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IZaNaGI Jan 14 2009, 6:14pm replied:

Indeed it works almost entirely like the standard Jailbreak maps but with the added dynamic element of the ball, which becomes the key to locking the Jails. There are no escapes other then the reliance of your team to keep the ball out of your own goal.

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IZaNaGI Jan 13 2009, 6:35pm replied:

Thanks man, it was a damn good listen and we appreciate all the support the mod can get!

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IZaNaGI Jan 9 2009, 4:48am replied:

In all honesty though buddy if you was that big a fan of the series you would at least give the mod a chance on your love of it alone. We had already branched away from the HL2 series in 0.4, with maps set in space ships, Victorian England and alien worlds, so it's not like you couldn't see the changes coming.

Give the mod a try when we release, you might find yourself surprised that behind the new player models you will find a damn good game (even if i say so myself).

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IZaNaGI Jan 9 2009, 4:39am replied:

Yeah, thanks for all of the nice comments guys/gals, the mod is literally in the polishing stages now and although it's taken a long time to reach the public, the amount of changes since the last version is huge, 0.4.1 pales in comparison!

Keep an eye out for more news in the next week on our new twist to the Jailbreak formula.

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IZaNaGI Nov 18 2008, 5:00am replied:

Depends on the mappers ability's. Skilled level designers that know how the engine works (optimisation wise) are able to use the clipping tool without a problem. It only becomes an issue if somebody who doesn't know anything about visleaves and the such, start clipping absolutely everything and generally not func_detailing odd shaped geometry.

Nice tutorials mate, should help a lot of people out!

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IZaNaGI Oct 30 2008, 10:47am replied:

I wouldn't worry mate, balance has been a key point in the development of 0.5 and i gaurantee that the entire experience is now perfectly balanced (in both general game play and escapes). Weapon models also have new animations and improved bump/phong maps.

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IZaNaGI Oct 30 2008, 9:34am replied:

Indeed complaining about the seriousness of the mod was made pretty moot as soon as we threw in maps like Iridium, set in a space ship and Plague, set in Medieval England. The Combine versus Rebels were always meant as place holders and if we had the means and know how to replace them for 0.4 then it wouldn't even be an issue at this point in time.

Were glad people are enjoying our media updates, there's even more news on the way, so keep watching and commenting (even if you hate Robots and Dinosaurs)!

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IZaNaGI Oct 27 2008, 7:55am says:

Amazing looking media, reminds me very much of Exhumed, which was such a great game yet nobody ever mentions it ... anyway, keep it up!

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IZaNaGI Oct 18 2008, 9:44am replied:

New hand/arm view models will come in future versions, in the meantime though we have team specific hand texture's, so there's still some variation.

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IZaNaGI Oct 18 2008, 9:41am replied:

And if they want that's entirely there choice. If on the other hand though, those same people want to get with the times, we'll meet them on the other side ;)

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IZaNaGI Oct 17 2008, 5:31am says:

Thank you everyone for your kind words, Wills forgot to mention in his recent news submission (what a plonker) that a huge amount of work has also gone into improving and fixing all other issues brought up in 0.4, including balance problems associated in map layouts, jail escapes and general game play.

0.5 is much more polished.

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IZaNaGI Oct 17 2008, 5:29am replied:

Sorry mate but what the frig are you talking about?

The mod had a very consistent player base for months after the release of 0.4 and the great work our community is doing with the "Let's Play Jailbreak" steam community group means that yes servers are quiet 6 months after 0.4's release, but there's always people to play with if you look for them.

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IZaNaGI Oct 16 2008, 3:56pm replied:

Totally respect that opinion mate, but the intention never was to make Jailbreak into any kind of realism mod and we have ALWAYS stated that Jailbreak: Source would be anti-realism to the core. Fair enough, that isn't everyone's cup of tea, but realism games/mods aren't really my cup of tea either.

+3 votes   news: Jailbreak! Dinosaurs vs. Robots!
IZaNaGI Oct 16 2008, 11:25am replied:

All of the hitboxes have been adjusted accordingly and are completely balanced.

+4 votes   news: Jailbreak! Dinosaurs vs. Robots!
IZaNaGI Oct 16 2008, 4:35am replied:

Indeed, the reason for the decision was to enhance the very arcade gameplay and almost anime art style we already had inplace for 0.4. Dino's versus Robot's was the perfect choice (in our opinion) to continue with the varied and fun design process of Jailbreak: Source, especially with our maps being set in "Random locations in time and space".

Me thinks you probably need to lighten up, gaming isn't all about fighting in dark monotone environments with with faceless soldiers ;)

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IZaNaGI Aug 1 2008, 6:01pm replied:

As has been said a few times the Combine and Rebels are only place holders until we have the new player models ready. You'll be pleased to know though that new player models are already in beta and will be released with 0.5.

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IZaNaGI May 4 2008, 9:56am replied:

Joke? Ha Ha, only kidding your great ... meaning you suck, but your still great ;D

+1 vote   news: Jailbreak: Source 0.4 - Released!
IZaNaGI May 4 2008, 3:56am replied:

Most of the Servers are UK/Europe, there is a couple of dedicated US servers, 'There is no fork' being one of them.

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IZaNaGI May 3 2008, 6:26pm replied:

We've already started on new content for 0.5 so don't worry guys were not just going to finish here!

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IZaNaGI May 3 2008, 7:58am replied:

Well that's your opinion mate, but to be honest with ya mate, working on all the skins in some way or another i couldn't give a toss what you think. There over the top, cartoony and exactly how we wanted them to look, so your opinion is completely moot. Go troll elsewhere ;)

Glad everyone else seems to be enjoying the experience we have provided, a lot of work has gone into making it an almost total conversion and it's all been done for you guys/gals!

Meet you in the servers!

+4 votes   news: Jailbreak: Source 0.4 - Released!
IZaNaGI Apr 24 2008, 5:18am replied:

Yeah Ballmen is a lot of fun but seems to be suffering from a lack of players, but i know from experience, if you sit in a server for five minutes, it soon fills up.

News of Jailbreaks release (which may i add is VERY close now) will be submitted to all of the major HL2 news sites and we have a pretty decent amount of exposure already (infinitely better than our last release,) so were expecting a good turnout.

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IZaNaGI Apr 20 2008, 10:41am says:

Just played this a couple of hours ago and had an absolute riot, the only problem being that one the maps (i forget the name but it was blue and the surfaces auto stickied you) made me real motion sick after a while.

Regardless this is one of the most fun Deathmatch experiences i've had in years. Cant wait to see the mod fleshed out a bit more, so many awesome opportunities for stunning maps to be made.

Good job!

+2 votes   news: Release: Ballmen Beta 1.5
IZaNaGI Apr 16 2008, 7:50am replied:

Although perks give you an advantage, skill is what makes the player. Through testing we have found that players that are perked up to the gil's are not impossible to destroy, balance has been taken into consideration at every step. Stealth for example requires the player to be still, while moving they stand out like a soar thumb and quickly become the target of every player on the opposing team. Alternatively Stealth can be counteracted with Awareness that will allow you to see them with ease. Finally it's worth noting that game times are short (by default), win 5 rounds and it's onto the next map where all the perks/points will be reset.

Jailbreak is all about jump in and play, you dont need to be a shooting legend, defending will garner just as much points as attacking, allowing everyone to experience the game (and perks) in different ways.

+2 votes   feature: Modcast Episode 4
IZaNaGI Apr 2 2008, 8:15am says:

Me and the missus have been playing this on LAN and we love it. Good job guys!!

+2 votes   news: Multiple Award Winning Doom 3 Coop Mod Last Man Standing Final Release!
IZaNaGI Feb 9 2008, 10:14am replied:

Narr mate we understood what you meant (at least i did anyway) the perk system as you have said has been balanced in order to stop invincible players, in fact at one point during internal beta we actually had the ability to use any perk you wanted as long as you paid for them with your accumulated points and it was insane. As things stand at the minute the perks have been balanced as well as we can figure out but there's always that chance somebody will find some uber setup, like they do in MMORPG'S :D

And no, none of us have played COD4, i didn't realize until you posted that, that there was a perks system in that game.

Glad everyone is liking the idea and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!

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IZaNaGI Jan 17 2008, 1:48pm replied:

Not just by adding weapons mate, the reason we have been so quiet since our last update is because Jailbreak has had pretty much a complete overhaul in terms of look and gameplay.

Glad people are digging it!

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IZaNaGI Sep 12 2007, 2:29pm says:

The spaceship is a model, but thanks for your comment :)

+1 vote   news: Jailbreak: New map, new game mode!
IZaNaGI Sep 14 2007, 6:07am says:

Thanks everyone for the criticisms whether good or bad, i have taken it on board and theres now updated shots on the front page of our site, so go take a quick (or long) look at ...

Thanks again everyone and look out for our next update coming soon.

+1 vote   news: Jailbreak: New map, new game mode!
IZaNaGI Aug 19 2007, 6:41am says:

@ Betelgeuze, We are going out of our way to create maps that don't particularly fall into a niche or a solid theme, (especially ones that have been seen on Source before) instead we are just trying to create a bunch of cool (almost random) environments that will be fun, visually impressive (well at least i think) and have some great gameplay too, Kind of like Unreal.

@ AgeNt_ , Yeah unfortunately there just aren't enough servers at the moment, with more popular mods coming and going our servers disappeared after a while. Keep checking back though as the servers tend to fill up quickly and its an absolute blast with 8+ people!!

We have a lot more to show in the coming weeks/months so stay tuned because we have some great stuff on the way!!

+1 vote   news: Jailbreak: The Plague has begun...
IZaNaGI Jul 13 2007, 9:41am says:

Speak for yourself eh!! :|

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