Sadly Titan: XCIX: Part TWO is no longer in production, but the Titan: XCIX universe WILL continue in a new standalone 2D RPG. More news soon!

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IZaNaGI Sep 17 2011, 12:28pm replied:

Not likely to be for a long while I'm afraid. It took over two years to complete Part ONE. Work had started on Part TWO before the release of Part ONE though if that's any consolation :)

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IZaNaGI Aug 9 2011, 10:50pm replied:

Thanks guys I really appreciate the support!!

In defence of my voice team, it's definitely worth a mention that the Captains Voice Actor is actually over stressing his part as directed by me. It's difficult to explain, without spoilerizing the story, but rest assured it's very much intentional.

I'd be lost without the help provided by all of the Voice Actors/Actress that have provided work for the mod, and I have to stress that without them, the mod would feel considerably less alive :)

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IZaNaGI Aug 9 2011, 1:22pm replied:

No, although that is an awesome idea! I wish i had thought of it :)

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IZaNaGI Jun 26 2011, 7:10am replied:

@theJoker he means the text written on the "Menu", "Objective" and "Player" image (on the HUD) turn low res on lower graphical quality, which is obviously still an issue.

You can fix this by opening up the image file for those particular buttons with VTFedit and click on the "No Mipmap" and "No Level of Detail" settings. By doing this the text will be clearly viewable in all graphics settings.

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IZaNaGI Nov 6 2010, 1:22pm replied:

Nope it's completely new design loosely based on a Glock 17, and one of my kids toy guns.

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IZaNaGI Sep 29 2010, 9:10pm replied:

Thanks bud.

Please bear in mind though, that although the basis of the mod/map pack is based around the Jailbreak map JB_Iridium (as that was almost my starting point), i have invested a huge amount of time in building far more models and textures for this project. I have also gone back, and improved my old textures, models and mapping practices to make sure that there's a strong, consistent art style.

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IZaNaGI Jan 4 2010, 1:56pm replied:

Because we have focused on making matches an entire team effort, and not an individual one. That's the point of Jailbreak after all, an entire team of single minded players will soon find themselves inside a jail cel, if there isn't some kind of team work involved. What is especially important is coordinated teamwork when it comes to getting someone to escape the confines of there cell, and then relying on them to release the rest of there team!

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IZaNaGI Dec 28 2009, 4:24pm replied:

What, you mean all three of them have references to Jailbreaking, Dinosaurs and maybe having fun? ... i smell a conspiracy!! :D

Congratulations to the winners, and were looking forward to having a few rounds of Jailbreak with the rest of you who entered, very soon!!

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IZaNaGI Oct 14 2009, 10:55am says:

It's a really well put together Survival map, great job mate. I'm looking forward to playing the final release with humans instead of bots!

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IZaNaGI Sep 15 2009, 4:52am says:

Uploaded new images for my single player mod Titan: XCIX, a single player mod/mappack which will require the Orange Box to play. Not many details yet so i didnt see the point in making an official announcement but early details can be found here ...

I've been working on this project since December 08 alongside Jailbreak!: Source ...

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IZaNaGI Aug 22 2009, 9:38am replied:

As things stand at the moment we have a completely stable version of Jailbreak going through testing that is just missing some key components such as the Perk system and a bit of polish here and there. The only thing that's currently delaying release is that all of us have been going through some life changing events over the last few months (Heavy work schedule and Surgery being a couple of reasons) which has slowed us down considerably. Once these things have been taken care of fully we will be pushing for a release ASAP!

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IZaNaGI Jun 29 2009, 8:04am replied:

95% of the weapon models do actually have complete normal/spec maps and above images don't really do them any justice ...

... This may be because we decided to make them more stylized then the image you provided, but i don't know.

It's worth noting though that at this moment in time the new weapons, namely the grenade and sticky launchers are still WIP and that's why they look so flat. They just don't have normal/spec maps yet. This will be fixed in the coming weeks.

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IZaNaGI Dec 25 2009, 12:53pm replied:

No the winners have not been chosen yet (as far as i'm aware). Wills will let everyone know when the winner has been decided.

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IZaNaGI Dec 23 2009, 5:16pm replied:

Because, despite the fact that you seemed to miss the point, we are almost finished with the latest version, which is literally in the closing stages of development.

There will be players soon ... lot's of players ... not to mention a pretty kick arse mod to play in (even if i do say so myself).

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IZaNaGI Dec 19 2009, 7:44pm replied:


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IZaNaGI Dec 13 2009, 11:46am replied:

LOL, This is all for you man!! *GROUP HUG*

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IZaNaGI Dec 12 2009, 8:17pm replied:

No not feature creep i'm afraid. The simple fact that between the four of us, we've had to deal with relationship breakdown's, life threatening surgery, long drawn out recovery's, soul destroying jobs, and after all that we've been trying to work on a total conversion almost from scratch, because the last version was totally beyond repair. Sadly all these have taken there toll, and dragged on for an admittedly long time, but hey that's life.

Thanks for your support anyway buddy!!


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IZaNaGI Dec 12 2009, 5:15pm replied:

No i'm afraid that the 2Dskybox of JB_Iridium is static, but the entire 3D skybox is dynamic. Starship's circle the playable space, firing at it, and causing the map to shake. Also the ships in the skybox attack each other using flak fire (thanks to the OB's particle system), and there's also a small (random) surprise circling also.

Huge apologies to people patiently waiting, but as the news post says were now completely Art, Map, and Feature locked as of this week. Make of that what you will.

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IZaNaGI Nov 30 2009, 7:18am replied:

In all honesty were pushing to get it out before Christmas, but please don't quote me on that, as things keep happening IRL that keep delaying us.

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IZaNaGI Nov 21 2009, 9:12am replied:

The Deathball maps play surprisingly well with less players, simply as the maps are a lot more condensed, and guarantee you'll run into your opponents. Just be sure to score a goal or your opponents will just walk out of jail ;)

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IZaNaGI Nov 21 2009, 9:09am replied:

Go play HL2:DM then, i'm sure you'll love it ;)

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IZaNaGI Nov 15 2009, 9:51am replied:

The ball isn't useless bud. As well as being quite the weapon in its own right (getting steam rolled by it, isn't recommended), each team is able to let itself out of jail until the opposing team actually scores, and keeps the ball inside the goal. So if the enemy team scores against you, and then you are killed, you will not be able to escape.

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IZaNaGI Nov 14 2009, 1:11pm replied:

Each team have different hand/arm skins. The Dino's have green scaly fingers while the Robot's have fully gloved hands with robotic sections. We will be replacing the hand models in a later version like Wills pointed out.

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IZaNaGI Nov 13 2009, 7:10pm replied:

Then we will rename it Jailbreak: Retro Source, and people will literally come from meters around to bask in the nostalgia.

"Do you remember the good old days, when WE were dinosaurs playing this?"

I joke, i joke! I love you all, i just wish a few of you would give us chance. We have lives too ... honestly :)

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IZaNaGI Nov 13 2009, 5:40am replied:

Congratulations. We would rather spend the next few weeks squashing any remaining bugs, and then release a stable version.

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IZaNaGI Nov 1 2009, 8:45am replied:

JailBreak Forever? A rather sad point of view ... but keep watching, we'll VERY soon have the opportunity to change your opinion.

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IZaNaGI Aug 22 2009, 1:04pm replied:

Not yet, there isn't much point considering the hand models will be replaced later on in development (after 0.6). Though if i find time, i may alter the texture's so there at least a bit more different from the base arms (if people seriously have a hard time seeing past them).

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IZaNaGI Aug 4 2009, 6:30am replied:

Sorry mate, but i think we would rather take the risk of releasing a superior version that has no game breaking bugs (and twice the content) and then let people decide whether or not they have the patience/attention span to bother.

We know it's taking a long time, but were not just sitting and waiting to **** people off. While Dogmeat rebuilds the code from scratch (to make sure no bugs reappear) the rest of us are using the time to polish up the mod as much as possible in both look and balance.

Jailbreak: Source 0.6 is coming and you will be glad we waited!

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IZaNaGI Aug 2 2009, 5:41am replied:

Yeah, it still is.

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IZaNaGI Jun 29 2009, 8:06am replied:

Then me thinks you should probably step away from the computer for a little while!

+2 votes   media: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - First Look!
IZaNaGI Jun 21 2009, 8:26am replied:

Future SWAT Team? Why so serious?

Dinos Vs. Robots = Originality +1

+4 votes   article: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - First Look!
IZaNaGI May 12 2009, 1:39pm says:

It's all looking great, the animations are ace and it's nice to see some work still being made in the old JA modding scene. Is that the same Geonosis map SJC was showing off a few years back at ?

+1 vote   article: Updates on the JKG front!
IZaNaGI Mar 8 2009, 1:19pm says:

No, the Combine and Rebels have been removed from the mod and will not return, the old models were only place holders. Were sorry to anybody who preferred them, but that's just the way things are.

Also in response to why were taking so long to get this out to you guys, check out the news on our forums and remember to keep an eye on the site for more news of our eventual release.

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IZaNaGI Feb 9 2009, 9:06am says:

Fantastic single player experience. I'm really looking forward to the next episode!

+1 vote   article: Eye of the Storm episode I released!
IZaNaGI Jan 26 2009, 5:25pm says:

An outstanding achievement in so many ways. You get a mod of the year vote from me!

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IZaNaGI Jan 14 2009, 6:14pm replied:

Indeed it works almost entirely like the standard Jailbreak maps but with the added dynamic element of the ball, which becomes the key to locking the Jails. There are no escapes other then the reliance of your team to keep the ball out of your own goal.

+2 votes   article: Jailbreak: Source - Deathball Trailer
IZaNaGI Jan 13 2009, 6:35pm replied:

Thanks man, it was a damn good listen and we appreciate all the support the mod can get!

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IZaNaGI Jan 24 2012, 12:10pm replied:

I can't really say, there is still a long way to go.

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