Hey mod db members, I am a huge fan of the Red Alert series(particularly RA3). I just was able to get my hands on a copy of 'RA3 premier edition', this game was defiantly worth the dough! I'm hoping soon in the future to finish the certificate 3 in IT, and I'm hoping to eventually create a RA3 mini mod of my own. Currently I play RA3 on my parents new PC and I still enjoy playing RA2 on my little net-book. I'm waiting for a suitable time to start a job, and then once I have a descant income coming in, I,m going to custom build a computer of my own.

3 comments by Jake@War on Nov 7th, 2009

I'm hoping to soon be modding, and one blog post was found here. Boring you to tears yes, but as that dood always said - if you don't eat marsh mellows with salsa, why eat anything at all? Actually Jake@War made that up, and if you feel like making up something of your own have a snipe at ranting through your blog

Dang your blind, cant play games, make mods , it's lame but who knows maybe someone will make one for you. It will feel left!

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