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JC123 Feb 20 2015, 6:53pm says:

I always want the option of teaming up against a Borg that is the right kind of scary. I also want the option of smashing hundreds of ships with my Borg hammer. Depends on what kind of day I'm having. Good update!

+3 votes   download: RealisticBorg By Draconis
JC123 Dec 8 2014, 6:22pm says:

This was one of the first mods that got me into the modding community. A good update would be sure to stir interest.

+3 votes   article: Update
JC123 Dec 6 2014, 2:37pm says:

It seems like a good idea to give this unit a different shield type. It sets itself apart that way.

+1 vote   media: Bellator hardpoints and shields
JC123 Nov 16 2014, 10:00pm says:

I hope you get more commission work.

+6 votes   media: Gladiator Class Star Destroyer
JC123 Oct 21 2014, 5:50pm replied:

Do yourself a favor and ignore Youtube comments. They don't deserve responses.

+15 votes   media: Assuaging the Fears
JC123 Aug 24 2014, 3:58pm says:

Seems like a good scout idea.

+8 votes   media: Mu-class Model 2 Shuttle
JC123 Jul 21 2014, 5:54pm replied:

Well High Charity sure as shootin failed to stop them, so I would expect as much.

+1 vote   article: Sins of the Prophets Rebellion Alpha v.0.56.1 Released
JC123 May 31 2014, 9:20pm says:

and SAVED!

+3 votes   media: Splash screen
JC123 May 18 2014, 8:21am says:

That model has a very noticeable improvement with all of the edges.

+1 vote   media: Model Rehaul: Praetor
JC123 May 11 2014, 10:37pm says:

That looks much better.

+1 vote   media: Model Rehaul: Bothan Assault Cruiser
JC123 May 4 2014, 9:23pm says:

I've never seen any backgrounds quite like that yet. In any mod, for that matter.

+3 votes   media: A new day, a new screenshot for you to digest.
JC123 May 4 2014, 9:13am says:

Now that I don't have to worry about the freeze, I can enjoy such a large map fully!

+4 votes   media: Sneak Peak
JC123 Apr 12 2014, 6:52pm says:

Imperials need diplomacy like Romans need diplomacy. Just keep the other guy happy until you are strong enough to wipe him out.

+6 votes   media: Lambda Shuttle Ready
JC123 Apr 5 2014, 5:55pm says:

An excellent backdrop for an excellent space battle.

+1 vote   media: Some of the new nebulae
JC123 Apr 4 2014, 8:39pm says:

A hint of larger ships to come. I like this update. Also, the background colors seem to compliment the general scheme. I like it.

+3 votes   media: Kulinor Class and Updated Janissary
JC123 Apr 2 2014, 9:29pm says:

I'll bet it takes a large OR fleet to get anything done against the Vong.

+1 vote   download: SoGE - Old Republic Faction ALPHA
JC123 Mar 30 2014, 11:20am replied:

I think a good nickname for him would be "The Cartographer"

+6 votes   media: Bastion
JC123 Mar 25 2014, 9:58pm says:

Does the super go toe to toe with other titans or is it far off and beyond requiring a whole fleet to kill it?

+2 votes   media: This mod needed more battle screenshots
JC123 Mar 25 2014, 7:23pm says:

Crap. That's a lot of stuff. I'm sorry whoever it was decided to renig.

+2 votes   article: New nebulae, starfields and planet textures
JC123 Mar 23 2014, 7:55pm replied:

Do you mean the freeze? As in large GCs freeze and become unplayable?

+2 votes   article: March Update (2014)
JC123 Mar 23 2014, 7:26pm says:

Every release has been very good so far. I know you guys take good feedback seriously so I look forward to what you've accomplished.

+7 votes   article: March Update (2014)
JC123 Mar 16 2014, 11:19pm says:

Burnstrobe is the planet texture master.

+11 votes   media: Volcanic Planet + Magma Moon
JC123 Mar 11 2014, 8:39pm says:

Someone went out and made an italian translation? Hats off to them! That sounds like a lot of effort.

+5 votes   article: Forums Return
JC123 Feb 26 2014, 9:49pm says:

This is an unexpected bonus! You guys really put in the work on this for the quick turnaround.

+9 votes   download: Star Trek Armada 3, 1,0 Full
JC123 Feb 25 2014, 7:22pm says:

That thing is a giant spaceport anyway. It's pretty much dead when the bays are destroyed.

+2 votes   media: Blue diver hardpoints
JC123 Feb 24 2014, 7:48pm says:

Cool! So this solves the planet textures looking like candy wrappers?

+1 vote   media: New Ecumenopolis - XPGamers Lets Play
JC123 Feb 24 2014, 7:45pm says:

Very nice style change. I like the thinner lines. The "bold font" icons cover up pretty details.

+6 votes   media: New hardpoint icons
JC123 Feb 18 2014, 6:16pm says:

It would make sense for mon cal ships to have redundant shields that cannot be targeted.

+3 votes   media: Mon Calamari Cruiser hardpoints
JC123 Feb 17 2014, 6:31pm says:

Will you be applying a color texture like this to the ISD or will you try this exact texture? I really do love this one mainly because I can see the details easier. When the shadows are cast right all of the detail comes out glorious.

+1 vote   media: Mon Calamari cruiser texture update
JC123 Feb 16 2014, 7:32pm says:

That is perhaps the prettiest corvette I've seen in a Sins SW mod so far.

+4 votes   media: Corellian Corvette - CR90 Ingame
JC123 Feb 3 2014, 7:46pm says:

That's good. It keeps the team color from distracting from the normal texture.

+7 votes   media: Little Progress, but progess none the less.
JC123 Jan 26 2014, 4:40pm says:

That went... ok.

+1 vote   media: Lets Play... Star Trek: Armada 3 S3 Ep1
JC123 Jan 18 2014, 6:15pm replied:

You can live to fight another day if the shields get destroyed. They are also unarmored and easily ruined. That's more of a plot device / design flaw.

+1 vote   media: Example of targetable hardpoints
JC123 Jan 18 2014, 1:10pm replied:

I would agree. Once the engines are destroyed the entire ship is usually scrap.

+3 votes   media: Example of targetable hardpoints
JC123 Jan 18 2014, 11:50am says:

The most effective and also annoying hardpoint has been the engines. If this is still up for suggestion I think engine hardpoints should be left out to make retreats less annoying. Of course, there are differing opinions on that matter.

+3 votes   media: Example of targetable hardpoints
JC123 Jan 1 2014, 4:43pm says:

Bah, who needs it. I can fight the UNSC with my hand behind my back! (Really though, thanks)

+2 votes   media: HOTFIX for SotP v.0.54.41800
JC123 Dec 23 2013, 11:27am replied:

This is what the game should have looked like in the first place. Excellent work.

+4 votes   media: New ship light texture and shadow meshes
JC123 Dec 20 2013, 6:35pm says:

Hooray. I was helpful!

+11 votes   article: Leading to Release
JC123 Dec 14 2013, 8:16pm says:

I've always played as the evil factions for all of the toys. I guess that means I'll be playing as Borg then.

+1 vote   media: Resistance
JC123 Dec 8 2013, 7:00pm says:

That looks so nice... and it took so much time... it would be a shame if we couldn't use this to smash the rebellion.

+2 votes   media: Bellator Texture Update
JC123 Dec 8 2013, 6:58pm says:

Hm... nice new shading.

+4 votes   media: The Empire
JC123 Oct 11 2013, 6:15pm says:

hmmm... that glowing green.

+1 vote   media: Borg Screen Shots
JC123 Sep 14 2013, 8:08pm says:

I... did not expect it to be that big.

+5 votes   media: Realm of Death - size comparison
JC123 Aug 25 2013, 9:39pm says:

How often does the super laser fire? Maybe there can be a huge recharge time.

+2 votes   media: SOASE Rebellion mod progress
JC123 Aug 21 2013, 4:57pm replied:

So... did you add this to the previous full release? Was your mod working before this patch? My hotfix works fine :/

+1 vote   download: SoGE R1090 hotfix for SOASE Rebellion 1.52+
JC123 Aug 1 2013, 4:49pm says:

Huh, you made that look better than I did. My shadows never worked out right.

+1 vote   media: The Latest Time Sink
JC123 Jun 29 2013, 8:40am replied:

Yes, simply making ground battles less of a mere convoluted gamble is a real achievement.

+1 vote   media: New default camera hight
JC123 Jun 26 2013, 6:31pm says:

The Empire's answer seems ill thought out.

+2 votes   media: Mon Calamari Battlecruiser
JC123 Jun 26 2013, 6:30pm says:

You seem to have many of these units locked and loaded before the mod page was even created. I like seeing good planning.

+1 vote   media: Mon Calamari Battlecruiser
JC123 Jun 2 2013, 9:57pm says:

The bridge lights are dead. Anyone home? Maybe it's the angle.

+2 votes   media: Immobilizer-418
JC123 Jun 2 2013, 4:16pm says:

Back in the chair I see. Good thing you have a method for changing the scale of all models at once!

+1 vote   media: Up-scaling v2
JC123 Jun 2 2013, 2:38pm says:

Hm... It looks good here. I approve.

+1 vote   media: Up-scaling v2
JC123 May 27 2013, 1:45pm replied:

Well there aren't many around. Maybe they really did have trouble... y'know...

+13 votes   media: Remnant of a Galactic Hegemony
JC123 May 21 2013, 7:20pm replied:

Poor SOGE. I liked the scale making planets feel huge.

+2 votes   media: Scale
JC123 Apr 14 2013, 4:31pm says:

These are some very serious renditions of Fractal's work. You've gotten really good at this.

+1 vote   media: Harrower
JC123 Mar 1 2013, 10:18pm says:

Warb's stuff get's around quick. Good stuff. Glad to see it.

+1 vote   media: New Shipyard models
JC123 Feb 5 2013, 7:45pm says:

replace the explorer? That's an upgrade

+1 vote   media: Big Tray in game
JC123 Jan 27 2013, 8:23pm says:

I like regular updates. Thanks!

+5 votes   download: SoGE R1021 release for SOASE Rebellion 1.1
JC123 Jan 26 2013, 9:17pm says:

These models were always impressive in their detail. Maybe I'm blind or too lazy to give the Readme another go-through, but which person made these beautiful models? They are anything but flat and I'm sure it took a lot of work.

+2 votes   media: Post Re-scaling Combat
JC123 Jan 26 2013, 9:14pm says:

I'm liking the experimentation with the skybox

+1 vote   media: Post Re-scaling Combat
JC123 Jan 19 2013, 2:35pm says:

I had no idea so many bad downloads were happening. This mod isn't even the largest of Sins mods, so it sounds like bad luck to me.

+1 vote   article: New SoGE Steam group + Info on next release
JC123 Dec 14 2012, 7:05pm says:

SOASE seems to be limited in number of units. Do you have an idea for fitting your many models into this game? They look nice so far.

+1 vote   media: As you can see.....
JC123 Dec 10 2012, 7:51pm says:

At least I won't have any trouble figuring out which one THAT is.

+7 votes   media: It's BIG...
JC123 Dec 10 2012, 4:40pm replied:

Yeah, I don't think I've ever noticed tires in any RTS ever. I almost feel bad for modelers in some RTS games because they work so hard and it all becomes so small.

+15 votes   media: UNSC Mongoose
JC123 Dec 7 2012, 6:41pm says:

Very generous.

+2 votes   article: WRECKAGE - Development Files Released
JC123 Dec 4 2012, 8:51pm says:

I like the combo personally. The vanilla looked like fog and the current skybox shows corners and weird edges. This looks nice.

+2 votes   media: Skybox Experiment
JC123 Dec 3 2012, 5:05pm says:

I just experience this last night. I'm glad someone pointed this out and that there is a solution :) I'm not docking points for such a specific error though. Thanks for fixing this!

+1 vote   article: Supercap Spawning Bug
JC123 Nov 7 2012, 5:53pm replied:

would be a downright shame to see an SD happen to it

+15 votes   media: MC80 Liberty
JC123 Oct 24 2012, 6:39pm says:

Good! I will finally be able to play the full version of the legacy mod. The lighting is a huge improvement, btw. Don't worry too much about the land battles. I don't think EAW is very good with them anyway.

+7 votes   article: Legacy Era: Second Imperial Civil War 1.0 Release Date, and More!
JC123 Oct 23 2012, 4:16pm says:

A few of those should keep me safe.

+8 votes   media: SMAC Platform [TEXTURED]
JC123 Sep 29 2012, 10:57am says:

wink wink, nudge nudge. Great job here! I'm blown away by the textures on this one :D

+4 votes   media: What a real uvw looks like, and the end result
JC123 Sep 21 2012, 4:34pm says:

I actually prefer this. Looks nice.

+3 votes   media: New Interdictor dimentions
JC123 Sep 14 2012, 4:35pm says:

It looks like you've done everything you can do for ICW and I look forward to Ascendancy. There seems to be more options and potential in that game anyway.

+4 votes   media: Current Projects
JC123 Sep 8 2012, 5:44pm says:

Fantastic. looks promising :D

+1 vote   article: PvM Update: 09/08/12
JC123 Sep 7 2012, 11:08pm says:

Sweet! Are these available anywhere?

+1 vote   media: bilder
JC123 Sep 7 2012, 11:06pm replied:

Where can I find remastered? This doesn't appear to be a mod on moddb. Are there any releases? I've been looking very hard for examples of Fractals work.

+1 vote   media: Custom corvette
JC123 Aug 24 2012, 9:25pm says:

This will be my new faction.

+16 votes   media: 2.0 Release Screenshots: Alignment
JC123 Aug 24 2012, 4:26pm says:

Good! Glad to see you kicking.

+4 votes   media: Were still alive
JC123 Aug 1 2012, 6:40pm says:

Can't wait to try this out in a couple weeks! I'd say you guys have perfected this. It's fitting that this will be your final major release.

+1 vote   media: Pentastar Alignment Ground Shot
JC123 Jul 29 2012, 10:17pm says:

Never liked that faction. Go ahead and get rid of them! Your suggestions will make it more interesting anyway.

+2 votes   article: Question to the Community.
JC123 Jul 27 2012, 7:00pm says:

This is quite a model dump. Nice progress!

+1 vote   media: UNSC Falcon
JC123 Jul 24 2012, 6:25pm says:

That's some crazy detail for the skin. Nice work.

+1 vote   media: Vigil Corvette
JC123 Jul 24 2012, 4:10pm says:

Can it hover in place like a helicopter? What are those lasers for?

+1 vote   media: F-35B VTOL
JC123 Jul 15 2012, 10:19am says:

Another great update from a dedicated and quality mod. Thanks!

+9 votes   article: Road to Forgotten Hope 2.45: Part 4
JC123 Jun 27 2012, 9:13pm says:

This is coming along nice and quick.

+1 vote   media: The Droid Empire Homeworld
JC123 Jun 15 2012, 4:12pm replied:

It just won over the alternative designation: Millard Fillmore Class Carrier. Just sounded better.

+1 vote   media: Main lists of units
JC123 Jun 13 2012, 4:01pm says:

That is VERY impressive. I wonder if my CPU could handle a fight that size. Screw the engine, think of my poor hardware! Still, it looks like you've proven your point well.

+5 votes   media: Ingame model/poly test, Allegiance and Defender
JC123 Jun 12 2012, 4:01pm says:

Kinda like the CF-105 Avro Arrow plus extra tail fins?

+3 votes   media: Warb Nulls Yevetha D Type Fighter
JC123 Jun 10 2012, 7:52pm says:

Excellent as usual! This looks like a very consuming task, if I remember the novels correctly, you will have many buildings to work on.

+7 votes   media: Building Props
JC123 Apr 13 2012, 6:58pm says:

I'm very impressed with these models. I'm surprised that there aren't more views and followers for this mod.

+2 votes   media: just a few more pics
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