For those wondering what my name is, Moo Cow Banshee is a name my friend gave to his salarian infiltrator when he first saw them, moo cow banshee is supposta be a gay rapist salarian because of how creepy they look. And I know salarians don't have the same reproduction organs as humans do.

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Mass Effect 3 Tournament

MooCowBanshee Blog 3 comments

I have been planning a tournament in some way for the DoTR fans/dev's to play together. The Tournament would be on Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer. I'll group teams up by those who wish to participate and there will be a reward. The reward will be revealed later.
How It'll work:
It starts off on bronze, the team that gets the more points than the other wins, and they'll go to silver, gold, then to platinum.
Hopefully there will be enough people to get about 6 teams of four people, thirty people overall.
Both teams will have to get photographic proof of the points and i'll announce the winner.
When it'll happen?
I'll find out when I get enough people.
To have fun with each other and hang out with fellow DoTR people!
I'll choose the teams RANDOMLY no bias in it at all, i'll write all the names down and do a random draw of names to form the teams.

Maybe as a bonus:
The Dev's can verse each other with choices of any member of the DoTR fan base to aid them, Who's the best with multiplayer?

Message me what your Mass Effect 3 is on Xbox, PC, PS3 and if you wanna join!
And add me on Xbox 360: Moo Cow Panshi
Also, Lockerd helped on the idea.

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