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Bored... what is there to do in Afghanistan? Not much. So I decided to do a little challenge I found online.
I have played all of the different pokemon games way back to Red and Blue, but never really did any serious challenges. I tried doing the Nuzlock challenges from time to time but always got frustrated with them and ended up quitting. But so far this challenge is surprisingly fun and im using pokemon that I would never normally use! So far I have just gotten by 3rd gym badge with this group:

Herdier Lv. 26
Audino Lv. 23
Tranquill Lv. 27
Watchdog Lv. 24

As you can see my monotype challenge is Normal. For those of you who don't know what this challenge is, it is exactly what it sounds like. You may only use pokemon that are of that particular type you chose from the beginning. They can be dual types as well, but only if one of those types is your chosen one, hence why I can use Tranquill. More updates as I move along the game!

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