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Izorropirate Apr 7 2013, 2:11pm says:

I have to say, I saw this coming though. I hope this one day will continue and you will also find the AI developers you wanted

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Izorropirate Apr 7 2013, 2:05pm says:

2. I think if its possible both shaders should have been included. The 2nd one is obviously prettier and more colorful but the 1st one is dark and grey and looks more like horror.

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Izorropirate Jan 19 2013, 3:33pm replied:

i just doubled checked, it was Alpha #5

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Izorropirate Jan 19 2013, 3:09pm replied:

So yeah great job overall on the game but I just had a few problems I thought I should share. Also an improvement in voice acting would be nice, but I understand you may not have access to that luxury

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Izorropirate Jan 19 2013, 3:08pm says:

To be honest, I'm not sure whether I have Alpha #4 or #5 so maybe you've already addressed these issues (I'm pretty sure its #5 though), but yeah I've had a few issues with this mod so far, and maybe I wasn't doing it right but this is what I've seen. First, I want to congratulate you on your fantastic graphics, short loading screens, and just overall surprising me with a few things. Now the issues, first on the first train I took (I'm done yet so I don't know if there are more trains) when I tried to get back up on the train after clearing the path, but I couldn't and I had to noclip myself up after 15 minutes. Another thing is in the first few minutes of being in the sewers, I was walking on water like it was a solid. Also when I was up to the part in the sewer where when door closes and when door opens (maybe they're not called doors but there name escapes me at the moment), after 15 minutes I also couldn't run through the door fast enough when it was closing and the other was opening, so I had to noclip through the door. Finally, and I suppose this isn't an error based on how water the sludge was, but when I was walking through the sludge it had the movement of sound of sludge but the texture of it didn't change at all as I walked through it.

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