everything but the fuselage looks like it should have some space put between it, seems too compact for a bomber. But, altogether, not a bad model.

+2 votes   media: GDI Orca Update
Jeffman12 Nov 12 2009, 12:57pm says:

That thing supposed to achieve orbit?

+5 votes   media: GDI Orca Update
Jeffman12 Nov 1 2009, 11:35am says:

Well, the HUD can be any color, really, it just needs some good ol' fashioned transparency. The actual visor looks pretty BA, though.

+1 vote   article: Our First Update
Jeffman12 Aug 14 2009, 7:16pm says:

I like the new HUD, but it just feels so empty without anything at the top. Maybe stylize the score tracker? Visible weapon tabs across the top? I dunno, I just feel like it needs something up there.

+2 votes   media: Ren vs. Ren-X
Jeffman12 Jul 28 2009, 12:20pm says:

Individually, they're just cool futuristic versions of normal everyday things(Excluding robotic arms). But altogether they give a nice description of what the mise en scene will be like.

+1 vote   article: Environment Props
Jeffman12 Jul 27 2009, 12:05pm says:

I dunno, I think the best field effect to use would be the sonic barrier for at least a placeholder.

+1 vote   media: Firestorm wall test
Jeffman12 Jul 19 2009, 12:20am says:

Is there going to be a secondary and primary? For example primary is buckshot, secondary is slug.

+1 vote   media: May Update Renders
Jeffman12 Jun 21 2009, 5:33pm says:

The darker texture really does make it look better. I was a little put off to it before by the large glowing yellow toes, but this is nice.

+1 vote   media: Something...
Jeffman12 Jun 16 2009, 1:49pm says:

The toes seem a litle blocky, I'd say extrude the faces and then bevel them. Oh, and slant them all downward towards the outer edge.

+1 vote   article: Full back again
Jeffman12 May 30 2009, 3:02pm says:

I don't think they would... Bah, who am I kidding, this is RA2 we're talking about.

+2 votes   media: Allied Barracks internals.
Jeffman12 Apr 29 2009, 2:52am says:

Looking at Alyx, I see that the shading is kinda texture based. And the wall to the right seems to be giving off more light than the openness on the other side.

The one thing that really bugs me after a while is that the NPC shading doesn't match the lift's shading. Alyx's arm on the lift's wall is much brighter than the dark background.

+1 vote   media: Standard Lambertian
Jeffman12 Feb 17 2009, 2:00am says:

I was looking forward to the next build, but the former Westwood staff have really gotten stuck up since the full merger with EA. I don't even feel the same about Petroglyph, it seems the rigid community support attitude that was there in the beginning is gone now.

Maybe they'll come around in time, but nobody should expect you to work with broken tools.

+1 vote   article: All Good Things (Come To An End)
Jeffman12 Dec 23 2007, 12:51pm says:

How do us TFD users play this?

+1 vote   mod: NCM Revolution
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