Hi there, i am a keep modder / map maker for a variety of games, but i tend to focus on detailed reviews of mods and games, if you like a mod or a game but you are not sure what its like or if it is worth it i would be willing to try out nearly every game or mod that you ask, however in my spare time i like to design models and concept designs. I am willing to help out fellow modders with models, maps and even graphics, so just send me an email and ill be glad to help out any way i can. Also if you are experiencing problems with a game, or mods for a game i will try to help fix it, or guide you to a support service (that actually does help)

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MidEast Crisis

Mod review

this mod has got some very nice models with some good textures to go withy them, they have made it a completly new game with new forces and stratagies, i must say they have done well with the ballencing and the AI workswell with all the new units, however to make it that bit better they could have more poly on their units just to reduce that boxy look. overall this is a good mod which gives a different aspect to the game


Twisted Insurrection

Mod review may contain spoilers - 6 agree - 1 disagrees

This is a very good mod which brings out the best of tiberian sun and pushes the game engine, it has stunning effects and graphics with some very detailed maps, units and structures. There are alot of unique and facinating features that i belive give this game that futuristic feel, it has its own brilliently detailed campaign and even on the beta stage it has high expectations. On the other hand this mod does have some downsides which still needs working, for example the AI in the game is extremely fast and difficult to beat, therefore putting people off the skirmish side. Another target to work on is some of the icons and mainly finnishing off this stunning campaign, as it is only in a beta these are to be expected but the game runs well and is a whole load of fun. i personally cannot wait for the mod to be finnished and cant wait to see it in its glory



Mod review - 1 disagrees

This mod gives small changes which make a huge difference to the gameplay making it more challenging, and covers all the areas that EA missed, it gives a stratigic gameplay with some amazing maps to go with it, without spoiling the game i can say that if you wanted the game to have the bit more of a thrill this is the mod for you.


MidEast Crisis 2

Mod review

This mod gives an entirely newperspective to c&c 3 by giving a complete overhaul of all the factions units and the gamepley itself, most mods that try to make changes this extensive either spoil the game or just over do it, whereas this mod has brought it togethjer nicely with very good models, textures, structure, and best of all a new way to play which captures the factions brillently with there real life counterparts, very good job.



Mod review - 1 agrees

This mod has alot of changes which are very detailed with not only texture but the model quality, it pushes the game engine without overdoing it, it has some interesting effects which really bring out the new units, good work


Alternate Warfare

Mod review - 4 agree

This mod for what stage it is currently at is absolutly amazing, it uses realistic warfair and it fits into the game engine brilliently, it still has quite a bit of work to go but it isnt even 1.0 yet, although i must say i have high expectations for this mod as it is already starting to look good and it isnt even close to being finnished, so good work


The Red Alert

Mod review

it does stunnig for a retro no doubt about that, however even though they are trying to keep it as retro as they can i personally still think they could make it a bit more realistic for example some of the animations are still as cheesy as the ones in red alert 3, i belive they could have also improved on the details on the skins of each model and use better sounds, but yetagain this is a difficult task even for proffesionals like these as they are keeping the game retro and bringing back the spirt of the original C&C red alert, which i can happily say they have definatly accomplished as they have brought back the retro music and the classic units from the original game and blended them in to this complex game engine brilliently.
Overall this mod has accomplished its main goal to bring back the retro red alert and is well on its way to geing a very populare mod, however because it is only at 1.0 so far it has room for more possible improvements which could make this mod even better than it already is!
So try it as this mod really brings back Red alert.

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