I am a gamer that loves just about anything but racing. but there are some racing games that are awesome. they just have to be sandbox style. RTS is maybe my fav kind of game to play unless i can get a game of any hoard style match going with some people that appreciate the use of tactics in a match.

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Jdc19 Jun 17 2010, 1:54pm says:

i feel bad for the attackers. you would need some serious air-support to crack that. and if it is defended properly i dont think you could crack that. a heavy and light vehicle factory, infantry, turrets, and a base shield (if the generator was inside) you are just about untouchable

+1 vote     media: New Wayland map
Jdc19 Jun 13 2010, 3:47pm says:

that is very pretty

+1 vote     media: AISN Missile Frigate
Jdc19 Jun 12 2010, 5:31pm says:

I'm salivating

+1 vote     media: An X-Wing reskin
Jdc19 Jun 6 2010, 7:58pm says:

it really looks like you went out built the ship then had a professional take a picture of it. it is that good

+1 vote     media: B-wing Starfighter
Jdc19 Jun 5 2010, 2:07pm says:

Well the Heart of Midlothian wasnt the only destroyer of that class. Keyes commanded the Iroquois

+1 vote     media: Pegasus class Destroyer briefing
Jdc19 May 9 2010, 12:38am says:

either way that looks very pretty painted black

+1 vote     media: Reskined Nemesis Super Star Destroyer
Jdc19 May 2 2010, 11:28pm says:

i like it. just take away some of the Commando features and you have the standard clone HUD

+2 votes     media: Level 1
Jdc19 Apr 27 2010, 9:20pm says:

so i take it that it is possible to conquer one of the planet and not control the other. would you then have the same space lanes and access to the adjacent planets. or does the player need both to continue on to the next system

+1 vote     media: Tralus and Talus
Jdc19 Apr 26 2010, 9:30pm replied:

this is a great concept. I really can't to see where you go with this.

My only bit of confusion is how will the Geth be a compatible replacement for the Empire

+1 vote     mod: Mass Effect: Galaxy at War
Jdc19 Apr 13 2010, 1:11am replied:

alright but that still doesnt make me want to see it in combat against me

+1 vote     media: Protector Star Destroyer
Jdc19 Apr 12 2010, 10:05pm says:

thats a hammerhead?!?!? holy crap that ship is freaking huge!!!!!

+1 vote     media: Protector Star Destroyer
Jdc19 Apr 12 2010, 7:10pm says:

what is that wee lil ship there

+1 vote     media: Protector Star Destroyer
Jdc19 Apr 3 2010, 8:30pm says:

i take since you have the Destroyers you will have the capital ship

+1 vote     media: RotM version 4 screenshots
Jdc19 Apr 3 2010, 7:06pm says:

those are pretty

+1 vote     media: RotM version 4 screenshots
Jdc19 Mar 30 2010, 11:24am says:

that is a lot of drop pods

+1 vote     media: Doomgiver
Jdc19 Mar 24 2010, 2:56am replied:

thats fine i have a feeling that regardless that this will be great. But I'm sure that you would like to make sure that you put out the best material you can. I'd rather wait for a month and have it be great than have it now and be disappointed.

+1 vote     media: RotM version 4 screenshots
Jdc19 Mar 24 2010, 2:15am says:

i like the sniper
do you mind if i ask how long until the version 4 is released. the textures and new models look amazing

+1 vote     media: RotM version 4 screenshots
Jdc19 Mar 22 2010, 5:02pm replied:

i doubt that the super carrier could go toe to toe with a covie capital ship. do you have a reference that backs that up

+1 vote     media: Christmas Update images.
Jdc19 Mar 18 2010, 11:51am says:

what in the name of all that is holy is that?!?

+1 vote     media: Colossus
Jdc19 Mar 15 2010, 1:22pm replied:

It looks like a Tie ugly that has been severely upgraded.

+1 vote     media: TIE Interdictor
Jdc19 Mar 15 2010, 1:21pm says:

I'm not gonna lie. I think it is about time that someone has done this. I've played mods where there is a land-based tie fighter that cant be used in space. or better example a land-based X-wing, not space capable. I think this is a great idea.

+1 vote     media: TIE Lander
Jdc19 Mar 15 2010, 1:18pm replied:

so it is a scout unit that can be used in combat and is not useless. Can we some specs. I might use a shielded fighter to stall for time since it can soak up extra damage.

+1 vote     media: TIE Vangaurd
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