Sadly Titan: XCIX: Part TWO is no longer in production, but the Titan: XCIX universe WILL continue in a new standalone 2D RPG. More news soon!

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IZaNaGI Oct 16 2011, 9:43am replied:

Is that so? Unfortunately I just had to take Binocl's word that these were good translations, as the Russian language is completely beyond me.

If I get enough complaints I will remove this file immediately!

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IZaNaGI Aug 9 2011, 9:46pm replied:

I'm sorry to hear that buddy, I really am.

To answer your question, I believe that people should have the choice to play games that don't involve shooting things in order to tell a story. I'm all for first person shooters (I'm a huge Battlefield fanboy) when the context is correct, but I built this mod with the goal of creating an interesting and fun mod without having to resort to the use of unnecessary violence, or strong language. I knew it may divide some peoples opinions, but that was the allure of the project.

One thing I can say with absolutely certainty is, in what it lacks in alien blasting action it makes up for in many other area's, and is far from "a game without goals"!

Thank you for your honest opinion!!

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IZaNaGI Apr 6 2011, 6:07am says:

Looks good. In regards to your T-Junctions issue, I know it seems unrelated but try increasing your entire maps lightmap scale to 16, or better yet 32 to see if it will compile. I've noticed from personal experience running the entire map with light map scales as low as 4 can cause the T-Junction error to appear out of nowhere, despite how careful I have been to avoid the actual T-Junction issue (detailing, and replacing brushes with models).

If it does compile at 16-32 then you will just have to be more selective with which brush faces have nice shadows.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

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IZaNaGI Dec 27 2010, 11:47am replied:

Indeed it is, a kind of very obvious nod to one of my main source of inspirations.

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IZaNaGI Dec 27 2010, 11:40am replied:

Indeed, members of the crew would have been briefed this information, but this isn't directed at the crew, it's directed at new players to help immerse themselves in the extended back story.

I could remove a lot of the extra information found within the entire story, but i could just as easily hope that some players that don't understand my intentions could suspend there disbelief, and allow themselves to be drawn in ... plus, who says the information isn't relevant, in the grand scheme of things :)

Thanks again!

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IZaNaGI Dec 27 2010, 1:35am replied:

Then ... i've got a sneaking suspicion this mods not going to be for you ;) Hey, Thanks for taking a moment of your time to post that though!

+4 votes   media: Data Pad
IZaNaGI Nov 5 2010, 5:36pm replied:

Maybe, but on the most part the weapon will mostly be unplayable during Part One and will only be carried around by NPC's. It's for this reason i decided to keep the amount of poly's low during it's initial creation.

In any case i'm more than happy with the final result, especially as this is my first working gun model i have got ingame (both v_model and w_model) :D

+4 votes   media: Security SMG
IZaNaGI Nov 5 2010, 5:03pm replied:

Possibly the angle, but it covers the characters head and comes down further below his chin by about 2-4 inches. So if it seems like it's a bit big, it's because it is :)

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IZaNaGI Oct 12 2010, 1:02pm says:

Video is waiting to be processed, so in the meantime it can be found here.

+1 vote   media: Titan: XCIX Playable Environments
IZaNaGI Sep 29 2010, 7:56am replied:

The stripe wraps around to the other half of the ship, giving the ship a sort of beak just above it. I'll look into moving the camera angle to make it more obvious there is no issue.

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IZaNaGI Sep 29 2010, 7:48am replied:

The Large Ventilation ducts run between some of the ship's critical area's (this is between the main coolant hub, and astrometrics) and over time the crew has become more inclined to move cargo through them to save time and effort (being almost direct routes), and being less inclined to follow health and safety procedures.

It's all explained during the course of the game (through datapads scattered around the ship) to help give stories to the maps, increasing the overall depth.

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IZaNaGI Sep 14 2007, 6:07am says:

Thanks everyone for the criticisms whether good or bad, i have taken it on board and theres now updated shots on the front page of our site, so go take a quick (or long) look at ...

Thanks again everyone and look out for our next update coming soon.

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IZaNaGI Oct 12 2010, 2:03pm replied:

Thanks for you're comment, but is there a chance you could elaborate on it being NEARLY perfect. I'm open to all suggestions on the design of the environments.

+1 vote   media: Titan: XCIX Playable Environments
IZaNaGI Oct 11 2010, 10:56am replied:

Thanks buddy.

Titan's gameplay kind of falls into a category of it's own, and it's a little difficult to explain. The easiest way to describe it, is it's a combination of the puzzle/adventure aspects of the original Resident Evil games, with a bit of point and click (Monkey Island, Broken Sword) thrown into the mix for good measure.

Weapons have been stripped out (mostly), and players are left to figure out what's going on for themselves, by exploring the environment, looking for clue's (datapads, or notes), objects to help them progress, and searching for other survivor's that may help or hinder you're progress. All the while trying to discover the reason's behind what's happening to the ship.

I'm scared of over selling this, but it's going to be quite different from the majority of HL2 mods. Whether or not people enjoy the departure from traditional running and gunning from point A. to B. is another matter entirely, but that's part of the reason, and challenge of developing this project.

I'll post a more detailed description of the gameplay style in the future, but this pretty much sums it up for now.

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IZaNaGI Oct 11 2010, 8:09am says:

I don't agree that the citizen models are bad, especially considering that if i did have the option to have them remodelled, there would be very little i'd want changing, i think it's more likely that people are over familiar with them, and view them negatively because of that (despite the effort put into re-texturing them).

They more than do there job in regards to there intended purpose, and considering i'm the only person working on this (happily), replacing them would take away from more important tasks.

Thanks for your interest :)

+3 votes   media: Character Uniforms
IZaNaGI Oct 10 2010, 10:29pm says:

Just want to say a big thanks again to all of the early watchers. Just having people interested in the project is helping to keep me motivated to bring Part One to you all as soon as possible.

The actual reveal of the mod will hit ModDB within the next couple of months. I'm hitting all of my milestones ahead of schedule, and progress is going great, so keep watching.


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IZaNaGI Sep 29 2010, 9:10pm replied:

Thanks bud.

Please bear in mind though, that although the basis of the mod/map pack is based around the Jailbreak map JB_Iridium (as that was almost my starting point), i have invested a huge amount of time in building far more models and textures for this project. I have also gone back, and improved my old textures, models and mapping practices to make sure that there's a strong, consistent art style.

+1 vote   media: A Leak?
IZaNaGI Sep 29 2010, 7:52am replied:

They sure would be, but i made the decision to leave them white (at least for now) because when they were red/orange they were almost unnoticeable. I'll be uploading a video at some point showing them in there full glory and i'm sure you'll agree they add a lot more to the atmosphere of the area.

Great Crits by the way!

+1 vote   media: A Leak?
IZaNaGI Sep 21 2010, 10:08pm replied:

Hey there mate, yeah they are the Jailbreak textures, which were created by me for Jailbreak when it was still in development. I was also the guy behind the splash screen, a large amount of the mapping, models and the majority of in game art for that project.

Since JB 0.6 was completed i have been working on this as my primary hobby, moving a lot of my content (with Wills blessing) as well as creating a whole batch of new textures, models and other custom assets which will be released to the community (as all my content is) so that other modders can use them in there own mods and mapping projects.

Thanks for your interest :)

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IZaNaGI Sep 13 2010, 8:47am says:

Indeed, the dropship is still work in progress, and will receive another art pass before release.

+1 vote   media: Hanger
IZaNaGI Sep 13 2010, 7:36am says:

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to all the early followers of this project, and to say that i'm currently updating the ModDB page with some more info. Including the general background story and some more media.


+2 votes   mod: Titan: XCIX
IZaNaGI Sep 11 2010, 9:17am replied:

Hey there bud. As things stand at the moment the only place to get any info for this project are here, and on my twitter feed which i will be updating periodically, before i officially unveil the project slightly further into the year.

There are no available positions on the team as this is (and always has been) a solo project. This isn't likely to change anytime soon as Part 1 is almost complete offering between one to two hours gameplay.

The mod is heavily story driven, focusing on interaction with NPC's, exploring the environment for clues, and discovering datapads that will further expand on the mods in depth lore.

As things stand at the moment the mod is in closed testing, but as time go's on i will be opening up testing to others, so just keep an eye out for announcements.

Hope this explains a bit more, and sorry for being so purposely vague in regards to the concept thus far. The reason for this is so i can have my Mod's profile all set up before it's unveiling in the coming few months.


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IZaNaGI Aug 10 2010, 9:54am says:

Just played the hz_ maps for the first time and i have to say it's a lot of fun, and very addictive. Contemplating putting together a few maps of my own with some custom content, do you have any tutorials or guides on GraviNULL mapping?

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IZaNaGI Mar 29 2010, 7:30am says:

Here's my Twitter, if anyone is interested in my random ramblings.

+2 votes   member: IZaNaGI
IZaNaGI Jan 23 2010, 10:49am replied:

Yeah i know what you mean, between my family and Jailbreak, i dont have a lot of time to work on my own project, (which so far has taken a year to get through two maps) or play ANY other mods at all, for more than thirty minutes at a time. I'm not complaining, but ya know ...

Anyway thanks matey!

+2 votes   member: IZaNaGI
IZaNaGI Jan 15 2010, 4:45pm says:

Hope every single one of you enjoys the work we have bled into this over the last year and a half! :D

+2 votes   article: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - Released!
IZaNaGI Jan 12 2010, 11:54am replied:

Who's we? You got a mouse in your pocket? ^_^

+1 vote   article: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - Official Trailer
IZaNaGI Jan 12 2010, 9:28am replied:

Hiya mate, yeah i'm the same guy, and thanks! It's nice to be remembered from back then, when i first started modding as a serious past time.

I moved onto Source modding a long time ago, after the majority of the old school modders for JKJO/JA started to drift away from the game (Mars Marshall, GothicX, Ch0sen and the likes). I've always tried to keep my mapping theme close to those roots though, with the majority of my mapping centred on Sci-Fi environments.

Good luck with MBII buddy, it looks fantastic!

+2 votes   member: IZaNaGI
IZaNaGI Jan 11 2010, 4:42pm replied:

That's the thing though, there was no feature creep. We built 0.5 and was all set to release last February/March, but ultimately it was too bugged to be worth releasing. So we binned it, and started again almost from scratch.

Any additional features that have been built specifically for v.6, were decided upon inside the design document long before even 0.5 was "completed".

Anyway despite all that, we feel that it's been worth the wait putting in the extra effort to release a stable, balanced version that ALL can enjoy.

Looking forward to a few rounds of Jailbreak! with all of you!

+1 vote   article: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - Official Trailer
IZaNaGI Jan 11 2010, 3:04pm replied:

Just out of interest buddy, why did you never like this mod? :)

+1 vote   article: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - Official Trailer
IZaNaGI Jan 11 2010, 9:19am replied:

Yeah we know, but we had to draw a line somewhere with 0.6 or we would never release. Custom hand models will arrive in the future, but in the meantime i hope the custom textures on the hand models will do.

+3 votes   article: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - Official Trailer
IZaNaGI Jan 11 2010, 9:18am replied:

There's only four of us buddy, we don't have sound engineer's :D

Wills go kick your self!!

+3 votes   article: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - Official Trailer
IZaNaGI Jan 10 2010, 7:46am replied:

Actually a bit more like Harleen Quinzel ... ... at least it was for me.

+1 vote   article: Jailbreak - RoboChick Competition Winner!
IZaNaGI Jan 8 2010, 4:24am replied:

There are currently two Dinosaur models, the Raptor and the Parasaur. Both of which have two texture variants, which are red and green.

As for the Robots, again there are two models, the RoboFodder, and the Robochick (temporary name). There are two texture variants for the RoboFodder, but at the moment only one for the Robochick.

+1 vote   mod: Jailbreak!
IZaNaGI Jan 7 2010, 8:58am replied:

Great job mate, you got a vote from me!

+1 vote   mod: CSS SCI FI 3: Hardwired
IZaNaGI Jan 4 2010, 1:56pm replied:

Because we have focused on making matches an entire team effort, and not an individual one. That's the point of Jailbreak after all, an entire team of single minded players will soon find themselves inside a jail cel, if there isn't some kind of team work involved. What is especially important is coordinated teamwork when it comes to getting someone to escape the confines of there cell, and then relying on them to release the rest of there team!

+2 votes   article: The Perks of Jailbreak!
IZaNaGI Jan 4 2010, 10:09am replied:

Were currently testing the first Release Candidate as the recent news post stated, so make of that what you will.

+1 vote   mod: Jailbreak!
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