Where does life begin, where does it end, well if I knew that I wouldn't be here, I have had rough begining but doesn't mean I should stop, a artist never lets down his guard, and never can stop that ever long lasting flowing of knowledge we know as the infinte Imagination, I have been using this wonderful tool to create pieces of work even I cant believe I could of thought up, but guess what I did, and I will contiue so, even with my newest project in the games industry it will get as much attention and Hard Work put into it as much anything else I would do, besides of course the annoying teaches you may find at somewhat odd college in small but strange group, on a 3rd year that possibly may of not been the right choice, but hey, lifes a bitch live with it. Thank You For Taking Your Time To Read This...|.| James (Gondarc)

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Recorrected (Planet X75)

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When restarting a project and telling the world, you never know how people are going to react, so the best thing to do is start slow, get it out there and shown and get feeback.
Well that is the stage I have begun, although I havnt posted My Online Production Studio or The game itesel on the site yet till were near a suitable point to reveal anything that will keep people interested, and craving more.
My Futuristic Action Thriller Script loosly based on a story i wrote a long time ago, with some heavy input from some spectacular Detailed Swedish part time script writers, and the game has had some good development over the past year and hope to post in the next week or so.
Once my 3rd year at college has begun, I will be hiring talent, roughly 6 people, while me and other developers in the team are off working, or unable to contiue at current rate for Our Enviromental 0.1 Alpha release in December 2011 specific Date not yet verified.

So let Planet X75 Open a New World For You to explore.....|!|

James (Gondarc)

In The Beginning

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I began in this industry many years ago teaching myself from bare basics and learning from proffesionals on and off as time went on, the game industry is competitive, but same can be said for the wonders of the development world, and the final outcome's that we all wait for, to make us proud, and entertained. I myself have been concepting ideas for games well, as long as I can remember, Though In the last few years I have come together with a story and Proposal for a game idea that I didn't know would ever get this far to see the light of day, but what can I say, Life changes directions each day, not normally in the way you want.
But.....Mine has gone exactly as I Planned...|.|

My Story Begins With The Birth of Planet (X75)

Thank You For Reading.

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