hey my name is xXJames101Xx call me J101 or just James as you all know ive bin saying about this mod im working on with a few friends called entity mod well ill let out a taste of it soon (I hope) im currently looking for Modelers for tanks and weapons we need of course my mod will have weapons thanks to the following: Merhabi For Textures CWM (Cold War Mod) Witch died sadly to me it looked like it woulda made it out perfect :/ and a few other mods of course

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Men of War: Assault Squad

Game review

The Briefcase

Game review

nice game 9/10 i find this a fun game to like one late night its funny i only found one thing the one enemy i dont know if theres more but if there are i missed them anyways nice textures and objects its a real fun game ive died 2 times but ill give it a few more trys


One Late Night

Game review

all the stuff in this game is pretty good the part like i said in the comment the ballon part anyways this deservs a 8/10 this game is cool i recomended it to a friend when i tryed it


Baby Blues - Toddler Horror Game

Game review

i thought this was a pretty great game try it out and stuff its cool when i frist saw it i was like teddy bears but durning trying to get them i saw alot of jump scares here and there

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