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JasonGreene May 1 2012, 10:35am says:

This new update of the game is kinda ****** up

Problems with this update

1. I couldnt hear anything

2. The game keeps lagging like it is crashing

3. My character keeps moving like the movement is too damn loose

4. The game is way too sluggish to save and too damn sluggish to exit

5. Even with the music off and the sound off it didnt work

6. Somehow when my character was still moveing and the game was sluggish the enemys couldnt hit me like I was in godmode

7. The enemys will kick your *** because the movements are too damn sluggish and so is attacking

8. When my character attacks the attack are too damn sluggish and the enemys will kick your *** because it takes like serveral seconds to react and by that time your usually killed

Please fix this update cause this game is somehow became really good to nearly borderline unplayable and I can barely play it until its fixed

its still a good game though

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JasonGreene Apr 30 2012, 1:17pm buried:


I hope you do a good job on this next update cause if you dont i will and WILL find you and break your neck im not ****** kidding either i will find everyone one of you no matter what so dont do any **** moves or i will find you all and break your ****** necks i had so much ******** in my life and everyone is in a line of fire by me i lterally played so many ****** games and ocean and LJN and mindscape are the worse ffuckin game deseiners in history and i bet if this update screws me up one more time you guys are considered from ocean and what happens to people from ocean? i find them and break their necks

so do a good job OR ELSE!

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JasonGreene Apr 27 2012, 7:42am says:

And for how long the game is the main story is like 2.5 hours and if your new to the game you will beat in possible 5 to 20 hours

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JasonGreene Apr 27 2012, 7:37am says:

uh i dont have an account on the cry of fear forums

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JasonGreene Apr 26 2012, 7:44am says:

And out of glitches I found 27 and 1 glitch pewdiepie found in a total of 28 glitches

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JasonGreene Apr 26 2012, 7:42am says:

Glitches in cry of fear part 4

22. sometimes in the main game the enemys wont go down or up on stairs but in the 1.2 i think the enemys can now move up and down the stairs

23. This gltich drove me insane the doors 50% will get you to the right or they will have you back in the same spot and it happened frequently some times in coop mode and always in the main story of cry of fear

24. Remeber what i said about the doors well in the collage some times the game will lag badly but its not that common its a bit rare glitch

25. this glitch is also rare in the main story in cry of fear somtimes if you go back where you got the fuse with a night vision mask the character will glow a bit like a shadow and the screen is white and its a rare glitch too

26. in the main story in cry of fear the ladys that make simon try to kill himself with a gun if you have no ammo in the clip simon wont die and you can reload safely

27. when you strangle the real simon if your health is really high you can damage him but you wont get hurt but it requires either the real and fake simon to die or the fake simon to die while strangleing the real simon

28. which is the ****** up glitch of all remeber the gun you give to the doctor the ruger if you drop while it has ammo in it somehow you lose the ammo in it no matter what and you have to waste clips of ammo to reload

Some of these gltiches are good some are bad some would make you comit suicide simon style some do nothing and some makes the game go quicker and some will **** you up

but be careful doing some of theses glitches

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JasonGreene Apr 26 2012, 7:39am says:

Glitches in cry of fear part 3

15. The nightvision has some pretty bad graphic gltiches 1 time before and during the carcass boss fight the sky was all green and so was the buildings and the enemy skins are gone and some character skins are gone too even the carcass boss skin well not completly gone the carcass skin looked really bad and very gray and sometimes the monsters carcass summons through his gut are invisible and i got killed easily too

16. if you throw away a quest item that falls very slowly that means it will dissapear for good and if that happens then your basicly your stuck and if you save while you did that you have to restart the entire game

17. the blade monster in the main story somehow has a wig THATS MADE OF METAL! and its very annoying to kill it becuase somtimes if you shoot it in the head somtimes it will hit the blade monster and somtimes it wont. this glitch happened in the main story of cry of fear

18.the bullets that hit the monsters also have a bad graphic popup like you see a bullet everytime you shot the enemy and its very annoying19. in some allays where the second sawer the clown appears somestime he gets stuck like he cant move at all and when you go out the door he will somtimes 50% go after you or he will get stuck again

20.i didnt want to do this glitch but if you freeze enemys in the final fight of simon vs wheelchair simon you know where the fake simon chokes the real simon to death if you used no target and turned it off as soon as you face the real simon the enemies will still kill you and you will either beat the game or get killed and having to restart the part of the game

21. Also i saw this glitch in a walkthrough and lets of cry of fear if you jumped on a police car you will die cause somehow the broken cars kill i found this glitch by pewdiepie on hie lets play of cry of fear

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JasonGreene Apr 26 2012, 7:37am says:

Gltiches in cry of fear part 2

8. Sometimes the map of this game dont load very well sometimes there are places where i somehow didnt load the map well and i got out of the game automaticly so be careful for that

9. Sometimes when you escape the train some areas in the train crash can get you stuck alot ands it really annoying

10.Back in patch 1.1 the camera of death was glitchy cause you can unlock it without beating it under 2.5 hours but they fixed it in 1.2 or did they?

11. this is a very bad glitch i found while fighting the real simon choke him as your health recovers and he takes damage but you dont take damage

12. for people who have no morphines and critical health when you choke simon while your health recovers if your health is low engough you get killed but the real simon doesnt because if you got like near death health choke him before your health recovers and you win automaticly its a very useful glitch for people who are lazy and/or no morphines left and nearly dead and the real simons health(boss health) will still be there on top of the screen even if you beat the game

13. 1 time in nightmare mode where you have to grab a cassette tape that has 5 uses I thought i used the use key a few times to get the cassette tape out of the first cassete player it didnt work but later when i did nightmare mode again it works

14.sometimes during the main the codes wont work and if they dont appear on the notes your screwd and this happened once in the hospital i hit the use key got the telescope on the person who wrote the code and somehow after he left i hit the use on the telescope and it didnt work

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JasonGreene Apr 26 2012, 7:34am says:

Glitches in cry of fear part 1

1.Use nightvision goggles(if you have it) zoom in with a gun and remove nightvision goggles congrats you are zoomed in to the weapons oh yeah and if the cutscenes playing it will shrink meaning the cutscene is bigger than before

2. i know the creators did a good job with the new patch and all but even in 1.2 i still see enemys spawn glitch and it happened in the main game and the coop its not annoying though unless a taller kills you

3. I liked the tallers punch in the air but in the 1.2 update they will kill you with a stomp and it happens alot

4. I unlocked all the clothes but the custom is still locked

5. if you use morphine twice when you get the 4th ending you know wheelchair simon vs fake simon if you use morphine twice and see the blurry vision of simon when the cutscene plays with the blurry vision and the cutscene and blurry vision ends wheelchair looks way off like i can see his invisible neck and stuff but when you shoot the fake simon your bullets dont hit him at all until the 4th attack pattern aka the slegdhammer and flare and you will be dead no matter what with that glitch

6. If you reach chapter 4 ending of "you will not survive" let the hangmen get close and when you reach the door and hit the hangmen you will die but you beat chapter 4 at the same time so its like death cheats and after the cutscene ends you have to restart from where you were and the hangmen are pretty much instakill so if you die while beating you have to rstart from the last spot of chapter 4 if you didnt save on chapter 4 then your basicly screwd.


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JasonGreene Apr 26 2012, 6:29am says:

truth be told i didnt get scared by this game at all and i did beat it alot the only downfall of this game is the coop mode somehow nightmare simon IS A ****** TELEPORTER! I swear he drove me nuts i wanted to shove a bomb up his mouth and watch him get blown up. nightmare shows up in the worst spots ever he even show up twice in one area. at least i beat coop and what did i get? nothing i though that if you beat coop you get a bulletproofvest but i didnt but at least in the main game cry of fear at least i didnt rage on the main story and the endings but doctor mode is a pain in the *** i had to use cheats just to beat it and i got a night vision goggles at least i got them if i didnt i would have been ultra ****** im not kidding if i didnt get the night vision goggles on doctor mode i wouldave done something simon wouldave. comit suicide. but the endings are good however i found some glitches no one has spotted.

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JasonGreene Apr 16 2012, 2:20pm says:

ugh now the sound is ****** up

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JasonGreene Apr 16 2012, 2:10pm says:

How do you fix the small screen? cause i cant get it to normal

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JasonGreene Apr 14 2012, 12:33am says:

man how do i get untuck and the music makes the game lag alot and i keep getting stuck and i know its a beta but the music needs to be fixed so it wont make the game lag and the jumping gets glitched too and theres alot of places that can get me stuck

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JasonGreene Apr 6 2012, 6:48am replied:

but i will buy the game if i got time because i got to do school work internet school school work

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JasonGreene Apr 6 2012, 6:47am replied:

im not trying to be a jerk but the game does look like minecraft

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JasonGreene Apr 6 2012, 6:46am replied:

uh some parts of this game LOOKS LIKE MINECRAFT! dude im a minecraft fan myself but parts of the game looks like the minecraft like building and digging and the water but at least this game has guns unlike minecraft which only ranged was a bow which was worthless unless you used mods in minecraft

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