Sadly Titan: XCIX: Part TWO is no longer in production, but the Titan: XCIX universe WILL continue in a new standalone 2D RPG. More news soon!

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IZaNaGI Sep 8 2013, 10:07am replied:

Indeed it is messed up, but it does work.

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IZaNaGI Jan 14 2012, 8:25pm replied:

Currently Part TWO begins in the trashed corridor (Where you can see the husk planet), so after. This could change before release though.

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IZaNaGI Sep 12 2011, 12:29pm replied:

There is an alternative mirror for this file here ...

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IZaNaGI Dec 27 2010, 11:51am replied:

Very much so. They could be ignored completely if a player prefers, but there are currently 10 (or 11, i forget) PDP's within the mod for players to hunt down, alongside other points of interest.

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IZaNaGI Nov 6 2010, 9:45am replied:

Thanks for the suggestions guy's, but i am more than happy with it's current design :)

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IZaNaGI Oct 12 2010, 2:03pm replied:

Thanks for you're comment, but is there a chance you could elaborate on it being NEARLY perfect. I'm open to all suggestions on the design of the environments.

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IZaNaGI Oct 11 2010, 8:09am says:

I don't agree that the citizen models are bad, especially considering that if i did have the option to have them remodelled, there would be very little i'd want changing, i think it's more likely that people are over familiar with them, and view them negatively because of that (despite the effort put into re-texturing them).

They more than do there job in regards to there intended purpose, and considering i'm the only person working on this (happily), replacing them would take away from more important tasks.

Thanks for your interest :)

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IZaNaGI Sep 29 2010, 7:52am replied:

They sure would be, but i made the decision to leave them white (at least for now) because when they were red/orange they were almost unnoticeable. I'll be uploading a video at some point showing them in there full glory and i'm sure you'll agree they add a lot more to the atmosphere of the area.

Great Crits by the way!

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IZaNaGI Sep 13 2010, 8:47am says:

Indeed, the dropship is still work in progress, and will receive another art pass before release.

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IZaNaGI Sep 11 2010, 9:17am replied:

Hey there bud. As things stand at the moment the only place to get any info for this project are here, and on my twitter feed which i will be updating periodically, before i officially unveil the project slightly further into the year.

There are no available positions on the team as this is (and always has been) a solo project. This isn't likely to change anytime soon as Part 1 is almost complete offering between one to two hours gameplay.

The mod is heavily story driven, focusing on interaction with NPC's, exploring the environment for clues, and discovering datapads that will further expand on the mods in depth lore.

As things stand at the moment the mod is in closed testing, but as time go's on i will be opening up testing to others, so just keep an eye out for announcements.

Hope this explains a bit more, and sorry for being so purposely vague in regards to the concept thus far. The reason for this is so i can have my Mod's profile all set up before it's unveiling in the coming few months.


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IZaNaGI Nov 14 2009, 1:11pm replied:

Each team have different hand/arm skins. The Dino's have green scaly fingers while the Robot's have fully gloved hands with robotic sections. We will be replacing the hand models in a later version like Wills pointed out.

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IZaNaGI May 12 2009, 1:39pm says:

It's all looking great, the animations are ace and it's nice to see some work still being made in the old JA modding scene. Is that the same Geonosis map SJC was showing off a few years back at ?

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IZaNaGI May 3 2008, 7:58am replied:

Well that's your opinion mate, but to be honest with ya mate, working on all the skins in some way or another i couldn't give a toss what you think. There over the top, cartoony and exactly how we wanted them to look, so your opinion is completely moot. Go troll elsewhere ;)

Glad everyone else seems to be enjoying the experience we have provided, a lot of work has gone into making it an almost total conversion and it's all been done for you guys/gals!

Meet you in the servers!

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IZaNaGI Jun 10 2007, 7:06am says:

I might be slightly biased but this mod rocks :P Good stuff mate!

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IZaNaGI Apr 29 2007, 6:11am says:

The best place you can learn to use hammer is ...

... i do believe there are video tutorails there, but there is also a massive wealth of knowledge in the tutorial section of there forum.

Enjoy and good luck!


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