I'm a modder, musician, and moderator at everythingeaw. Music I make includes ambient, orchestra, trance, even a little dnb, hardstyle, house and dubstep- as well as guitar in a hardcore band called Hope For Tomorrow.PM me if you have any requests or questions. I am willing to work with mod teams and developers, I have experience in music production, XML, Lua, and some modeling with 3ds Max. :)

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.JAS Dec 19 2012 replied:

Downvotes are srs bsns.

+1 vote   media: UNSC 1v1 Gameplay Teaser
.JAS Dec 18 2012 replied:

The problem disappeared for me after a while of ignoring it.

+1 vote   mod: Dawn of the Reapers
.JAS Dec 17 2012 says:

I think you could benefit from removing certain ships from the buildable list, it's a little heavily populated and has some redundancies. It looks like there's four Executors to build, two of which use the same icon along with an Eclipse. I think if the player has a level 5 station on Kuat and access to Executors and an Eclipse, he isn't going to care about building Venators for example.
A problem with more generic heroes too is that they usually are flying normal ships and so have little point in existing in the first place. If those two heroes cost the same as a normal Executor, one might assume they aren't special and just build the normal ones for simplicity.
I don't like making heroes unless they are flying something really special or have an ability that really stands out. Just my thoughts.

+1 vote   media: Is it too much?
.JAS Dec 14 2012 says:

Any bigger of guns and you'd have a Death Star on your hands o:

+2 votes   media: Visvia Unskinned Render
.JAS Dec 14 2012 replied:

Of the two dozen Clone Wars mods out there that have attempted it, I'd have to say this is one of the finest Lucrehulk models I've seen.

+15 votes   media: Top 100 - Lucrehulk Render
.JAS Dec 12 2012 says:

Been waiting for this for a loooong time.

0 votes   download: SHADOW OF THE EMPIRE 1.0B
.JAS Dec 11 2012 replied:

A little silliness is acceptable if it means I get to feel the satisfaction of running over a crate and getting a free unit. That is a damn good feeling in gaming.

+3 votes   media: Bonus Crates Demo
.JAS Dec 7 2012 says:

Atmosphere, for some variety to break up the monotony of black backdrops.

+5 votes   media: Bespin Space or Bespin Atmosphere?
.JAS Dec 6 2012 says:

This is one seriously ugly ship.
...I love it.

+3 votes   media: MTC Render
.JAS Dec 5 2012 replied:

Burnt is probably talking about the picture..not your comment.

+1 vote   media: Skybox Experiment
.JAS Dec 4 2012 says:

Loved reading through the guides, extremely well-written. :)

+5 votes   news: Official FW:ToW Roleplay Faction Backgrounds and Corellian Destroyer
.JAS Dec 2 2012 says:

Nice to see an update. Hope Z is enjoying his leave and that he'll return to us soon.

+2 votes   news: December Update
.JAS Nov 30 2012 says:

The game looks stunning. Great job.

+3 votes   news: A look at our Cinematics Editor
.JAS Nov 29 2012 says:

This mod straight up just blows my mind.

+2 votes   mod: Lambda Wars
.JAS Nov 28 2012 says:

I love how open you are about your development. It's fascinating reading about your processes as you create the game. Tracking! :)

+6 votes   game: Attack of the Gelatinous Blob
.JAS Nov 27 2012 replied:

I'd like to see one for Dawn of War, clone nuts would have a field day with the army painter.

+2 votes   mod: Republic at War
.JAS Nov 26 2012 says:

On the subject of EAW being brought to a new engine..
Why the hell hasn't there been a Star Wars mod for Company of Heroes, or World in Conflict?!

+2 votes   mod: Republic at War
.JAS Nov 24 2012 replied:

I'm not surprised, it's a Star Wars RTS, and a pretty good one. Even older games like Freespace, Homeworld and Freelancer still have very active modding communities :)

+2 votes   mod: Republic at War
.JAS Nov 24 2012 replied:

Engine limitations- nothing's wrong with your system.

+2 votes   mod: Republic at War
.JAS Nov 23 2012 says:

This is very impressive.

+1 vote   feature: Creating unique ore patterns
.JAS Nov 19 2012 replied:

Posture, furry, can probably annihilate your face with a beam of light.
Sounds like the qualities of a Moonkin to me.

+3 votes   media: Rebel Bounty Hunter Kopaka
.JAS Nov 19 2012 replied:

Try turning shadows off in land battles. Always boosted the living hell out of my framerate.

+2 votes   mod: Republic at War
.JAS Nov 19 2012 replied:

If the AI isn't working, you installed it incorrectly or another mod is conflicting with your mod. End of story. You didn't get a magical broken copy of the mod or anything.
Try reinstalling the game, carefully installing RAW on the fresh copy and trying again. Something must have happened to make it not work and those are basically the only two possibilities.

+1 vote   mod: Republic at War
.JAS Nov 19 2012 replied:

@Guest, to change the Land unit cap, go to Factions.XML and locate the line "Land_Skirmish_Unit_Cap_By_Player_Count" for each faction. Change the 2nd number value for each pair of numbers to whatever you want the cap to be. For example change "0,10" to "0,15" if you want to raise that cap from 10 to 15.

+1 vote   mod: Republic at War
.JAS Nov 19 2012 says:

How do I explain to someone walking into my room why I'm watching two tractors sumo fight on a bridge?

+3 votes   mod: Mortal Kombain
.JAS Nov 17 2012 replied:

Doesn't work, or is just overpowered?
I don't see a reason why one faction's AI would work while another one doesn't unless you messed with the files.

+1 vote   mod: Republic at War
.JAS Nov 16 2012 replied:

Dat aft.

+12 votes   media: UNSC Everest
.JAS Nov 16 2012 says:

Looks gorgeous, excellent job!

+3 votes   news: Project Temporality Weekly Upade #1 Godrays
.JAS Nov 15 2012 says:

I love everything about the description. Can't wait to see how this unfolds.

+4 votes   game: Aetherius
.JAS Nov 15 2012 says:

I also like all of the humor in the game, it keeps it refreshing and I enjoy reading some of the item descriptions. I especially got a chuckle during one mission where an item read "Apply directly to the warhead!"

+3 votes   game: Zigfrak
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