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The Mod being ressurected

Oct 18, 2006 Owen Frost Helljumper 1 comment

Things with the mod as I have said in a 'comment' are... D.E.A.D. Because of my inactivity and lack of being online for the most part. Since...


Jul 17, 2006 0 comments

Hello everyone, My computer is back online. Lost all my files though. We're rebuilding from the ground up. I'm sorry that this has been looking...

I'm back

Jun 10, 2006 Owen Frost Helljumper 0 comments

I'm at a friends house again! Things are hectic, my parents do not wish to pay to have my computer fixed for awhile, so, the Mod is on hold for a...

My computer is down

Apr 2, 2006 Owen Frost Helljumper 0 comments

My computer has a Virus, it will not allow me on Windows at all, I am currently at a friends house, until further notice, you will rarely hear from me...

A new picture and new management

Feb 3, 2006 Owen Frost Helljumper 0 comments

Our Concept Artist is preparing to make the face of Owen Frost himself, the character you play as, I am as intrigued as many are as to what this man will...


Feb 3, 2006 Owen Frost Helljumper 0 comments

Hello everyone, sorry for the very long wait, I've been trying to get my mod skills up and school has gotten in the way, (What can I say, school...

Help wanted for AI Design

Nov 16, 2005 Owen Frost Helljumper 0 comments

Hello We need expericanced and dedicated AI Designs for the Owen Frost Mod. They must be familer with the Source Engine. Here are a few things we need...

Concept Art

Aug 24, 2005 1 comment

We're going to put up some Concept Art of the Xeno/Aliens very soon. Thanks to mehdij23. once he has put that up, I will change the Percent Complete...

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