Hey my name is Jacob and i'm planning on starting a big PSP Project which will most likely be a kurok mod if you are interested in giving advice or helping message me or E-MAIL me Thanks for visiting my profile :)

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Blog 2: Details

3 years ago by Jacob/Dementor1aaa 1 comment

Hi again, ive decided to make a new blog every night yaaay. Today im going to talk about my upcoming project im not going to publicly mention it by name or go into much detail about it ive only really told one person about it and i trust he wont tell anyone about it. Anyway im going to start the official company on July 1st. Anyone who wants to be part of the team should message or E-MAIL me. I currently need a mapper a coder a modeler and a sound effects guy/musician. Thanks For reading :)


3 years ago by Jacob/Dementor1aaa 0 comments

Hi everyone my name is jacob and i recently noticed that my profile wasnt exactly bursting with excitement so i thought i'd start a blog. So im planning a big psp project and i need mappers, modelers, coders, musicians, and all that good stuff. Ive also noticed something else thats not quite bursting with exite, the psp section on mod db. I mean the only thing that i am personally interested in right now is Conscript. Dont get me wrong the other 2 or 3 games are good theyre frankly just not in my taste. :)

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