Sadly Titan: XCIX: Part TWO is no longer in production, but the Titan: XCIX universe WILL continue in a new standalone 2D RPG. More news soon!

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IZaNaGI Jan 19 2012, 8:37am says:

Looks great ^_^

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IZaNaGI Aug 10 2011, 3:07pm replied:

Thanks for the critiques buddy there very much appreciated. Please, be aware that (other than the voice team) it is ONLY me working on this project, and as such I have a fairly limited skillset, which includes the inability to create complex animations as per your suggestion.

The written directions your referring to, are part of the background story/universe. The story of Titan: XCIX is set on a ship that is not Human in origin, it was donated to them by the race known as the Vaedrans (the characters with mottled necks) as such the vast majority of the onboard UI is written in older Vaedran dialects (well it's actually Aurek-Besh but you get the point). So not only are the directions written in English in order for the player to find himself around, but for other Human crew members who probably haven't been brushing up on there Universal Vaedran. So in summary ... it's actually very much in cannon and mentioned within the story by some of the NPC's.

As for the wrench being so rooted to reality, that was an absolute concious decision. My opinion is that a wrench is a wrench dependent on if you go back a hundred years or forward another. My original intention was to create a futuristic super wrench, but by doing that i'm also making another job in having to make it do futuristic things which as I have already pointed out is beyond my means. The wrench in fact an actual wrench from my IRL tool set.

Finally for the "ha's" and "hums" ... well ... i could of left them out, and up until recently I was using a rather obnoxious "plinky" sound, but I thought it would be nice to give myself a voice role in the mod, to have my voice nestled in there, so there ya go. I like to think it gives the Technician a little more character, and makes the environment a little more alive.

Thanks for your comment, but as a said earlier it is only me working on this project and any decisions as far as sound, or art design are concerned are all purposeful and thoroughly thought out.

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IZaNaGI Jun 19 2007, 1:33pm says:

I've got a feeling im going to be posting this everywhere until after 0.4 is released but 'An Arroyo is an American term for a deep gully cut by an intermittent stream but is usually dry.' Glad everyone here likes the look of the map.

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IZaNaGI Jun 10 2007, 9:09am says:

Yeah, the textures are COMPLETELY custom, i should know cos i made them ;) Never played System Shock though but if you need further proof go check this out ...


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IZaNaGI Jun 10 2007, 7:06am says:

I might be slightly biased but this mod rocks :P Good stuff mate!

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IZaNaGI Apr 29 2007, 6:11am says:

The best place you can learn to use hammer is ...

... i do believe there are video tutorails there, but there is also a massive wealth of knowledge in the tutorial section of there forum.

Enjoy and good luck!


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