Sadly Titan: XCIX: Part TWO is no longer in production, but the Titan: XCIX universe WILL continue in a new standalone 2D RPG. More news soon!

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IZaNaGI Aug 9 2011, 10:50pm replied:

Thanks guys I really appreciate the support!!

In defence of my voice team, it's definitely worth a mention that the Captains Voice Actor is actually over stressing his part as directed by me. It's difficult to explain, without spoilerizing the story, but rest assured it's very much intentional.

I'd be lost without the help provided by all of the Voice Actors/Actress that have provided work for the mod, and I have to stress that without them, the mod would feel considerably less alive :)

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IZaNaGI Aug 9 2011, 9:46pm replied:

I'm sorry to hear that buddy, I really am.

To answer your question, I believe that people should have the choice to play games that don't involve shooting things in order to tell a story. I'm all for first person shooters (I'm a huge Battlefield fanboy) when the context is correct, but I built this mod with the goal of creating an interesting and fun mod without having to resort to the use of unnecessary violence, or strong language. I knew it may divide some peoples opinions, but that was the allure of the project.

One thing I can say with absolutely certainty is, in what it lacks in alien blasting action it makes up for in many other area's, and is far from "a game without goals"!

Thank you for your honest opinion!!

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IZaNaGI Aug 9 2011, 1:22pm replied:

No, although that is an awesome idea! I wish i had thought of it :)

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IZaNaGI Aug 9 2011, 11:18am says:

News, and Gameplay video coming in the next few hours. Thanks for checking :)

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IZaNaGI Jul 25 2011, 5:36pm replied:

During the production of the trailer, I decided it would be best to overlay the original sound clips on top of the game footage to make sure the voices were not over powered by the ingame soundscapes and whatnot, but as you pointed out I didn't quite nail it.

You'll notice that it's nowhere near as problematic in the actual mod, as a lot more effort has gone into equalizing each individual line either inside sound editors or using the mods sound scripting :)

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IZaNaGI Jul 25 2011, 1:21pm replied:

It's an energy weapon and runs on a battery ... or something ... regardless it doesn't need to be reloaded ;)

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IZaNaGI Jul 25 2011, 1:10pm replied:

Sound is reduced to near silence with the only pronounced noise being the player characters breathing. This may be one of the aspects i'll focus on in the gameplay trailer that's coming in the near future :)

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IZaNaGI Jul 25 2011, 9:38am replied:

I've never actually seen Firefly (/shame) but i'll take your word for it. In regards to the helmet it is very much inspired (not quite the same) by the Republic Commando visor (there is also an easter egg ingame saying as much), so good job for noticing ;)

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IZaNaGI Jul 25 2011, 9:35am replied:

Believe it or not they are actually custom sounds, but for some reason HL2 seems to make all explosions sound entirely the same. I'll look into getting them fixed up for release.

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IZaNaGI Jul 25 2011, 9:33am replied:

I think on the most part all of the acting is fantastic, and fits the overall mood very well. My only irk is the wavering quality of each individual actors recording set up, but luckily it's almost entirely covered up ingame with soundscapes and the likes.

Either way at this point i have all the sounds i need to complete the mod and it's only going to be a short amount of time now before release :D

Thanks bud!

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IZaNaGI Jul 25 2011, 4:19am replied:

Just one guy actually ;) and thanks. I can assure you that Part One will most definitely see a release VERY soon!

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IZaNaGI Jul 25 2011, 4:16am replied:

Hey bud, i understand your concern that the ship may seem desolate but it's very much not the case (At least in the initial stages of the mod). One of the original design inspirations was a little known game for the PS1/PC called Sentient. One of the most endearing features was that the setting was so alive with the hustle and bustle of a "working" space station. This is something i have tried to emulate, and will be more apparent in the weeks to come :D

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IZaNaGI Jun 26 2011, 7:10am replied:

@theJoker he means the text written on the "Menu", "Objective" and "Player" image (on the HUD) turn low res on lower graphical quality, which is obviously still an issue.

You can fix this by opening up the image file for those particular buttons with VTFedit and click on the "No Mipmap" and "No Level of Detail" settings. By doing this the text will be clearly viewable in all graphics settings.

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IZaNaGI Jun 16 2011, 4:10pm replied:

It is indeed from Assassins Creed 2 (Ezio's Family) as stated at the end of the trailer :)

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IZaNaGI Jun 8 2011, 5:57am replied:

Slow but steady. I've been delayed by a couple of slow (to produce work) voice actors, so it's going to be touch and go whether or not i'll meet my ideal deadline of the end of the summer.

Either way though i'm still beavering away at this project, so there's no cause for concern :)

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IZaNaGI Apr 6 2011, 6:07am says:

Looks good. In regards to your T-Junctions issue, I know it seems unrelated but try increasing your entire maps lightmap scale to 16, or better yet 32 to see if it will compile. I've noticed from personal experience running the entire map with light map scales as low as 4 can cause the T-Junction error to appear out of nowhere, despite how careful I have been to avoid the actual T-Junction issue (detailing, and replacing brushes with models).

If it does compile at 16-32 then you will just have to be more selective with which brush faces have nice shadows.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

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IZaNaGI Jan 31 2011, 11:06am says:

I minor update in regards to the Voice Actors. Most of the bigger roles have now been filled (with only small roles still vacant), but i'm still in need of a female lead. So if your female, and you want to be part of the voice cast, please get in touch!

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IZaNaGI Jan 29 2011, 8:07pm replied:

You can't have my face, you strange person :D

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IZaNaGI Jan 29 2011, 8:04pm says:

A huge thanks to everybody for there support of this project, it's a huge relief that people are actually interested in this. I've spent the last two years beavering away (mostly) in secret, and as i say the only reason for it's reveal now, is to muster up some voice acting support, and thus far i've had a great response.

More news will come in the months ahead, and hopefully it won't be too long before i can get Part One finished.

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IZaNaGI Jan 1 2011, 1:20pm replied:

No, i haven't posted anything about this anywhere but here, and the Jailbreak forums when the project was in it's infancy.

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IZaNaGI Dec 27 2010, 11:51am replied:

Very much so. They could be ignored completely if a player prefers, but there are currently 10 (or 11, i forget) PDP's within the mod for players to hunt down, alongside other points of interest.

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IZaNaGI Dec 27 2010, 11:47am replied:

Indeed it is, a kind of very obvious nod to one of my main source of inspirations.

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IZaNaGI Dec 27 2010, 11:40am replied:

Indeed, members of the crew would have been briefed this information, but this isn't directed at the crew, it's directed at new players to help immerse themselves in the extended back story.

I could remove a lot of the extra information found within the entire story, but i could just as easily hope that some players that don't understand my intentions could suspend there disbelief, and allow themselves to be drawn in ... plus, who says the information isn't relevant, in the grand scheme of things :)

Thanks again!

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IZaNaGI Dec 27 2010, 1:35am replied:

Then ... i've got a sneaking suspicion this mods not going to be for you ;) Hey, Thanks for taking a moment of your time to post that though!

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IZaNaGI Dec 1 2010, 9:13am says:

Congrats on getting 1187 in the top 100 mods buddy, you deserve it!

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IZaNaGI Nov 6 2010, 1:22pm replied:

Nope it's completely new design loosely based on a Glock 17, and one of my kids toy guns.

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IZaNaGI Nov 6 2010, 9:45am replied:

Thanks for the suggestions guy's, but i am more than happy with it's current design :)

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IZaNaGI Nov 5 2010, 5:43pm replied:

LOL, i would be lying if i said that the design of the Helmet wasn't partly inspired by the galaxy's most feared Bounty Hunter ;)

Good spot!

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IZaNaGI Nov 5 2010, 5:36pm replied:

Maybe, but on the most part the weapon will mostly be unplayable during Part One and will only be carried around by NPC's. It's for this reason i decided to keep the amount of poly's low during it's initial creation.

In any case i'm more than happy with the final result, especially as this is my first working gun model i have got ingame (both v_model and w_model) :D

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IZaNaGI Nov 5 2010, 5:03pm replied:

Possibly the angle, but it covers the characters head and comes down further below his chin by about 2-4 inches. So if it seems like it's a bit big, it's because it is :)

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