I am a gamer that loves just about anything but racing. but there are some racing games that are awesome. they just have to be sandbox style. RTS is maybe my fav kind of game to play unless i can get a game of any hoard style match going with some people that appreciate the use of tactics in a match.

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Jdc19 Nov 17 2012, 2:57am says:


+2 votes   media: And his name was death
Jdc19 Jul 31 2012, 10:19pm says:

well i just set up Desura on my comp. and its nice to have a place to sorts through the bulk of my games and organizes them. i do wish they had any of the total war games on it though

+1 vote   member: Jdc19
Jdc19 May 2 2012, 7:43am replied:

with cortana's help

+2 votes   media: Player Portraits (Updated)
Jdc19 Jan 10 2012, 9:16am says:

that will be interesting, will there be a way to skip these prologues?

+1 vote   media: Grand Campaign + Prologue on progress
Jdc19 Sep 11 2011, 2:12pm says:

it almost looks cell shaded because of the sky box

+1 vote   media: Work So Far
Jdc19 Sep 5 2011, 8:47pm says:

very nice, they have a wonderful texture to them

+1 vote   media: Tweaked zaku2s.
Jdc19 Aug 28 2011, 8:49pm replied:

Dear Goodness, 4 thanix? that is retarded to how powerful that is.

-1 votes   media: Kilimanjaro Refit Final
Jdc19 Dec 16 2010, 1:06pm says:

Thank you for all of the hard work you put in to make this awesome game

+1 vote   article: Installer anyone?
Jdc19 Nov 11 2010, 2:16pm says:

well thats good news

+1 vote   article: Redoubled efforts
Jdc19 Apr 26 2010, 9:30pm replied:

this is a great concept. I really can't to see where you go with this.

My only bit of confusion is how will the Geth be a compatible replacement for the Empire

+1 vote   mod: Mass Effect: Galaxy at War
Jdc19 Mar 30 2010, 11:24am says:

that is a lot of drop pods

+1 vote   media: Doomgiver
Jdc19 Mar 18 2010, 11:51am says:

what in the name of all that is holy is that?!?

+1 vote   media: Colossus
Jdc19 Mar 15 2010, 1:18pm replied:

so it is a scout unit that can be used in combat and is not useless. Can we some specs. I might use a shielded fighter to stall for time since it can soak up extra damage.

+1 vote   media: TIE Vangaurd
Jdc19 Sep 11 2011, 2:10pm says:

well i like the concept of it, but before i can really say anything one way or the other, i'd like to see some alpha videos. but the pictures look great.

+1 vote   media: Opening Cinematic
Jdc19 Sep 4 2011, 12:02pm says:

i think its fine for night time, it gives the illusion of darkness while you can still see

+1 vote   media: Too dark?
Jdc19 Aug 25 2011, 1:28pm replied:

having vehicle husks could really drag the frame rate down, idk about you but when i play i end up burning through vehicles like crazy (i'm not the best of rts players) so i my game would end up LAGGING so bad

+2 votes   media: UNSC
Jdc19 Aug 25 2011, 1:25pm says:

(I'm watching this as I type it) well from what it looked like to me was that the scorpions were not very accurate with the main cannon shots, or at least the first shot. i recall seeing many of them going right over the targets head and landing behind it doing little to no damage. That bombing run was sexy to watch. another thing i noticed earlier was that the hunters roamed at full height instead of hunched. a few model problems but the average user isnt going to pay that much attention and if you were to go through and fix them all then the frame rate would take a nice hit for it. Overall I say it looks great, I've been following this since you first posted this, knowing it would be quality from playing your Rise of the Mandolorians mod. so I can't wait for this and keep up the great work.

+1 vote   media: UNSC
Jdc19 Jun 15 2011, 10:03am says:

TROGDOR, TROGDOR. burninating the country side, burninating all the peasents

+1 vote   media: Dragons!
Jdc19 Feb 15 2011, 1:56pm says:

hey I'd rather have no pics and stuff getting done to give the game better quality and depth over pics and just cosmetic appeal. Keep working hard, Farseer, you have my support (for what little its worth)

+2 votes   article: Update...kinda
Jdc19 Jan 17 2011, 10:55am says:

i feel like the top of the ship is what is missing something, ARC. i feel like it could use a bridge or observation deck, something to give it a more aesthetic look

+1 vote   media: Dreadnought Tec
Jdc19 Dec 27 2010, 11:08pm says:

Farseer, are you going to add any kind of unit that is of your own creation. i bet a person like you probably has a few ideas for material to add

+1 vote   media: Warthog LAA
Jdc19 Dec 26 2010, 3:48pm says:

well when you know it sucks it justs means that you have to refine it. I say keep up the good work. you haven't disappointed yet

+1 vote   media: Warthog SAM
Jdc19 Dec 24 2010, 11:14am replied:

abso-freaking-lutely we want to see them

+1 vote   mod: Campaign Commander
Jdc19 Dec 9 2010, 9:52am says:

will be very interesting to use

+1 vote   media: Fortressa ability
Jdc19 Dec 9 2010, 9:51am says:

more importantly MORE weapons

+1 vote   media: Tector Star Destroyer
Jdc19 Dec 4 2010, 12:35am says:

Farseer, I must say, I loved your Rise of the Mandalorians, BUT I can not WAIT for this one to come out.

+1 vote   mod: Campaign Commander
Jdc19 Nov 17 2010, 11:24am says:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRYSTAL, I cannot wait for this indie to come out, thanks for the update

+1 vote   article: A WHOLE MONTH! WOW!
Jdc19 Sep 2 2010, 11:03am says:

oh that devious fiend! he blew a hole in my ship with is frendship cannon while talking about being my friend.

+2 votes   media: Frendship Class Starbase
Jdc19 Aug 27 2010, 10:09pm says:

looks are sometimes meant to be deceiving

+2 votes   media: GTB Hera - Tech #01
Jdc19 Aug 26 2010, 7:53pm replied:

first i believe that the front port could be a light hanger. say a support hanger built to have only enough fighters to protect the main ship from bombers.

second unleash this ship is FREAKING HUGE those twin ports on the underside of the ship could be MAC but would be very underpowered. Mag coils can only be compressed to a certain point until they cease to operate. the MAC chamber runs almost the entire length of the ship. and two chambers running side by side could interfere with the others output

third even the most powerful UNSC ships could be beat by destroyers and cruisers. i seriously doubt that this could be a equivalent to a capital ship.

now I truly believe this is an absolutely beautiful ship.

+1 vote   media: Mystery UNSC Warship WIP
Jdc19 Aug 9 2010, 9:25am says:

this may be a stupid question. but is there any specified place I need to install the mod?

+2 votes   download: Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius Windows Installer
Jdc19 Aug 8 2010, 4:20pm says:

actually no. I'm going to reinstall FS2 and redownload it all over again. i really want to play it. If this doesnt work what should i do?

+2 votes   download: Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius Windows Installer
Jdc19 Jul 29 2010, 11:54am says:

I'm very anxious to play but I'd rather have it done well and have it later than have it now and halfassed

+1 vote   article: Release Postponed
Jdc19 Jul 28 2010, 9:59pm says:

but in the FS2 the Aeolus blew more than a few larger ships

+1 vote   media: GTC Aeolus
Jdc19 Jul 18 2010, 9:35am replied:

thank you so much

+3 votes   download: Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius Windows Installer
Jdc19 Jul 12 2010, 10:45am says:

I am salivating for this game!

+1 vote   media: In Game Planet
Jdc19 Jul 11 2010, 8:29am says:

i am a bit of an idiot and get confused easily when it comes to computers. this is one of my favorite games, and i would love to play this. WOULD someone please help me install it.

+2 votes   download: Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius Windows Installer
Jdc19 Jul 11 2010, 8:24am says:

will this Mod come with its own install. im not a tech guy and i always get confused on installing it, sadly, sometimes even when i have a Readme or instructions

+1 vote   mod: Descendants of Sol
Jdc19 Dec 16 2012, 7:18pm says:

that is an absolutely sick ship

+1 vote   media: Pirates - CapitalShip Siege
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