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jeclxohko Jun 15 2013, 4:42pm replied:

Warning: I have used abstraction of knowledge from the Matrix film series for my last paragraph, WB might take legal action against my comment on the abstract use of their "licensed" IP.

If this is so then I shall be laid to a deceased state with honor..

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jeclxohko Jun 15 2013, 4:34pm says:

Doesn't WB have to exclusively disband the fair use of their so called "licensed" IP by doing a revision on the terms & service use or something similar to invoke these disbanding permissions on the MERP team only?

Though I don't know much on the matter it seems like the C&D from WB had a hint of request-type approach?

As if they were to take legal action on the MERP wouldn't they have to disband fair use/fan art use on every fan depiction/cosplay/artwork on the internet and in the human world?

On the IP use again, if they aren't going to allow the MERP team to do fan-art depictions of the Middle Earth fantasy series by Tolkien they should change their IP use policy and put on every WB product that "IP use abstraction and fan works are disbanded for the MERP team." then after that WB next step is to revise the whole IP use permissions policy for every human on the planet based on their petty subjective conditional legal terms.

For person A: Any use of phrase that or similar abstraction that is part of the films we have had IP license upon that may benefit you as a human being or financially in any abstract way is prohibited, failure to do so will result in a lawsuit and minimum fine of $10,000, restrictions apply even if you live in a similar abstracted middle earth. - WB

The most important flaw in the human condition is conditional reasoning, it's that a piece of legal paperwork will NEVER be accepted as an objective truth by the author and the people, there is only how to bypass/manipulate these "so called" ghetto objective laws with the human reasoning.

I think the MERP team needs to realize the truth..
C&D? ThereisnoC&D.. In the realization of this, you will come to the ultimatum that there are no bounds & laws, there is only MERP bending around these so called pathetic laws to yield the desired output the masses have been waiting for.. Once MERP bends enough the will be able to break out of these chains that bound us to this petty incoherent world..

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jeclxohko Apr 20 2013, 1:24pm replied:

What we need is a game engine update for stability of increased number of active actors up to 1000, then we can really start talking about "war parties" & mods for M&B or similar sandbox-type RTS games for Skyrim. All these would make me hurl a rainbow of joy.

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jeclxohko Apr 19 2013, 10:57pm says:

I have little knowledge on the IP this project has engaged in, so can somebody elaborate in a nutshell what is halting or pending this project from continuing onwards? Also I've always thought that as long as no assets and no commercial use from another form of work is used and a modder makes his own assets and publishes his/her work as a mod it is considered a somewhat fanart right? Like the concept of an a fan that has good drawing skills and makes a fan-art drawing of his/her favorite character in a movie and publishes the work for for others to view and use in non-commercial purposes. Though I've even other seen artists selling their own fan-arts online.

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