Born in 1973, Gaming since 1981. Started my love affair with PC's back in 1983 when my Mom bought me a Tandy Color Computer II. With 4 colors on screen, a tape cassette drive and a 1200 page manual I was in love. After reading the manual 5 or 6 times & learning BASIC and some Assembly language I then began dabbling in modding PC games. My first real success came when I modded Sports Car GT with the "Spirit of '76" mod in which Image Space Inc. offered me a job. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons my dream of being a real game designer never got to be, but I gave them the assets I created and soon GT Legends was on the shelves. Over the years I've modded many games, usually for the purpose of making a game somewhat more realistic, hence my many GunMod's or Gunslinger's free Realism mods for games such as Jane's combat sims, Sims 2, Ghost Recon, Operation Flashpoint, etc. Currently looking for a dedicated modding team. Can do 3D, 2D, scripting, layout, design and more.

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Just friended the developer of Vector Thrust. A modern-jet combat flight simulator that promises to be very friendly to modders. After some back and forth with the developer and the community I honestly feel this project will be something I will spend a lot of time modding for.

Check it out, download the alpha and join the community.

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jdwohlever Creator

Thank you Scott Reismanis.
Appreciate the invite.

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